The name is enough to make goosebumps. Chhath puja is the festival which is celebrated on the 6th day after the Diwali. That week is the most waited week for all the Indians as most of the festivals falls into it.

The 4 days running puja is celebrated with devotion and joy. People offer the prayer to the Lord Surya. People wishes and greets each other with Chhath messages and wishes. Wish you all a happy and prosperous Chhath puja 2020 and enjoy the auspicious festival.

This festival is celebrated twice a year, first at the time of Holi on Chaiti Shashti and second one in the Karthik Sukhla Paksha which falls after the 6th day of Diwali. It is one of the most difficult Puja as it has strong rituals and customs to be performed. The only festivals where all the natural resources and crops are used in making prasad is this occasion.

4 days celebration of puja consist of Nahaye khaye, Kharna or lohanda, The Sandhya argya and the final day is Suryodaya Argha. The Puja dates vary each year depending on the Tithi and Time. but it mostly falls in between Oct- Nov month every year for Karthik Sukhla paksha Chhath. and for Chaiti Chhath it falls in the month between April-May.

Nahaye Khaye

Nahaye Kahaye is the first day of Chhath puja. On this day the Vrati person clean all the fruits and clear the grains and dry it in the sun. After cleaning all the Puja, the prasad is prepared which includes all the food made in Sudh Ghee which is Vegetarian and Satvik.

The basic prasad prepared today is Channa Daal, Kaddu Chawal and one vegetable and few more items, though the food is so common, but the flavours enhance as it it cooked on Mud pot and served as prasad. From this day every member of the house helps in the puja and they also eat the Satvik Food. From this day, the Vrati person doesn’t eat nor drink the water till the 4th day and this is how the puja celebration takes place.

Kharna and Lohanda

This day counts as the second day wherein the vrati keep a fast for the whole day and at evening they make a prasad for people of the house and then breaks a fast, also many guests and relatives are being called to take blessings and prasad on this day.

The day begins as usual keeping things clean and preparing for the puja. the preparation for the evening prasad starts at mid-day and by evening it gets ready. The main prasad of the this festival is Thekua and on Kharna Mainly Kheer and puris are made which is being given to everyone as prasad.

The Sandhya Argha

Sandhya Argha is given to lord Surya on 3rd day of Chhath puja. The Argha is offered to the lord sun in a form of water and mantra. Ritually th argha is given in running holy water Ganga on riverbank where vrati takes the Bamboo sup in hand which is full of fruits and puja material including thekua and stand in water.

The whole family members offer the argha while the vrati takes are round in holy water and the process keeps taking place till the time bamboo sup gets over amid folk songs. The vrati keeps a fast whole day.

Suryodaya Argha

The last day of the celebration is the Suryodaya argha. the argha is offered to the sunrise and pray for the blessings. The process includes same for the suryaodaya whereby the last argha, chhath puja comes to the end and vrati breaks the fast of almost 36 hours and is called paran when she eats the grain and water. after the vrati does the paran, prasad is being distributed to friends, family and neighbours.

What is Chhat Puja?

It is an ancient Hindu Vedic historic puja which is mostly celebrated in Jharkhand and Bihar. Some corners of Nepal ad Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the main festivals for Bihar. the puja runs for 4 days including different rituals and customs.

It is celebrated twice a year. the Karthik Shukla Chhath is more celebrated by people and the Chaiti Chhath is little hard as the Vrati keeps fast of more than 36 hours in summer.

This has much impact on people because it’s the only festival where every human takes the puja and its process very seriously and involve themselves in the puja.

It is the only festival where the Dawn and dusk both are being prayed and are given importance. The puja is dedicated to the lord Sun and the Shashti Devi to thank them for blessing, we offer the puja and Argha. The parvaitin are the main who deliver and do all the puja and people at the house make sure that they take enough of rest.

In this puja there is a combined worship of both the power and the sun. It is different from another puja as it has lots of rituals and rigorous process which needs to be followed.

Why do we celebrate Chhath Puja?

This is a puja dedicated for sun and the Shashti Devi (Chhathi Maiya). It is very meaningful and has a great impact In Hindu Vedic mythology. The celebration has a unique way of celebrating in some states specifically, Bihar Jharkhand Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

These state’s people celebrate this puja with full joy and devotion. We often get the question raised into our mind that why do we celebrate Chhath puja? The vrati and devotes express their prayer to the sun lord and perform all the rituals and customs to celebrate the puja.

We celebrate this auspicious festival for self-development and happiness for the family. It is the only festival which is dedicated to Lord Surya and both the sunrise and sunset is prayed and valued a lot.

This is very aged festival and is celebrated by each Hindu for the Lord Surya who is said to be the God of power and energy. Every devotes express their prayer to the Lord Surya.

There are several saying that explain the origin of this festival. It is said that, Draupadi and the Pandavas of Hastinapur used to celebrate Chhath to solve their issues and gain their lost kingdom again. A few mantras are chanted by worshippers while offering prayers to the Lord Surya.

According to another saying, this was first done by Karna, who is said to be a son of Lord Surya and Kunti Devi. He ruled over the Anga Desh which is the modern-day Bhagalpur in Bihar, during the age of Mahabharata and that is the one of the reasons why it is important in Bihar.

It is also said that Rays of Sun is very effective for body and all the items exposed in sunrays are said to kill bacteria. May this Chhath puja 2020 makes your celebration more fun and may you bless with all happiness.

It is also said that it helps in detoxing the body by dipping in holy water and taking them as much as sun rays and also fasting helps also in body detoxing. These all are the significance and scientific reasons  of this puja.

Who Started Chhat Puja?

It is said to be the festival of Feeling which make all individual come closer and make effort to get the things done.

In Ayodhya when Lord Rama returned to the palace after the Exile of 14 years then Sita ji kept fast in Sita Charan temple which in Munger, Bihar was the first where Sita ji performed Chhath order to pray the lord Surya for Lord Rama’s well being and health and broke the fast after the sun gets set. this is one of the saying how this puja got started.

This is the only festival which is associated with our all Vedic mythology and era because it’s the most aged and only festival which is performed to pray for Lord Surya.

This is the festival of purity and devotion. The exact origin and start of the puja are unknown but there are several sayings that who started this, on which this festival is being celebrated.

The four days of celebration gives immense mental benefits to the devotees and also to the family members. It calms the mind of devotees and reduces the negative energy like hatred, fear and anger and helps to stay positive during puja of 4 days.

Initially this festival was very hard to do and very few people sue to perform the puja and all neighbour used to participate. The Argha is given at the river bank by the devotes and near and dear.

Who is the god of Chhath Puja?

The god of this festival is devoted to Lord Surya and Shashti Devi knows as her sister Lord Surya is offered the prayer by the devotee and parvaitin during the puja tenure which runs for 4 days. The lord Surya is known for his Energy and the life-sustaining on earth.

This celebration is unique and the whole city is draped in the devotion mood and for 4 days people help each other even go to the river banks to see the celebration and enjoy the festive mood.

It is claimed to be the most eco-friendly festival because each resource used in this puja is natural and non-harmful to nature. All the local Mud Dias, bamboo Sup multiple fruits and vegetables are being used in the process to celebrate the this Puja.

The Chhath is named because it takes place on the 6 day after Diwali and is dialect from Maithili and Hindi language. This puja is the second-longest festival for Hindus after Navratri. The Sun is believed to be the main source of energy that supports life on earth.

Therefore, during the this Puja, in some places, people thank the Sun God for supporting life and seek his blessings. People also ask Lord Surya for the longevity and prosperity of their family members and loved ones.

Devotees offer their prayers to the Sun God along with the goddess Suryoday, the first rays of the morning, and Sandhya, last ray of the evening.

There are a lot of places where you can witness the Chhath celebration in Bihar. Patna, Haripur, Munger, Ranchi, Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. These places can give you goosebumps while seeing the Sunset and Sunrise being getting prayed and devotes offering the Argha and another Puja process.

This year Chhath puja 2020 is taking place on below dates which will help you to plan your festivals accordingly.

18 November (Nahaye Khaye or kaddu Bhaat)

19 November ( Kharnaor Lohanda)

20 November (Sandhya Arghya) Sunset time: 17:25:26

21 November (Usha Arghya) Sunrise time: 06:48:52

May this Chhath Puja 2020 bring all the happiness and joy in your life and May Lord fulfil all your wishes and his rays of light fill your ray of hopes.

Hey readers, I hope, Chhath Puja celebration together with puja dates will help you a lot in celebrating this festival.

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