Chhath puja is one the greatest spread festival which is celebrated in India. The festival is not just festival it’s a feeling love and emotion which we can also share with our friends and family through some beautiful Chhath Puja wishes, greetings, messages and quotes. Each individual contributes to this auspicious festival with open heart and religiously follow all the customs and rituals included in the Pooja.

Chhath puja is a festival in which Lord Surya is worshipped and it is being conducted for 3 days. People of city dives in the festival just after the Diwali. The Chhath puja takes place on the sixth day followed by Diwali. From Diwali to Chhath the people are in total mood of celebration of the festival.

In Chhath Pooja, people seek the blessings of Lord Surya by offering him holy Ganga water called as “Arghya”. The first Arghya is offered on second-day pooja in the evening and the second Arghya is offered to the sunrise. With the Morning Arghya the Pooja comes to the end and fast of three days comes to the end.

This month people celebrate Chaitra Shashti which starts from 1st day which is called Nahay khaye. Later on, followed by all rituals until the festival comes to the end. each day is unique and has a meaning which has a great impact and history in Hindu Vedic custom.

Chhath is the only puja where every member of the house is involved from old to young. Each contribute to the festival and make it special. Chhath is much famous and most awaited in Bihar and Jharkhand. Although the whole nation celebrates it but the Bihar and Jharkhand has different perks and happiness.

Lord Surya is supposed to give the life to every living thing on earth, without his presence nothing is possible, hence during this puja we pray to him for a better life and better wise.

This Hindu festival is celebrated with all devotion and also called Karthik Chhath puja. People choose different styles of Chhath puja wishes, greetings, quotes, messages and status needs to be totally unique. Below Chhath pooja wishes, greetings and  quotes will spread a smile to the person you will send and also bless you this Chhath. You can send the Chhath puja wishes and greetings to the close ones on the occasion of the Chhath puja.

Chhath Puja Wishes, Greetings, Messages, Quotes and Status

This Chhath puja I wish all the blessing of lord Surya blesses you and keeps you healthy.

May Lord Surya brighten your life like sunrise and ray of light.

May this Chhath pooja marks life fortune and makes you more successful.

Chhath puja

Through this Sms I wish all you happy and auspicious Chhath puja.

May the positivity of Chhath puja fills your life with prosperity and opportunity. Click To Tweet

May the occasion of Chhath pooja enlightens up your life with hopes and love.

Chhath puja teaches us, after every sunset, there is sunrise and with this hope life goes on.

Wish you amazing Chhath puja and may lord Surya shower his blessings to you and your family.

Have a divine and sparkling Chhath puja 2021.

Chhath Puja 2020

May this Hindu Vedic festival keep you always positive and happy.

Let’s celebrate together the festival of nature. On the occasion of Chhath puja I wish you all happiness. Click To Tweet

With this greeting, I wish you have the great start of the year and years to come.

Let’s follow the ritual of nature festival.

Chhath is the only festival where all the naturals resources are used to celebrate and worship the Lord Surya.

May this Chhath puja lighten up your day.

Chhath puja greetings

May the lord surya kill all your negativity and protect you from evil eyes.

This Chhath puja let all the sorrows go away.

Worship the sun with all devotions and open heart. This chhath puja i pray all the happiness for you and your family. Click To Tweet

Chhath puja is merely a festival, it’s more a feeling.

Days after Diwali are always happy for each one of us, as it brings happiness each day till Chhath puja.

As the year is about to end, I wish sun god bless you with health and wise.

Chhath puja quotes

Chhath puja is the only festival which brings us closer to our roots and nature.

Shine every day brighter than the sun. May all your wishes come true on the occasion of Chhath puja. Click To Tweet

Celebration time is on with the Chhath puja.

This 3 days festival has no comparison. it brings along all the member at one place.

You cannot get the taste of prasad prepare in Chhath puja anywhere. It’s divine.

With this message of Chhath, I am sending all my blessings to you.

Chhath puja wishes and greetings

Chhath is the puja which is dedicated to the god sun and is considered to be the best and main festival.

From wheat to fruits, each naturally grown food is used in the puja. So I wish your happiness to grow naturally.

May this chhath puja, lord Surya bless you with purity and humbleness. Click To Tweet

May you get all the happiness this Chhath puja and stay healthy and happy.

Every year we all wait for the festival to arrive. Chhath is always special and I wish all success to you through this message.

May all your dreams come true and shed the evil.

Happy Chhath puja 2021. Many more years to come and wishing you to grow every year. Click To Tweet

The enjoyment gets doubled when it is celebrated with family. and no festival can give that happiness expect Chhath puja.

Chhath puja is the real happiness for which each individual waits.

Thanking God for the crops that grow. Accept our prayer and bless us forever. Keep us blessed with your powers. Click To Tweet

All that exists was born from the sun. May Sun God bless you this Chhath Puja.

Hey readers, I hope These Chhath Puja wishes and greeting will help you a lot for giving the different ideas to wish your special one in Chhath Puja.

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