There are times when our partners frustrate us to a next level. Be it their bad habits, annoying traits, or constant nagging, sometimes they go up to a next level and lead to huge arguments. Sometimes the other person can’t even understand their mistakes and think they are right, which can surely frustrate you more.

In such conditions, it is better to post some angry WhatsApp status for Girlfriend or Boyfriend, to make them realise their mistakes. Here are some angry WhatsApp status for girlfriend which will help you a lot in overcoming such situations.

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Angry WhatsApp Status For Girlfriend

Your stupid remarks make me want to slap the stupid out of your brain.

The day I go silent after our argument, is the day you lost me.

Sometimes people don’t need your smiling face and good compliments, they need a dose of your anger to help them face the reality. Click To Tweet

Don’t take my kindness as my weakness, I have my limits too. Once those limits are crossed, you would regret it.

I believe in Karma for doing its work. I don’t want to end up in jail for your mistake.

angry whatsapp status and quotes for girlfriend

If you want me to treat you nicely, then you should do the same.

I don’t like getting angry, because when I do, I am at my worst and can hurt somebody real bad. Click To Tweet

Though I miss you, but I won’t forget the way you broke me, and that’s enough to keep me away from you.

Instead of opening your big mouth, try to listen and process the information in your brain. I know it’s difficult, but it would save you from future embarrassment.

Instead of wasting my energy by getting angry on you, I would rather use it on some useful work. Click To Tweet

Don’t take me for a sweet, innocent person with whom you can play. I am known for plotting the best revenges.

Instead of blocking you or deleting your number, I would keep you in my contacts and let you see how successful and happy I am.

angry quotes for girlfriend

I don’t want to waste any more of my precious seconds on you. It is simply not worth it.

I knew you were a double-faced person when I that you had two different Facebook accounts. Click To Tweet

It takes a lot of patience to control my anger in front of stupid people who can’t even mind their own business.

Anger can hamper my peace of mind, so I will just let you do your stupidity and block you out of my life.

I am no longer accepting toxic people in my life. If you are unable to message me, then consider yourself as one of them and kindly exit my life.

If I was locked in a room with you and Voldemort, and had a gun with two bullets in it, I would kill you two times. Avada Kedavara bitch! Click To Tweet

Even Umbridge is a better person as compared to you.

angry girlfriend quotes

It’s a whole circle, you know. Whatever bad you have done to me, will be returned to you with extra interest. That’s how the world works.

Cheaters can never be loyal. All those fake promises act as a shallow covering for the rotten person that you are inside. Click To Tweet

If you call me and I respond with a, “Who’s this?” then know that you are no longer a part of my life.

If lying was a skill, then you would be the expert in the area

There are a few things that can make me angry, and girl, you did get a hold of all those things

I have nothing to lose anymore, while you have everything to lose. So, think before you come at me again. Click To Tweet

You were not even able to live up to the minimum expectations that a human being has.

angry girlfriend whatsapp status

You were that wall that’s blocking me from my goals. Now that you are gone, I am able to see my goals clearly.

I wonder what was God thinking when He created you. Oh! Sorry, He was not thinking at all. Click To Tweet

Even God must be thinking that you were a damn mistake, and He doesn’t even want you up there.

Betrayal and dishonesty wrapped under the skin of a beautiful person. How can you recognize them? When they start lying to you.

All those beautiful features will take you nowhere when your heart is black as coal.

You don’t have any more business with me. The moment you lied, was the moment when I threw you out of my life. Click To Tweet

Why am I angry? Because I expected the bare minimum from you. I should have known that a person like you is not even capable of doing that.

angry status for girlfriend

Thanks for teaching me a valuable lesson. Now, please go away from my life. There’s the door to the exit.

I don’t have the patience to bear you anymore. I will either snap and throw you out of my life, or just slap you out of your mind. Click To Tweet

I can’t even talk with you anymore. You have stooped way below my expectations and I don’t want to waste my time on you anymore.

A heart filled with hatred, lies, dishonesty, has no room for love; and such person is no more allowed in my life.

Anger makes us see things more clearly. It shows us all the past mistakes and helps us to think clearly. So, thanks for making me angry. Click To Tweet

Thank you for teaching me Parseltongue, I can now add it in my resume!

Don’t worry, the animal protection people are coming for you. I have already informed that there is a large poisonous snake in the house.

girlfriend angry quotes

I don’t even have any more words to express my anger. It’s better to laugh at you now.

You have really outdone yourself by falling way below your self-respect. Click To Tweet

A cheater can never change. Even after years, the cheater will always turn her back towards it.

You can never trust a person who lies and cheat. Everything that comes out of their mouth is no less than poison.

I am better off without you in my life. It feels great when you remove all the toxicity from your life.

So, these were some of the quotes that you can use for your WhatsApp status. Do you know any more angry WhatsApp status for Girlfriend or boyfriend? Do let us know in the comments below.