Holidays are just about to arrive and Christmas is the best festival we can ever celebrate with that winter coziness and being with friends and family. If you love Decoration and sparkling houses, nothing can make you happier than the Christmas Decoration ideas and decorating the home.

Christmas is a festival celebrated by each religion and people with the same happiness and enthusiasm. It is one of the way of saying thank you for the year gone and welcome the new year with lots of joy and fun.

While Planning for Christmas eve the first thing hit to our mind is a decoration makes the occasion more special and beautiful. Decoration ideas for Christmas makes us feel paint the wall decorated the house beautifully and some of the Diyas Christmas decoration ideas make it perfect to look.

Here we are putting some of the best and amazing Christmas decoration ideas to light up each room and make the occasion memorable by celebrating the festival by hand made décor ideas. You can make the DIY at home with the usage of pending and rough stuff at home which will cost you nothing but only happiness.

You will get some kick start easy Christmas decoration ideas down here, which will gauze in happiness.

Some Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas:-

1. Hanging sock stocks– The decoration is said to be the oldest way of beautifying the Christmas tree and is also noted that Santa put the gifts a night before the festival. You can use the socks with some gold and silver star glitters onto it and hang it to the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas to all.

Hanging sock stocks

2. Making the Christmas Table Runners- While the celebration, the most used furniture at home is the table where you decorate all your favourite crockeries and put the delicious food. You can make the table runner by using the old weaved cloth which is no longer of your use. You can add some fabrics, with glitter and sock water which you can buy online and then you can weave it according to your table and your preferences.

Making the Christmas Table Runners

3. Wall hangings- The home decor idea is incomplete without the hangings at the wall. The wall reflects the house, and when you put terrific well-decorated wall hangings it doubles the beauty of the place. You can also buy the wall hangings online or make the hangings at home which also can also be used as decorating the Christmas tree.

Wall Hangings

4. The Christmas mantel- Unlike decorating each corner of the home, the Christmas mantel also needs a little touch of decoration. Because the festive also takes place in heavy winter, so the family and friends are more likely to sit near the fireplace. By decorating it, you can showcase your efforts and get good compliments for your DIY Christmas decorations. Make the more use of stars, lights, Christmas socks to make it eye-catchy.

The Christmas mantel

5. Decorating the Christmas Tree- So, the paramount happiness for the occasion is fulfilled only by decorating the main center of attraction which, is a Christmas tree. Christmas tree has so many things to put into making it look amazing. You can use ribbons, roping, stars, ice sparkle, and the tree ornaments.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

6. The lights and candles- Undoubtedly the, lights and candles make any decoration 10X more powerful and bright. You can use the various lights led and bulbs or scented candles of a different styles which, can be put in any corner of the house to glow the house at the time of occasion. This can be used indoor and outdoor both. Also, you can put the series for decoration of the Christmas tree.

The lights and candles

7. Decorating the Patio- The patio is among the most used space for partying at home. Decorating it for the festival can be the best Christmas décor idea you can get by putting some plants and some well-decorated Christmas tree. The table with lots of eateries and cocktails. This will add a bright vibe to the festival.

Decorating the Patio

8. Outdoor Decors- Like the indoor rooms and spaces, the outdoor decors are also needed to complete the Christmas decorations. Decorating the outdoors with flower lights candles will give the house a mesmerizing look. Try it to make your home look stunning from the outside.

Outdoor Decors

9. Use of Garlands and Chandelier- The garlands give the most exotic look while decorating the house for Christmas celebration. Various flower garlands are being used to decorate the indoor and outdoor. Merry Charistmas.

Use of Garlands and Chandelier

10. Halloween Preparation- Each day becomes special in Christmas month. From the day of Occasion to the day it begins to start. The Halloween preparation also needs to be perfect.

Halloween Preparation

11. Glass ornaments- The colourful Glass ornaments give the perfect touch of beauty to the tree and add the beautification to the home. Try using all sizes of glass ornaments and colourful stuff for decoration.

Glass ornaments

12. Plants and Artificial- Without saying, plants add the volume to the home and give the greener side that is organically beneficial to the people who are living inside. You can use the plants as decorative items also some artificial decorative plants will help to seek the attention of people.

Plants and Artificial

13. The Door- Being the first thing for people to notice is the door. You can decorate it with flower and lights. You can use DIY ideas like eye-catchy garlands and flower bows for decorating doors and windows to attract the guests.

The door

14. The Curtains and Falls- When you are decorating your home for the festival, curtains need to be changed and team up with the perfect home décor. The curtains and falls are always an important part of decoration. Hence you can add the curtains apart from door and windows to a few spaces where it will enhance the beauty of festivity.

The Curtains and Falls

15. The Ribbons and Ropes- The ribbons add the softness and beauty to the anything it is being used for. You can use ribbons for gift wrapping of Christmas tree and also for the decoration of the wall. Rope can be used to hang the lights and glass ornaments to the wall.

The ribbons and ropes

16. The sitting Area- Apart from all corners of the house, the sitting area is the most used portion in the house. So, it needs a much festive arrangement and stylish look. You can use lamps, chandelier wall hangings to create a fresh vibe to the area.

The sitting Area

17. Wreath- Wreath is one of the common decoration which is done on Christmas, widely seen on doors and walls. You can put different types of wreath to make your Christmas decoration look amazing.


18. Pom-pom Wreath- Another wreath you can create and DIY from self with the colourful pompoms. Pompoms are very much in trend and give a bright look.

Pom-pom Wreath

19. Fabric Wreath- Fabric wreath can be made by using ribbons, colourful fabrics. The colourful circle will make your décor look wow.

Fabric Wreath

20. Terrace Interior- You can use the space of terrace to well decorate it with various beautiful festive decorative items. The lights, lamps, air candles wreath on the wall. You can arrange a sitting area for the cocktail party.

21. Kitchen spice- Not a single corner shall be left to look beautiful.  The kitchen can be decorated with designs carrying kitchen stuff and a wreath.

Kitchen spice

22. Bookshelf and Frame- Any house is incomplete without photo frames and a bookshelf. These corners can be decorated with ribbons ,and glass ornaments and many more items to create the sentimental family photo frames.

Bookshelf and Frame

23. Balloons- Planning for party on Christmas, a balloon can add that cheer to the party and give it an amazing party look.


24. Garland Runner– You can use the garland runner for your tabletop and for the coffee table to decorate with sides.

25. Flowerpot and Old Jars- Using old jars and flowerpots can be a very lovely Christmas décor ideaDIY can make it look fresh and new and also will give a stylish look.

Flowerpot and Old Jars

26. Christmas Bell- When the jingles are at the corner, the bell can make it even happier. Christmas bells can be used enormously anywhere at home. it reflects the festive mood and suits best to the occasion.

Christmas Bell

27. Decorating Fridge- These are some places, which may get ignored sometimes, but these places make it more happening when used for decoration. You can put the paper Christmas tree and some photos to make a holiday meal perfect.

28. Indoor Elements- These are the cheap decorations that need no expense in decorating the house.

Indoor Elements

29. Designs for Chair and Sofa- Be it Sofa or Dining chair, you can make it adorable by putting a few shining strands on it.

Designs for Chair and Sofa

30. Putting Cushions and Pillows- Cushions and Pillows complete the home decoration and put them at the right place to make your home look great.

Putting Cushions and Pillows

31. Hanging Candles- You can use candles on the Christmas tree. Fix it correctly on the edges, and here you go with a beautiful Christmas tree.

Hanging Candles

32. The Never Outdated Retro- You can use the retro look like the theme for your decoration. The look and decoration are always soothing and unique to create.

The Never Outdated Retro

33. The DIY Paper Plate- While sitting on table barring food, the decoration and arrangement should also appeal and attract. The Paper plates can be used and decorated in such a way that it beautifies the table. You can use colour paper plates as a Christmas tree.

The DIY Paper Plate

34. The Cards- Make your décor more impressive by using cards as a decorative item. You can make a pyramid of a green trees with a spray of white snow. This will give you a classy look to your celebration.

The Cards

35. Reindeer- The Christmas décor is nothing without reindeer and its decoration. It’s a fact that it is a festive legend. You can use it on the terrace or outside the house on the patio in a loving area with the Christmas Tree.


36. Pumpkin Halloween– This can add the flakes to the décor ideas for Christmas. Pumpkin is mostly used for Halloween party and is attractive when used as décor.

Pumpkin Halloween

37. Christmas Stockings Décor- Stocking décor can be the easy Christmas decoration idea. You don’t need to buy the new stuff. The old pair of stockings can be modified and decorated with silver white and blue ribbons and stars.

Christmas Stockings Décor

38. Wrapping paper-The gift-wrapping papers can give your decoration a bright look. You can put small boxes wrapped with gifting paper near the reindeer or at the corners of each room. It will make you happy seeing the gifts all around.

Wrapping paper

39. The Craftworks- The handcrafts always give the emotional touch and while you make it by yourself, it adds the beauty to your house. You can use colourful paper with sparkling glitters and cut it into the Merry Christmas and hang over the mantel with few ribbons onto it.

40. Ice-cream Stick- Ice cream stick makes the fantastic décor for any purpose. Use them variously for making the tree, frames, wall hangings, table calendar or wreath. Use multiple colours to paint the sticks.

41. Cotton and White Snow- You can find any easier DIY rather than using cotton as snow and making the small town as a model for your child and you can involve your kid for making it as they want, cotton and, colours can be customized for making DIY décor.

42. The Fruit Garland- The artificial fruit garland with the essence makes the perfect environment and the festive evening unique. You can buy or even DIY the décor.

The Fruit Garland

43. Paper Bulbs- The honeycomb-shaped paper bulbs are the cutest décor you can put to the Christmas decoration. It is easy to make and quite affordable.

paper bulbs

44. The Table Decoration- You can hang or put a little wreath made of cookies with paper or the frames carrying the picture of a knife and forks to the tabletop. You can decorate it be the stands and sparkles.

The Table Decoration

45. Picture Painting of Santa and Reindeer- Use the old fabric and the fabric colour to make a DIY of Santa and reindeer with all sizes and use it as wall hangs and wrapping paper.

Picture Painting of Santa and Reindeer

46. The Pinecone Ornaments- The pinecones can be used in several places. You can spray a colour to it and hang it to the Christmas tree with greens.

The Pinecone Ornaments

47. The Center Piece- The centerpiece knots lengths of twine around the branch and hang it from a row of five or six ceiling hooks.  

The Center Piece

48. The Series Light Snowman- You can add the light to the handmade craft of snowman in a row in balcony or on the railing. I
t will glow the evening and perfect lighting to the house.

The Series Light Snowman

49. Sparkling Candle- The candles are always crucial to the occasion and gives a vibrant look to the place. You can make the sparkling candles at home by mixing the various sparkles with wax and shape them accordingly.

Sparkling Candle

50. The Bows- You can create the bows with white and red fabric and ribbons. You can tie it up at various places to team it up with your fav Santa dress.

The Bows

Hey readers, I hope these Christmas Decoration Ideas will give you much ideas about decoration for the festival. Please let us know what next you want to hear and share to serve better to you. For more amazing and great content.

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