Husband, the most complicated word and relationship you can tie up with. The person you are afraid of losing and painful to live with.

When a Girl marry a man, and calls him husband, the whole lot of things changes. The priority, the world, the feelings and you start calling your just husband a best husband.

To flaunt your husband, you might need some best WhatsApp status for husband which describe your feeling for him.

Below are the statuses for your use to display your feelings and express your love for your husband.

Best Whatsapp Status For Husband

When I saw you, my heart confirmed that it will be you.

There is a big difference between a boyfriend boyfriend and a Man. Boyfriend wants to stay boyfriend and a man who has plan to be your husband. Click To Tweet

You are the world’s best husband, I want you over and over again.

The way you say me you owe me I surrender my self to you.

I am grate full to be sharing life with a woman who will be my wife.

You make my world more beautiful.

When I look at you, I see my world’s best decision.

best whatsapp status for husband

I never thought you will be so perfect for me, you complete me.

You are the best husband because I never want to do the dishes. 😛

We are so opposite in all way hence we are similar in loving each other.

God always has the best plan, by looking at you I feel, I got the best present from god.

My childish behaviour and your mature nature make us damn perfect for each other, keep loving me the way you do. Click To Tweet

best whatsapp quotes for husband

I still remember my B’day when you proposed to me. I can never forget I got a husband as a B’ day gift.

I don’t need to say that you are best, darling I love you so much.

I know it’s tough to be a husband, but I know you will be the perfect one.

You know you got the best husband when you get things without repeating it twice.

We met after a few rejections to each other, it has been rightly said, only good things take time. Click To Tweet

I was in a hurry to let my feelings come out, your plan made it more real and exciting.

World Best Husband Status for WhatsApp

For a woman, the second-best person in her life after her dad is her husband, by whom she takes her whole world without giving a second thought.

Trusting a person for a lifetime is a difficult decision but it’s worth when you get the best husband.

For all those ladies who are thinking to put the, world best husband status for WhatsApp, below status and quotes will be useful. Enjoy amazing WhatsApp status for husband.

All those years, I was trying to find the perfect person for me, when I met you, I have no idea you will be so completing me.

Every time you compliment me, I come more closer to you. Click To Tweet

You win me by each passing day. the way you adore me makes me feel proud of having you.

Having such a lively and wonderful person is a blessing in its own way.

Thank you, hubby, for choosing me.

We are married since long now, but every morning your kiss makes it as fresh as it was a year ago!

In the journey of life, we meet so many people but some people become the destination. you were my destination.

Whenever I get scared, I look back and find you. that’s what best husbands do. standing next to their better half whenever they need.

I am so blessed to have a husband, not like you but you.

My heart was ponded by the feeling to love you.

We were in long-distance before we married, that long-distance made us come closer.

Counting each day to see you and meet you was so frustrating and exciting phase. Click To Tweet

Every day my life become more perfect with your smile.

Best WhatsApp Status for Husband Birthday

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to show your love to your husband especially on his birthday.

You try to surprise him with the best plan and gifts which makes his day beautiful. Along with gifts, surprise and cake best WhatsApp status for husband birthday helps a lot to show your love for him and makes a day unique.

Birthdays are always special for each one of us and when it comes to husband’s birthday you can’t afford to sit back. Below lovely WhatsApp status for husband will give you more idea to wish him.

Dear hubby, I have admired you throughout my life because you were there for me in good and bad. Wishing you all happy together and blissful life.

This is your day darling, everything will be planned according to you. keep waiting for surprises.

I just love the way you react to my surprise; I want to make more count on it. happy birthday my sweetheart. Click To Tweet

We fight, we love, we tease but whatever comes in between, you will remain my happy place. I love you and happy birthday love.

best whatsapp status for husband's birthday

We met each other at your 29th year and since then we are together and celebrating this day. happy birthday darling.

You always have a crazier birthday surprise for me, this time it’s my turn. Have a blast king!

You are the most innocent husband the only reason I married you apart from you being a great chef!

I could never imagine my life without you. You made my life adventurous with your roller coaster rides.

Love the fact that my friends get jealous of me because I got the best one as husband. Happy birthday love.

I am a lucky queen to have a king like you. Click To Tweet

I love to flaunt you as much as I can. you are the best thing and best present for me.

The best thing I can gift you is my time and honesty. Thanks for being there for me.

You are the one where our love story begins. happy day honey!

Best Love WhatsApp Status for Husband

You may hold my hand but for me, you hold my heart. Describing my love for you in words is not enough and justified.

Many times, saying all is not worth but sometimes you need to speak out feelings to make yourself more relax and calm, hence let me mark the day by saying I love you.

Many of you will be in the outlook of best love WhatsApp status for husband. Below loving WhatsApp status for husband can be used to showcase your love for husband. Enjoy

Expressing my love for you would be so hard, it’s as high as the sky.

The moment we both decided to take each other as better half our lives have changed beautifully.

There is no measuring scale where I can show you my love for you. you are the best husband.

People often say, late marriages are great marriages, we met after all storms and many rejections, never thought this wait would be this great. Click To Tweet

Chats of 5 months, wait of 10 months and then seeing you. I hope you can understand my emotional wave. I missed you and I love you.

best love whatsapp status for husband

I wish I was an octopus, so I had three hearts to love my husband with.

Dear hubby, love isn’t a word for us. we are above it.

The way you respect me and love me makes me fall for you more day by day.

I don’t always give my love away, but when I do, I give it only to you.

I never thought I will fall for someone, but you made change my mind and heart. Click To Tweet

Every husband should be like you, then every wife could live happily ever after.

I hope my love would be enough for us to grow with each other.

Whatsapp Status for My Husband

A woman either flaunt on their father and then on their husband. She gets depended on her husband and devote all her life for his man.

It’s a very big decision for a woman to accept a stranger as a lifetime partner. This time use below great WhatsApp status for my husband to showcase your love and support.

I have never trusted myself so much you give me strength and power to love. thanks, husband.

I want to put my head on your chest and forget all pain. you act as a pain killer to me. Click To Tweet

I want to spend all my love and life to you and with you. you are an amazing husband.

Men like you doesn’t exist anymore; I am really happy to have a kind like you.

It’s not the marriage vows which have kept us together, it’s our love who have bonded us together.

You are not just my husband you are my best friend best advisor and best chef.

best whatsapp status for my husband

You are the only person I never want to get rid of. you mean the world to me.

All those irritating and teasing summarise our love.

I love all those names given by you to me. I just can’t believe my ears have started reacting to your names.

You gave me a reason to trust in marriage and love. My eyes now see the world which you live in.

Only two things fear me, long-distance and your ignorance.

Some say pride is your downfall, but not when it comes to pride in your love for your husband. Click To Tweet

I take a pride in saying that you are my husband, how can anyone be so perfect.

Hey hubby, just a reminder that I love you so much.

Sad Whatsapp Status for Husband

Husband and wife often fight and resolve their fight by own, it’s a perk of every relationship. We often feel sad when our husband leaves us for a while or any multiple reasons.

Love is one of the highly valued things once could feel. The feeling of love is unknows until you find someone who deserves it totally.

You might like the Sad WhatsApp status for a husband by which you can express your sadness and love for your husband. Below are the loveable Whatsapp Status for Husband.

The most painful goodbyes are the one where you have no control. Click To Tweet

This long distance is killing me and makes me sad.

I wish I can touch you when I wanted, I miss you so badly hubby.

I remember the day when you use to kiss me and makes me happy. Come soon.

Thank god we have video calls; else I would have died waiting for you.

sad whatsapp status for husband

The thought of living without you makes me immensely sad.

If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away from you.

I have got such a bad habit of you that living without you is like curse to me.

Life has its own plan; you plan sometimes never gets executed. Click To Tweet

Every single day that I spent being a wife with you, realised me how lucky I am.

No fear of life and death, the big fear of losing you, my love.

I am nothing without you.

Your wife doesn’t want love and support she needs it.

I am in more love with you than ever.

Emotional Status for Husband

Husband and wife relationship are all about trust, honesty and emotions. It is a very thin thread which needs to be cared for and handled with love.

It only works on emotions; how strong you have bonded with emotion with each other.

Sometimes emotional status for husband makes it more work, it gives the passion and sense of need for each other.

Below lovable and emotional status for husband will make you fall for your husband again and again. Enjoy!

I am very proud to call you my love, best friend, my companion and my husband.

You complete me, its Stanger how my imperfection has attracted you and now we are on the journey to make a beautiful life. Click To Tweet

You each compliment has added fire in me to love you more.

I promise to be with you in every situation no matter what life turns up to.

You are the only person where my calculation stops. I am so lost in love of you.

If you want to see my real smile, take my husband’s name. he is my real happiness.

No great light can illuminate my path the way your love has done for me.

Among all compliments, I love hearing that I am yours and you are mine.

best emotional whatsapp status fro husband

My husband is one of the greatest blessings from God. his love Is a gift which I want every day!

I never want to lose your hands they are my pillar. I am because of you.

Since we are married, I pray to god each day to bless us with love, health, support and happiness.

I love you for all that you are and for all that you let me be as. No demands no complaints.

No words can express my happiness of being with you. you came to my life accidentally and now we are taking it forward with consent. Click To Tweet

That hugs and kisses spoils me more. Don’t spoil me with gifts and other things, these are enough to spoil me.

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