Are you looking for engaging WhatsApp status that suits you?

Searching for some engaging quotes to add to your WhatsApp status? Strike instant attention and stand yourself out from the crowd!

Here is a long-list of alluring and irresistibly catchy lines that are surely going to be the best WhatsApp status in 2020 among your friends!

Best Whatsapp Status for Boys

Just because I have a smile on my face does not mean my life is perfect, rather I have learned to be happy with what I have. 

Sometimes you are too scared to tell others about your pains, so, you keep it inside of you and breakdown in tears all by yourself. Click To Tweet

best whatsapp status for boys

Life offers so many lessons however I have bunked those classes too!

Your life is your mirror, if you smile at it, it will smile back at you too.

Status WhatsApp for Baby Boys

Have you been blessed with a beautiful baby boy recently? Are you looking for some amazing quotes to describe your innermost feelings for that little precious gift? Here are some amazing quotes that you can use for your next WhatsApp status:

His sweet little hands stole my heart and his cute little feet ran away with it .

My baby boy is my little bit of heaven sent down to earth by God only for me! Click To Tweet

Whatsapp status for baby boys


Of all the things that I hold in my hand, my little boy is the most precious and adorable.

Let me love you a bit more before you are not this tiny anymore.

Every time I hold you, I see a little part of me breathing and living. 

Status For Alone Boys

Are you feeling lonely? Did your nearest and dearest ones leave you when they should not have? Have you lost someone very close to you? Whatever the reason, here are some intriguing posts that you may feel free to share as your next WhatsApp status:

Standing alone does not mean I am lonely. It simply means that I have the strength and courage to handle things all by myself.

Learning to fight alone is the first step towards becoming strong! Click To Tweet

status for alone boysNever be scared to stand for what you believe in, even if that means being left all alone!

Some places in life can only be travelled alone, embrace the splendor and learn to travel solo!

Best WhatsApp Status For Single Boys

Looking for some cool WhatsApp status to stick it to them who laughs at your single status? How about some awesome status to justify your relationship status?  Have a look at some cool quotes that will blow your mind!

Just because a man is single does not mean he does not know anything about love!

I am not single; I am just waiting for my girl to stop playing hide and seek. Click To Tweet

best whatsapp status for single boys

Yes I am single and rightfully so. I have reserved my heart for someone you know!

I chose to be single because I need someone who sees the fire in me and wants to play with it!

Best WhatsApp Status for Bad boys

They call you a bad boy huh? Well here are some quotes to rectify your status! Take a look at some of the best WhatsApp status in 2020 sure to make your statuses the talk of the town!

Girls simply can’t resist a bad boy with a good heart! Deal with it!

Stop living in your fairy tales because in real life your prince charming is the bad guy! Click To Tweet

best whatsapp status for bad boysBad boys are not good but good boys are not fun either!

I keep a bad boy image just to keep my fans happy!

WhatsApp Status for Attitude Boys

Think you have an attitude?  Want to tell the world about your cool personality? Check out these awesome captions sure to nail your thoughts on those people you want to stick to: 

Rules are made to be broken, they can never tame me!

Wait up! Don’t be so quick to judge me. You only see a part of me that I choose to show you! Click To Tweet

I treat you how you treat me! Be cool to me and I will be cool to you too!

best whatsapp status for attitude boys

Think I have an attitude problem? Sorry to disappoint but I just have a personality that you just can’t handle!

Kill them with your success and bury them with a smile!

For girlfriend birthday!

Are you blessed with the perfect girlfriend who makes your life worthwhile? Does she have a birthday? Do you want to make her feel special on her birthday? Check these awesome birthday captions to do the works for you:

My love for you is growing uncompromisingly with each passing year. I simply can’t imagine a single moment without you sweetheart! Happy Birthday honey! Click To Tweet

There is nothing better and exciting than spending a super special day with you, happy birthday to the love of my life!

best whatsapp status for girlfriend bdayYou are the best thing that has ever happened to me! Today, I want nothing but only the best for you my sweetheart! Happy birthday, my love!

Today is a special day! Today is the birthday of the lady to whom I owe my entire happiness to! Happy birthday baby!

For Friends

Do you have a wild brat pack that you want to dedicate a status to? How about a tough betrayal from your friends that have left you hurt and broken? For every state of mind, we have some spectacular quotes that go well with your mood. Have a look and feel free to use it as your next caption if you like:

A true friend is a rare person who asks how you are and then wait to hear the answer.

The “so called” friends will walk in and out of your life but only a “true” friend will stay with you for life. Click To Tweet

Best friends accepts the weird you and still choose to be seen with you in public without changing you!

best whastapp status for friends

Friends are the real sunshine in your life, no matter how dark it gets, they will always lit it up .

A true friend accepts you for who you are, never try to change you and stays with you when things get tough!

True friends are those who ignore the broken fence in you and admire the flowers in your garden, and I am blessed to have so many of them! Click To Tweet

Real friends are hard to find and lucky to have, if you have them don’t lose them!

Whatsapp Status To impress a Girl

Have you found that perfect match that you can’t take your eyes off? Are you looking for that perfect quality status that is sure to strike up her attention? How about a caption that perfectly describes her in a cheesy way? Take a look at some stylish quotes collected just for you:

One smile from you is enough to make my day perfect.

You look even more beautiful every time I see you. Click To Tweet

Someone please call the cops because I have my heart stolen .

best whatsapp status to impress a girl

You are the reason that I look down on my phone, smile a bit and then walk straight into a pole!

If I say that I like you, know that I like you for your flaws, your mistakes and imperfections too!

Best Whatsapp Status For Wife

Is it your wedding anniversary – how about her birthday?

Had a bad fight and want to apologize to her with a wonderful quote? 

Are you looking for some amazing WhatsApp status to make your wife feel special?

Here is a collection of some awesome quotes that you can use to dedicate your love and affection to your beloved wife.

Feel free to choose the best if you like and use them to make your feelings heard:

Dear wife, I am falling a little more in love with you with each passing day! Click To Tweet

If I have done anything right in my life, it is giving my heart to you my wife.

best whatsapp status for wife

I just love the way you smile. It makes me feel so calm, confident and happy!

When I look into those eyes, I feel a sense of calm and positivity that makes me feel so alive!

Status For Ex-Girlfriend

Had your heart-broken recently?

Missing your ex-girl?

Want to state your feelings on your WhatsApp status?

We know how our brain freezes when we are hurt or shocked! Do not be worried! We have a collection of amazing quotes that you can use as your next cool WhatsApp status.

Make her know how you feel, use our captions and strike her attention:

If your ex tells you that you will never ever find anyone like me, just give her a smile and say that is the point! Click To Tweet

There is a reason why an ex stays an ex, they represent false love and an explanation for why you deserve better.

best whatsapp status for ex-gf

My ex was a rough day mixed with a little hail storm.

Why am I so afraid to lose you when you are not even mine?

All I ever wanted was an honest relationship – no lies, games or cheating!

Best WhatsApp Status For Sister

Everyone is not fortunate enough to be blessed with a sibling or two. If you are one of those lucky ones and want to pack your infinite love for your beloved sister into a cool WhatsApp status, feel free to browse from our set of cheesy quotes collected just for you and use them as your next status or caption:

My sister is simply an amazing person. Picturing a life without her is simply unimaginable. Click To Tweet

Sisters are the most beautiful  flowers from the same garden .

best whatsapp status for sister

No one is perfect; our little imperfections make us the perfect siblings that we are, happy birthday sister!

A sister will reach for your hand but will end up touching your heart.

For Handsome Boys

Think you are handsome?

Are you one of those boys who have women drooling all over you? Do you think you have a strong and broody personality that is reminiscent of everyone’s favorite superhero Batman?

Here are some excellent quotations that you can use to describe your state of mind in your next WhatsApp status:

A good sense of humor is all it takes to make a man handsome.

A tall boy with a deep voice, cute laughs and a messy hair, sounds quite like a handsome me! Click To Tweet

best whatsapp status for handsome boys

He is cute, tall and has got striking eyes and a stunning smile. I did not say a name but I surely did pop into your head didn’t I?

Tall, dark and handsome men prefer a kind, cute and curvy women.

Best WhatsApp Status of 2020

Hello ladies! Are you an out-of-the-box thinker? Searching for some engaging quotes to add to your WhatsApp status? Strike instant attention and stand yourself out from the crowd! Here is a long-list of alluring and irresistibly catchy lines that are surely going to be the best WhatsApp status in 2020 among your friends!

Although I like buying new things, I hate the idea of spending money.

If there is one thing that I have learned in life it is that you have to be odd to be number one. Click To Tweet

I never changed, I learned to grow up. You should learn to do that too.

best whatsapp status of 2020

I am so cool that even ice cubes are jealous.

Love can never be bought however you need to give everything for it.
Time is valuable so waste it wisely.

Be strong is what I am whispering to my Wi-Fi signal right now.

Best Whatsapp status of 2020 for girls

Are you a girl who is looking for some amazing Whatsapp status to create that instant mark? Well look no further as we have compiled for you the 5 best Whatsapp statuses that are sure to get the job done! Have a look and feel free to use them!

Treat me like a Queen and you will be my King. Play games with my heart and I will show you exactly how its played! Click To Tweet

Every girl needs a man who will make them laugh when she thinks she will never smile again.

best whatsapp status of 2020 for girls


Every girl should imitate a butterfly. Beautiful to look at but difficult to catch!

A smart girl uses her mind; an easy girl opens up her legs and a unintelligent girl gives away her heart

For Baby Girls

Have you given birth to a little baby girl recently? Are you searching for some wonderful quotes or captions to dedicate a Watsapp status to your little ones? Here are some awesome statuses that you can use:

A baby girl will make the days shorter for you but it will also turn your one happier and the love between the loved one stronger.

My little girl, you are everything in my life, you are the most wonderful blessing that I have ever received in my life. Click To Tweet

best whatsapp status for baby girls


Having a baby is a gift that instantly turns your world into a better place.

The smile in her face beams like a sunshine that fills our hearts with adore and unconditional love.

For Alone Girls

Do you feel left alone? Do you feel that you are being left alone unfairly by your close friends and family? Did you lose someone very close to you recently? If you are looking for some appropriate captions to dedicate to someone you have lost in your status here are some:

Whenever I feel that I am alone, I keep my mind busy in just enjoying my own company.

Sometimes it is best to be silent than to speak meaningless words. Click To Tweet

best whatsapp status for alone girls


I just hate allowing people to enter my life because eventually they always leave.

The ultimate poverty is not having less but feeling lonely or unwanted by others. Click To Tweet

Behind every favourite song of a girl there is an untold story to tell.

For Single girls

Are you single? Looking for some cool captions to use as your Watsapp status? Here is a collection of our top 5 Watsapp status of 2020 that you can use to grab the much needed attention!

I am still single because God is busy writing the best love story of my life.

It is definitely better to be single than ending up with the wrong person.

best whatsapp status for single girls


Love remains a simple meaningless word until someone special gives it a meaning.

Singlehood is a status not a chosen destiny.

For Bad Girls

Are you called a bad girl? Do they judge and comment on your attitude? Want to stick it to their face with some bone-crunching captions? Here are some of the coolest status ideas for bad girls that you can use!

Good girls turn bad because they are treated miserably by the bad boys.

The moment a good girl tunes bad, men start chasing them like crazy. Click To Tweet

best whatsapp status for bad girls

Good girls are the bad girls that have never otten caught.

The real reason that the Santa is always happy is because he knows where all the bad girls exist.

For Attitude Girls

Does the whole world tells you that you have an attitude? Do you want to simply your cool personality into a strong rectifying status? Check out some of the finest captions and quotes collected to help you generate the much needed buzz!

I am what I am and I am not planning to change myself for anyone, deal with it.

My handwriting is not bad, I just have a font of my own. Click To Tweet

best whatsapp status for attitude girls


Age does not guarantee maturity, experience does.

If you like my personality then raise your hand, if you don’t then raise your standard.

For Boyfriend’s Birthday! 

Does your boyfriend have a birthday today? Cannot think of a caption or idea to use in your next Watsapp status? Here are some amazing birthday captions that you can use to make your man feel special:

Happy birthday to the most amazing and special man in my life! You make my life complete!

Every moment spent with you is special however, today is extra special because it’s your day, baby, I wish you all lots of love and my kisses, juts for you! Click To Tweet

best whatsapp status for boyfriend birthdayI feel the luckiest girl in the world because I have you, happy birthday baby!

Before you came into my life, I had an average life, but after you came in you gave it a whole new meaning, Happy birthday!

For Friends

Do you want to dedicate an amazing status to make your friends feel special? Here are some spectacular status ideas and captions that you can use to make your friends know how important they are to you:

Every road feels smaller if you walk with your best friend.

A true friend knows all your weaknesses and shows you your strengths. Click To Tweet
best whatsapp status for friends

True friends are like that strong wall, sometimes you feel relieved to lean on to them other times it feels good just by knowing that they are there.

Friends are like diamonds, they are strong and unbreakable when hit, they only slip away from you over time.

To Impress Boy

Are you dating someone? Do you like someone? Looking for a way to grab the attention of someone you like? If they are in your contact list, Whatsapp status is one of the finest ways to do that! Here are some incredible status ideas and captions that will strike instant attention from your crush. Feel free to use them if you like:

When I first met you I came to know that you are so sweet, when our lips met for the first time I felt my love was complete. Click To Tweet

Never make a man your first priority who considers you an option.

best whatsapp status to impress boys


When people shows me attitude I enjoy it a lot because it shows that that person needs an attitude to impress me.

Your attitude is your market value, it shows how expensive you are.

For Husband

Want to dedicate something special to your husband on your wedding anniversary? Make him feel extra special for any occasion or just for loving you the way you are? Whatever the reason, here are some brilliant status ideas that you can use to share them with others and your husband:

Every moment that I spend with you being your wife, I feel how lucky I am to have such an amazing life.

I am a proud to be the wife of an imperfect husband who can tolerate all my madness without any complaints. Click To Tweet

best whatsapp status for husband

My husband is my home.

My husband is my life’s greatest gift from God, his love is a gift that I open every single day.

For Ex-boyfriend

Had your heart broken recently? Missing your ex-boyfriend? Want to post an innovative status to state your inner feelings and strike attention? We understand how tough and shocking these moments can be to you. Here are some captions and quotes that you can take or use to post it as your next Whatsapp status.

Only you can give me that feeling.

One thing that hurts more than losing you is knowing that you are not fighting to keep me. Click To Tweet

Just because I am busy in my work does not mean I do not have time to love you.

p status for ex boyfriend

If you are busy judging people, you do not have tie to love them.

It is only when you are broken you know how strong you really are.

For Brother

Do you have a brother? Do you want to dedicate a Whatsapp post to your brother to make them feel how lucky you are to have them in life? Here are some humorous and funny captions that you can use as your next Whatsapp status! Use them to make your brother feel special!

Friends will come and go but you my dearly beloved brother are always there for me.

Every man that I know of has either broken my heart or made me cry except you my brother. I am very thankful to have such a wonderful brother like you. Click To Tweet

best whatsapp status for brother


Happiness is when your brother protects you like a bodyguard.

You can sit with your brother in any room and just be completely comfortable with him.

For Beautiful Girls

Do you think you are pretty girl? How about not liking the fact that people still cannot differentiate between the conventional beauty and an inner beauty that live inside the heart? Here are some amazing status ideas that you can use to describe your state of mind.

When you recognize beauty without your eyes, you will know that it is actually genuine.

A smile is one of the cheapest ways to amend your appearance. Click To Tweet

best whatsapp status for beautiful girlsBeauty is all about fining comfort in being under your own skin. It is all about sincerely accepting who you really are.


You may use make up to enhance your beauty but can you enhance your personality with it?

Whatsapp Status for Love

We are sharing top love status for Whatsapp with you. Who does not like to set a new love status for Whatsapp. If you are among one of those who is itching to put one in your Whatsapp, here are
some that you can use:

Never love someone when you are feeling lonely, do it when you are ready.

Want to know the secret recipe of an unbreakable relationship? It is love, loyalty and trust. Click To Tweet

whatsapp status for love


I know its love because I have found a reason to live and the reason is you.

Never search for someone to fall in love with, find someone who makes you happy and


Whatsapp Status for Sarcastic

Nowadays, being sarcastic is the new trend in social media and other apps. Sarcastic posts
becomes viral more often that any others. We are providing you the wittiest sarcastic status that
you can use on your next Whatsapp post and they are:

If there is one thing that can blow my head in rage it’s a tripod with one leg missing.

I have enough money to survive my entire life until and unless I spent them on buying something. Click To Tweet

whatsapp status for sarcastic


I prepare myself to deal with the pains of everyday life by rubbing shampoo in my eyes
when taking a shower.

Every single moment counts and when you add all of them up they equal your entire life.

Whatsapp Status Savage

Here are some savage quotes and statuses that you can use to tell your haters, how they should
mind their own business:

If you do not like someone, call him/her the Monday of your life.

Why don’t you go feed your own ego, I am busy minding my own business. Click To Tweet

whatsapp status savage


Hi there fake beauty, don’t stay too close to the heater cause plastic melts.

It is absolutely fine to not like me, everyone does not have a good taste you see!

Whatsapp Status For Life

Everyone goes through ups & downs in life. Sometimes it is not possible to share them in person.
Whatsapp status can be a great way to let those feelings be known. Here are some great status and
captions that you can use to express your feelings if you can relate to it.

You should enjoy every bit of your life as it comes with an expiry date.

A life that is well written is as rare to be found as a well spent one. Click To Tweet

whatsapp status for life


Find a person who can positively change your life not your relationship.

I feel that life is not another problem to be solved but a reality that needs to be

Whatsapp Status Sad

Stress, heart-breaks, deception, lies, sometimes, we encounter tragedies that are unexplainable and it only gets worse and worse with time. We humans are expressive species. We want to express how we feel by talking to others or other means of communication to take the burden out of our shoulders. Here are some sad whatsapp statuses that you can use to state your opinion about your feelings, if you find it difficult to share it with someone face to face.

In life, everyone wants to be happy. No one wants to be hurt or sad. However, you simply cannot make a rainbow appear in sky without a little rain.. Click To Tweet

Everytime I start putting my trust in someone, they show me why I shouldn’t do it.

whatsapp status sad


Why does life continue to teach me lessons that I have no desire to learn.

It is always difficult to forget someone who has given you so much to remember in life.

Whatsapp Status for Sad Love

Here are top 5 amazing statuses that you can use when you are sad in love:

The difference between you and me is that I have fought to keep your love but you did not fight to keep mi Click To Tweetne.

Sometimes, all it takes is just one caring person to change it all.

whatsapp status for sad loveIf you decide to give up on me, I will give up on me too.

No matter how far you go, you will always be in my thoughts.

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