When some on says cute, instantly what hits in our mind is cute bubbly girl’s face with so many intense and anonymous expressions on her face. Here we are talking about Cute Whatsapp Status for Girls.

In the era of WhatsApp and other social media which has now become the way of life, where each and every individual are using it and its characteristic, its status has some special impact.

Be it girls or boys everyone likes to update it with whatever is going on in their life with some special quotes to a special one. As always I have brought some special content for all cute girls who are looking for Cute Whatsapp status.

Cute Whatsapp Status for Girls:-

Hey girly, here are some cutes quote which you can show swag to boys. Just be yourself and quote your mind with below-mentioned quotes. Girls always run for something which has the funnier meaning that describes here well. I am sure you can relate to my quotes and they might be useful to you. If you are looking for awesome Whatsapp statuses please have eyes below to quotes.” Enjoy.

If you can’t be with me at my worst, you are definitely not going to be with me at my best.

We are girls. Power puff girls.

We are girls, we are not taught how to ignore and not give a damn to any tantrums. It runs in our attitude. Click To Tweet

I am good in kitchen and coding both. Yes, I am a girl.

You are the one, with whose name I played flames with.

Be at any age, my girlish activity will irritate you, and I love that.

Control your BP, after watching my DP. Click To Tweet

cute whatsapp status for girlsOnce a queen, always a queen.

My checks become tomatoes when I hear your name.

My secrets are not at all secrets with you.

Your arms are pillow for me. Don’t try to un-comfort me I can punch directly to your face. Click To Tweet

If I don’t shy on your name, man!! Am I supposed to be your girl?

Girly Status for Whatsapp in English:-

“When we hear word girly, there is an image in our mind which is full of tantrums, obsessed with cuteness and full of life. Every girl has that girly wave touch which she flaunts without disruptions. Here are some girly statuses for the girls in the house. Enjoy and share.”

A girl with dreams becomes women with vision.

Queen without a king is the most powerful lady.

Girls are like Ice, they melt and vanishes there quality when not get proper environment. Click To Tweet

Yes, I am a girl and I love blue-black and also drive without hitting.

Girls are always wise, they don’t cry for all toys they like and think id good for them.

Being bossy is not negative; it has power for men to seek approval.

girly status for whatsapp in english

Innocent girls are very fearless once they are heartbroken.

Don’t give me a look that I am not interested in, deep down I have already judged you and you are not my class. Click To Tweet

I am the heroine of my life, I direct it.

Before wasting my time, be ready for consequences.

If you are confident, well then you don’t need to act sexy.

Don’t show me attitude, I have mine already.

If I have it I will flaunt it. Better watch. Click To Tweet

I am a girl, I can’t help.

Unique Status for Girls:

“Though all girls are unique, special and one of a kind in their own way. They love to stand out of the crowd and make them unique for all those unique girls there should be some very unique quotes which they can relate totally, please find below some unique status for girls below”.

All girls doesn’t like pink colour, some love wine and tequila shots.

Girls are not all about being typical and throwing tantrums, some like throwing sarcasm and being straight forward. Click To Tweet

If you want a wife as an angel, better create a heaven.

If you want unpaid detective, hire my best friend.

unique status for girls

Girls wear makeup and not mind sometimes, because they know boys are fool not blind.

Once girls start controlling their emotions, they become dangerously fearless. Click To Tweet

My perfections are my imperfections.

I don’t care what people speak on my back, my back is earless.

Don’t judge me; anyway I am going to win the case.

Status for the lady with class:-

“Alright, being a lady is not an easy task. You all will agree. For you, to be sassy sometimes you admire to be a girl again and do all stuff without being judged. So, I am sharing some of the vibrant quotes for a lady with class. Enjoy”.

A classy woman is someone who has everything to flaunt but choose not to show off.

Ladies with class never go with the options, she walks with choices and preferences. Click To Tweet

Classy lady is like a fine old wine bottle, old yet expensive to afford.

Being morally high is more important to have high maintenance.

status for lady with class

A woman with class runs for respect rather for attention.

Classy woman knows where to stop what and how without letting anyone knows. Click To Tweet

Head high, chin up, that’s how women deal with class and royal.

You can’t cheat a woman who has a better idea of rain and romance.

Better to be strong than to be pretty and useless.

Ladies with high class are always pretty and profitable.

Lady with class never action something which will distract his man’s eye from her. Click To Tweet

Attitude status for girls:-

“How can you imagine a girl without attitude? They are born with this characteristic. We often take attitude as a negative side. But carrying attitude is must to have for anyone’s personality and it’s self-made. Are you looking for ways to express your attitude? Below quotes will help you. Enjoy”.

A girl without attitude is like food without salt.

Smartness is the perfect attitude a girl can showcase.

Playing a false game with a girl can lead you to lose both. Click To Tweet

A mind makes her a girl and attitude makes her a classy bitch.

If a girl’s got attitude, that isn’t negative. That means she perfectly knows where to stop what.

attitude status for girlsI thought your boyfriend that little thing you like. Click To Tweet

Attitude is bone and skin in beauty. Damn! Bone needs to be strong.

A girl with an attitude always wears an invisible crown.

Being selfish and self-centred is different level of attitude.

A girl with a wise mind and the right attitude makes all situations in her favour. Click To Tweet

Cute Girly Status:-

“Being girl is wonderful. It’s more than wearing fancy dress and heavy makeup. They have power to convince, No efforts no stress. Cute girl makes you forget all stress. Girls have always the positive side for life and all situations in life. As I have mentioned in above quote ‘girls’ are unique creature” and they have an inherent characteristics of being cute. Hope below quotes will help cute girly girls to find some statuses”. Enjoy.

Good looks fade, but cute faces stays forever.

Cute girls are beautifully and devilish inside. LOL Click To Tweet

Cute girls are like chocolate, once you see them, and you will melt. They can’t be ignored.

Smile makes a girl’s face much cuter.

Chase your dream even in heels.

Seeing cute girls changing her expressions is breathtaking. Click To Tweet

cute girly statusDoesn’t matter how much a lady is strong. She will remain cute.

Cutes girls are generally not cute, that’s her cuteness.

Cute girls are like butterfly, pleasant to see but hard to catch. Click To Tweet

There is nothing cuter than seeing a new baby girl smiling.

I speak a lot, of course, I am the cutest girl.

Status for a Bitch with attitude:-

“In today’s generation where girls are getting more powerful than a man, being a bitch with attitude helps them to be successful. They carry this attitude with swag as no one is around. These quotes all girls can relate who don’t give a damn to anyone’s opinions. Enjoy.

Be a girl with mind and bitch by attitude.

Bitch with attitude had no tolerance and high self-esteem. Click To Tweet

Being bitchy is as hard as you have to be on your principal to hatred and attitude.

Bring a bitchy attitude helps you stand out from the crowd.

It’s not easy to carry an attitude of being a bitch. it takes courage tantrums and opinion less to play less.

Let them say always “Bitch please” Click To Tweet

status for a bitch with attitudeLaugh out loud and make them feel jealous and confused.

For being a bitch you don’t always need to wear black attire, sometimes keeping opinion makes others feel the attitude. Click To Tweet

We are girls with a bitchy attitude, we git heels higher than anyone’s standard.

“Bitches are beautiful individual who communicates honestly”

Hey girls raise your hands and stand out.

 Status Cute Lines:-

“Why cute lines acts as a strong pillar to all communication? We all have thought at one point of communication and have spoken cute line and that had created a huge impact on whole discussions, and it’s one of the best ways to convey your feelings. Hey people if you are looking for cute lines, irrespective to any love. Please see below overloaded cuteness quotes.” Enjoy.

Every friendship doesn’t fall for love but every love begins with friendship. Click To Tweet

You are my happy place.

You are a solution for my all problems.

If you want to see me happy, don’t give me diamonds, your time and pizza will work more.

Girls, all boys are not fool and dumb, some stays bachelor. Click To Tweet

status cute linesA partnership is like music; you sit, feel it, and go on.

All maths questions are not to be solved, some are better untouched.

Receiving your text hurts my cheek; I guess I smile a lot when I see your texts. Click To Tweet

When you love someone unconditionally their messages sounds in your head as they are next to you. You feel them more.

Status on cute face:

“Being cute pretty face has its own perks. People tend to get attracted to cute faces. Cute faces can actually melt your anger to nowhere. It has so many love behind it. It is a pure form of love. A stranger with cute face waves at you and you cannot stop yourself waving back, that the power of cute faces.” Enjoy.

One hour with pretty and cute face feels like one minute. Time flies like anything with them.

Getting success, often let you hear its cute face’s work, but staying there is always hard work. Click To Tweet

I got a cute face and you got the ugly soul. We do not match.

Beautiful and cute girl can make you feel narcosis without even drinking.

The faces which charm us a lot disappear soonest.

status on cute faceCute face starts haunting day night when it’s stuck in the brain.

Intelligent mind and cute face. It’s a rare and deadly combination. Click To Tweet

I am cute and I know it. Thanks for the compliment.

Cute faces are the most troubled one.

Sometimes pretty and cute face covers our brain with their charm.

Hey girls, let me know if you have enjoyed all the quotes and can relate. Hope this would give you an idea for Whatsapp status.Do let me know if you want more awesome contents and quotes, also let me know which other content and quote you would like to see. Share a comment and subscribe. Girls’ rocks.