Christmas is a time of year where everyone enjoys the going year and busy welcoming the new year. The festival is lighted up with so much hope and happiness. It is a day that holds a family together.

Christmas is about love, sharing, caring, eating, decorating every corner of the house and having fun with the family. While you are celebrating the occasion, you will need a few quotes on Christmas to wish. These Merry Christmas quotes will help you to wish the Christmas this year. Happy Christmas to you all.

This Christmas, decorate your house with unique styles of Christmas decoration ideas. Christmas is not a season, it a feeling and happy state of mind.

Christmas trees presence on the occasion makes it more glorious and happening.

May the christmas eve bring a lot of happiness to you all.

All messes in the world seems not so good, but the mess created in the living room is too beautiful, don’t clean it too quickly.

The perfection of Christmas is looking at the gifts around any Christmas tree. Click To Tweet

I hope this Christmas quotes brings the smile from miles to your face, Merry Christmas.

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Nothing can be too hard and too sad when you have a Christmas tree in the living room.

This time of season is to hold the family and time together.

Nothing can be more perfect seeing a happy family wrapped in hugs and love on Christmas occasion. Click To Tweet

The Santa Claus sounds may not real, but the happiness inside thinking about him is irreplaceable.

Ruth Carter Stapleton- “Christmas is most truly celebrated when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most”

Eat, Enjoy, Celebrate. Christmas happens to all. Merry Christmas.

Living room on the Christmas is the best and worst place to sit and celebrate.

Christmas Quotes

May this Christmas Jesus blesses you with all happiness and all your wishes come true.

Christmas gifts shall be given to all the enemies, friends and families. Forgiving and forgetting is what Christmas teaches.

Enjoy the season of Christmas with fun, food and love.

The year shall pass with this Christmas, make it count and keep creating the memories. This year is not going to come ever, don’t waste time regretting. Click To Tweet

Days and nights are going to be shadow with snow and roads will be decorated with Christmas tree. Merry Christmas.

With the above Christmas quotes, your greetings will be more powerful and full of love. The below Christmas quotes are going to make it more happening and will add sugar to the wishes. Enjoy.

Funny Christmas Quotes

Christmas is all about having fun. The season brings fun and happiness to everyone. There is always sharing of quotes on Christmas, which makes you smile and laugh. The funny Christmas quotes will get some hilarious and funny Christmas wishes and quotes to wish on occasion.

Santa is very Clever to visit people home once in a year.

All the things get in order except the mood. It gets bad to worst.

Christmas lately makes you cry when you clean the dishes and the living room.

Why do fruitcake was made? It is just like Indian sweet Son Papdi. Just for sharing from one to another.

funny christmas quotes

The best part of some Christmas gifts is that you can exchange it to another person.

Getting homesickness is only can happen in Christmas.

Even the email gets stuck in the Christmas time. 

Who says that Christmas becomes more enjoyable with family, the only things that get doubled are the dishes in the sink? Merry Christmas. Click To Tweet

Drunked to the heck that you can speak the truth about cleaning and not so tasty food. 

Short Christmas Quotes

We often search for the Short Christmas quotes which are more for Powerful and meaningful while wishing on the occasion. Christmas brings us lots of news, season and happiness. The short Christmas quotes for your cards and greetings will be perfect to send to your close ones.

This time of season is always special. You get Santa, gifts, sweets and new year hand in hand.

Real happiness of any festival is being with the family and enjoy the occasion.

Christmas is all about family, friends, hope and faith. Click To Tweet

I wish you get the peace of mind and all success in your path.

This Christmas let all your hatred burn and spread love to the people.

short christmas quotes

The occasion is just not only to celebrate but to forget and forgive the grieve.

The year-end becomes much special with the Christmas celebration. I hope you get more blessings and closer to your family.

Success is always not destined, but the road maps are made to see the success. May this year become more giver to you. Click To Tweet

Christmas is doing some little extra for someone. It returns you with happiness.

Inspirational Christmas Quotes

Christmas is close to everyone and it happens to everyone. We look forward to the festival to give joy and happiness. It’s a more feeling than the festival. The only festival which comes once in a year and its importance is less to speak. We have collected inspirational Christmas quotes which can be shared by you at the time of Christmas quotes.

The essence of Christmas is its presence.

The reindeer, the pumpkin, the Santa and the snowfall, It concludes Christmas very well.

The wait for a year is worth it. When you feel the Christmas is coming.

Amidst all, keep wishing yourself Merry Christmas. Live for yourself and try spreading love. Click To Tweet

The heart speaks more in the Christmas.

inspirational christmas quotes

Christmas is about openings hearts more than opening gifts.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the essence of the festival.

Christmas surround us with love and prosperity. May every one flourish and stay happy. Click To Tweet

Make hearts and faces happy this glorious Christmas time.

Religious Christmas Quotes

Besides the fun and enjoyment, Christmas is also connected with people religiously. The people bow infront of Jesus and pray for their family and friends for their health and success. Religious Christmas quotes will help you to express the prayers and the prostration for your close ones.

Christmas gives us the moment to sit and pray and talk to the god peacefully.

By the way, there are many festivals. But most people connect with God in Christmas. Click To Tweet

Happiest Birthday Jesus. 

The only everlasting reason to celebrate the eve. Jesus keep blessing us. Merry Christmas.

Religious Christmas Quotes

Care and love, this is Christmas is all about. Make every day count.

The precious time with family and friends is never-ending and adds memories.

Make all sweet memories this Christmas so special that it brightens up your smile.

Christmas is a magic which happens to everyone. And magical Christmas is loved by everyone. Click To Tweet

God has something special for everyone. he leaves no one. Merry Christmas.

Christmas Quotes for Friends

Friends are one of the main role which is very important in our life. Be it any occasion we want them to celebrate it with friends and enjoy the festival. Below Christmas quotes for the friends are amazing to share and enjoy the festivity.

I thank you for giving your partnership through all odds. Hope to be together every Christmas and celebrate it together.

With a friend like you, the fun of the festival becomes more enjoyable. May this Christmas make our friendship stronger. Click To Tweet

I hope Santa brings all the happiness and gives with all deserving dream come true.

Wish you a happy Christmas to the person who was always there for me. No matter the situation.

Christmas Quotes for friends

Christmas is all about sharing caring and eating delicious food. Wish your all dreams come true. Happy Christmas. 

Smiling and hanging out with you on Christmas makes it special and perfect 

I wish that we stay longer and forever and our bonding gets double every time we meet. Merry Christmas friend.

Every occasion and festivals are empty without close friends and family, on the eve of Christmas night, I wish you Merry Christmas. Click To Tweet

Nothing can make the celebration Amazing and fun.

Cute Christmas Quotes

Christmas is all about making fun, eating with family and making cute memories. Cute and happy Christmas quotes will remind you to put the quotes on Christmas to show your love for Christmas eve and enjoy the small and little moment filled with cuteness.

May this year Santa bring the gift and joy of your choice.

I wish this Christmas brighten up your life and make your smile bigger.

As you deserve the best, May Santa presents you the perfect gift.

With the Christmas carol and a wine in hand, Celebrate the occasion with joy and love. Click To Tweet

cute christmas quotes

Let all the griefs relieve this festival and let your heart light up.

Wishing you and your family the happiest Christmas and new year.

The best present I can ever give you is my presence whenever you need. Merry Christmas love!

Sending all my love and hugs to you. Celebrate the celebration. Click To Tweet

…And all I want on Christmas is you, just kidding, gift me diamonds.

Christmas Quotes for Cards

Below is the list of Christmas quotes for card which you can share and use for creating amazing card quotes on Christmas. Happy holidays are near and sending wishes to someone on the eve of Christmas always bring the smile. Christmas wishes and quotes. Wish you Merry and Happy Christmas.

Cheers to the year to come and Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays are here, I wish you make wonderful memories and enjoy the season.

With this greeting, let me put the smile on your beautiful face and make your festival more glorious. Click To Tweet

Every year Christmas comes with new hope and happiness. Don’t let any other thing steal your thunder. Merry Christmas.

christmas quotes for cards

There is only one thing constant every year on Christmas is you. 

May your heart be filled with contentment and the unique feeling of joy that Christmas brings. Click To Tweet

Season’s Greetings and best wishes for the New Year to you and your family.

Let the season bring auspicious news to you and make it blissful.

Merry Christmas you everyone. May God bless each one us with love and prosperity.

Christmas Status

It’s a Christmas time. Time for unlimited fun and joy. In the season of Christmas, nothing shall be left behind. The decoration, the greetings, the food and fun. The festival calls for all together. Below Christmas Status are amazing to share and wish. Enjoy the season of festival and love. Merry Christmas.

The wish is wrapped with love and affection. Happy New year and wish you Merry Christmas.

The best part of the festival is that you don’t have to cook every day, fridge is loaded with pizza and cupcakes.

You get everything in Christmas only thing you lose is Dollars from the pocket. Click To Tweet

May your holidays get like Santa, fat cheerful and cute.

Christmas Status

What happens on Christmas stay longer than the hangover.

Dear Santa, keep visiting us and a float us with gifts. Forget the past and socks up for the future this Christmas.

Christmas is a very spiritual time in your case vodka, gin and whisky goes in. Click To Tweet

The best way to celebrate Christmas is to sing loud a lot and let others know.

So, that’s all for now. Hope you liked the Christmas Quotes. Keep sharing it to your friends and closed ones for the Christmas quotes and enjoy the festival.

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