Every girl loves her boyfriend and flaunt his nature to the people around her. But have you ever thought what she goes through when her boyfriend becomes angry and mistreat her?

Being angry is a part of emotion, and you got to show it, but not up to the level where it spoils the relationship. There are some angry whatsapp status for boyfriend to show your anger.

People usually get angry and show their anger on loved ones without realising how hard it may hit to someone and what can it lead a relationship.

You can lose your girl from lack of communication, lack of attention or disrespect, you don’t really need to cheat to lose a girl.

Angry Whatsapp Status For Boyfriend

Angry WhatsApp status for boyfriend will give you the ideas to put on status and show your response to his anger. Let’s see some of the WhatsApp angry status for boyfriend which will help to show your anger as well.

I really need you to know that I am angry and I don’t want to see your face.

It’s awful how you forget what you have done and you have counted on what I have done.

Have a count of tears you are giving me; time will come soon. Click To Tweet

It’s not important who I am talking, it is important how you are reacting.

You cannot call your anger a possessiveness for love.

Show me anger only till the saturation level.

Don’t irritate me to the level where I can rub you nicely.

angry whatsapp status for boyfriends

If you are angry with me, at least tell me the reason. Don’t start barking. Click To Tweet

Your anger is never justified; you are just heartless.

Karma has its’ own menu; you get what you deserve.

Always wait for your turn after making someone cry.

An angry man opens his mind when his mind is closed.

Difference between wise man and anger man is, no matter How angry a person is, he will never disrespect his women, not even in dreams. Click To Tweet

Anger is not the only emotion which needs to be shown, sometimes try showing love. It might work more.

Did you just got jealous because I was smiling and reason was not you?

A temperament of an individual speaks a lot about his nature, you don’t really need to open your mouth.

angry quote for boyfriend

It’s not always a wise idea to listen, sometimes people put words into your mouth and blame you for the fact that you answered back them.

Everyone’s got the time to get destroyed and to destroy, you played your card. Now, wait for my turn. Click To Tweet

You are a good player, but don’t choose someone’s feeling to play with.

I am so furious on you that I lack words to express. because it’s not worth saying infront of insensitive person.

Don’t make so many promises, that it becomes hard to keep.

I loved you with all I had, you made me left everything and at last you also.

Words are forgotten, the action remains alive. Click To Tweet

I try to figure out my mistake in a process to love you, eventually I found you to love, my biggest mistake.

Definitely not available for busy person.

angry whatsapp quote for boyfriendSome people can’t afford to treat well. They are habituated to get insulted.

If you can’t understand my anger, dude you are not the one.

Every girl’s fantasy is to be his boyfriend priority, and there is nothing wrong. Click To Tweet

I may be wrong at a certain place, but you are wrong certainly.

Everyone is selfish when their times get over.

I was no fool, but I behaved because you liked, I am not mad, but I am behaving because you deserve this.

It takes a lot to become angry, I would rather use that energy in becoming happier.

You kept saying I am not like you. Such a believer you are.!!!

I have murdered you a thousand times, and still wear that smile. Click To Tweet

Some people never imagine, how mentally and emotionally they are damaging others.

Hurting is different, disrespecting is intolerable.

If God doesn’t give you good looks, you should try speaking good.

Angry Whatsapp Status For Boyfriend

I tried managing my anger, but people around me made me angrier.

If you will talk on my back, don’t come to me with a smile in front of me. Click To Tweet

I hate the fact that I loved you and made a priority.

Anger is a slow poison which goes in the brain and kill.

Anger is a sign of a weak person; it shows you have no control.

If you want to dominate, you don’t really need to show your anger, love can make happen more things and let you dominate from forward.

One thing Is clear, anger spoils everything and make people distance you.

A negative person sees everything negative.

Anger without reason gives people reason to avoid you and ignore. Click To Tweet

Angry WhatsApp Status for ex-boyfriend

When a person is in love, they see the world differently and positive. Every relation comes to end till the time it’s not stamped and validated.

The process or journey of love till breakup is inverted pyramid, you start doing things totally opposite once you broke up.

Your anger frustration turns into hate and you try to ignore that very person whom once you loved and cried for.

Angry WhatsApp Status for ex-boyfriend will take you back to the feeling you had and the response you want to show to them and make them realized what they have lost.

Below are some sad and angry WhatsApp Status boyfriend which will help you to portray your feelings and anger.

I hate you too, you don’t need to open your mouth again.

I want to ask to return all the favours I have done to you but I realised I could not get my precious time back. Click To Tweet

You will also cry with the same pain and intense that I have gone through. You will also yearn for my glimpse.

In peace in pieces. But happy without you.

I don’t want to waste my time on those things now where there is no destination.

I tried harder to materialise both of us, but you were useless.

When I loved you, I always wanted to hug you, now only my middle finger raises for you.

Because I don’t give a damn to you now.

If you will never try you will never know how much I hate you now.

Either give me answer else stand by me because I have reached the level of saturation where you don’t affect me. Click To Tweet

All promises were fake and nonsense, if you cannot keep them, don’t make them

angry whatsapp status for ex-bf

How much I am enjoying my life now is speechless, I went to positive to negative.

Damn this feeling of not justifying anyone anything is so relaxing.

Just be honest with me or stay away from me. No time for negativity too busy with positive vibes. Click To Tweet

Don’t go on my smile, I still want to punch you.

You will be the last person I want to keep any relation with.

I cross your path every time I stop out, and I pray not to see to meanwhile.

I am too allergic to the negativity. please stay away. Click To Tweet

Head up and stay strong. you won’t be able to see me as early ever.

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