Diwali is one of the much-awaited festivals of Hindus and, it is also called the festival of lights. You can feel Diwali’s festive vibes in every Indian home and arrangements of how to decorate home on Diwali this year. This festival of lights is full of crackers, sweets & rangolis.

On this auspicious occasion, we commemorate the triumph of good over evil. Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped on this day and blesses her devotees with wealth & prosperity.  Send some beautiful & amazing Diwali wishes to your friends & family this year.

Diwali is incomplete without diyas, lights, cleaning & beautiful decorations of your home. Cleaning your home is one of the most important things to do in Diwali before your decoration starts. Let’s look at some of the charming & unique ideas to decorate your home on Diwali.

Design Artistic Rangolis

The first idea of how to decorate home on diwali is by making design artistic rangolis. The beautiful & creative Indian designs are made on floor using varieties of materials like colors, colored rice, dry flour, colored sand, flowers, petals & diyas. On every Diwali, girls & women prepare rangolis in their homes of different designs, shapes and decorate them with diyas to make it look more attractive & beautiful. Rangolis made with vibrant colors adds a festive touch and brings good luck and positive vibes to your home.



Shop for some colorful and beautiful door hanging torans on Diwali to decorate your home. Torans are usually dangled on doors in the festival of lights to please and welcome Goddess Lakshmi at your homes. Give a traditional touch to your torans by adding some marigolds & mango leaves.


Electric Lights

Diwali & Lights, both are incomplete without each other. You can illuminate your home & temple through different & beautiful varieties of lights. Add some personal touch to brighten up your home this Diwali by decorating your lights with colorful papers.

Electric lights

Diyas & Candles

Add sparkle & shimmer to your home by decorating it with beautiful diyas & candles. Get your favorite shape of diyas and use your creativity to make it look more attractive and alluring. Use your favorite colors and sparkle to beautify your diyas. Add some fragrance & aroma to space by using scented candles this Diwali.

Diyas Candles

Hula Hoop Chandeliers

Make an aesthetic & attractive chandelier to add some festive vibes to your living room by winding the string lights garlands in the hula hoop. This is an amazing way to dazzle & decorate your home both indoors & outdoors. It’s also one of the ultimate & flawless ways for party decor.

Hula Hoop Chandeliers


The most popular decorating item you can find in every corner of market streets during Diwali is non-other than Lanterns. These are available in varieties of shapes & designs, and at a low cost so, everyone can afford to buy it. So, this should be a must used item in Diwali to decorate your home. Don’t miss to buy it.


Flower Decoration

Flowers are the most vital part of Diwali decoration. It gives a fresh feel & aroma to any decoration. Look for your own ideas & designs to add a festive touch at your homes. You can also make flower garlands to decorate your home & temple. Adding flowers in rangoli can make it look mesmerizing. Now it’s time to brainstorm for you and let your creativity flow.


Meandering Lights on Trees

The best way to decorate gardens & courtyard of your home is by meandering the dazzling street lights in trees, bushes & plants. Transform your whole garden space by using string lights into a perfect party place. A great way to decorate and give a festive spirit to your home this Diwali.


Floating Candles

Create the unique ambiance of Diwali, which can make your day by adding these appealing & winsome floating candles in your Diwali decoration. Use flowers, beads, pebbles & glitters in water to make it look more alluring. So, don’t forget to get some fantastic & beautiful floating candles this Diwali.


Tanjore Paintings

An individual preference is given to our temples in the house to make it clean & decorative in Diwali. Give an aesthetic look to your temple and prayer rooms by hanging a rich & vivid colored Tanjore painting of Gods & Goddesses and brightening them with beautiful lights.


Wall Hangings

Let’s do something new this year, instead of getting these bygone & monotonous design of Wall hangings from the streets to create your own wall hangings using some innovative ideas. Use some colorful papers, bangles, ribbons, artificial flowers, and many other decorating items to make your own wall hangings to decorate in Diwali this year.

Wall Hangings

Bottle Lights

Are you planning to throw your empty wine bottles? Then please don’t lose the chance of adding some trendy decorating ideas this Diwali. Bottle Lights are one of the latest ways to add in your Diwali decor these days. Use your empty glass or wine bottles and embellish it with lights & sparkles to illuminate your home.


Bangle Lampshades

Join some beautiful & colorful glass bangles together to make captivating lamp shades for Diwali this year. Glass bangles have heat-resisting, which makes them perfect as a lampshade. These are simple, easy to make, and can be used again & again. A creative & remarkable way to decorate your home on Diwali.

Paper Cup Lights

Using colorful paper cups for decoration has always been a great idea, particularly for Diwali. Lighting can never be so easy & simple. Just make a small hole on the bottom of paper cups and insert the lights inside it through them. Opting paper cups for making lampshades give lights a different aspect all-together.


Beautiful Golden Bells hanged up together with some colorful flowers at your home’s ceiling can add a charm in your Diwali décor. Your guests are going to love it. These bright & flashy golden bells together with light give an impressive look all-together.


Candle Inside The Jar

Now, this is something very simple & exclusive idea for Diwali decoration. It’s time to make use of some unused household items. Yes, make use of all those unused mason jars this Diwali. Take those mason jars & embellish it using beautiful craft items like ribbons, sparkle, paints etc. Put a sweet-smelling perfumed candle inside it. And your decorative item is ready.

Candle Inside The Jar

Fairy Lights With Pictures

Let’s add something new to your Diwali decoration this year. How about using fairy lights and that too with a twist? Make your Diwali memorable this year by adding some best snaps of your friends & family together with the lights and hang it around your room. So, start collecting and clicking some best snapshots to create a nostalgic moment this Diwali.

Fairy Lights With Pictures

Hand Painted Diyas

Diwali is unaccomplished without some beautiful hand-painted diyas & candles. So, get your favorite shape and design of diyas from the streets and use innovative ideas to paint it with different colors. Enhance the beauty of your diyas by using some decorative items to beautify it and give it an aesthetic look so that nobody can take their eyes off from it.

Hand Painted Diyas

Plastic Bottles & Glitters

Are you even aware of what wonders a plastic bottle, different colors, sparkles & lovely flowers? If not, then it’s time to see the magic. Please use your thrown away plastic bottles by decorating it with beautiful flowers, painting it with different colors & adding some glitter to it. You will obtain an incredible piece of decoration. Enhance the beauty of plastic bottles by placing candles or string lights inside it.

Quilling Paper Coneflowers

Looking for some extraordinary ways to decorate your doors & tables in Diwali? Paper cone-flowers are a wonderful way to add festive look on your doors & tables. Create some paper cones by folding the square-shaped, colorful craft papers around themselves and stick the end of the corners to form a flower design. And it’s all done.

Paper Bag Lights

Another unique idea to brighten up your home this Diwali is with paper bag lights. During Diwali varieties of a beautiful paper, bag lights are seen all around the streets & markets. But you can also design your own paper bags with some beautiful lights to keep the place a little warm & pleasant. So, enjoy the amazing effect of these dazzling & beautiful paper bag lights on this Diwali.

Paper Bag lights

Candles With Heena Effect

Last but not the least is ladies’ love i.e., Heena design. Make these plain candles look magnificent by decorating it with henna designs. This is such a creative idea that no one can ever imagine. So, you must add it to your Diwali decor this year.

So, Are you looking for such creative & unique ideas of how to decorate home on Diwali this year? If yes, please share your views in the comments below. Now, Wrapping it up with the hope that you will love these Diwali decor ideas and, it will help you to uplift your Diwali this year. Wishing you & your family a very Happy Diwali .