India’s biggest festival of lights, Diwali, is forthcoming, and everybody is thrilled to commemorate the triumph of good over evil. This festival is celebrated all over India with friends, families & loved ones altogether and by sending them some warm Diwali wishes, which brings tons of happiness & sense of positivity in the house.

While celebrating this blissful Diwali, we forget the impact it has on our mother nature. The people all around India are celebrating Diwali in a very heedless & carefree way instead of creating an eco-friendly Diwali, which has become a severe problem for our environment.

Now, it’s high time for us to acknowledge the difficult situation and look for a better way to keep our environment healthy & safe.

So, let’s come together & contribute a bit for the betterment of our environment by celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali this season.

Avoid Bursting Crackers

Everyone loves to burn crackers & some elders & children are eagerly waiting for this. We are all aware that burning crackers in Diwali has been a trend since the decades, but it’s very harmful to our environment. The toxic gases coming out of these crackers adulterate the whole environment. Apart from this, it also affects the respiratory system of older people, and birds & animals are bothered by the noise generated by these crackers. So, this Diwali, instead of burning these harmful crackers, let’s opt for some eco-friendly crackers to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali.

Avoid Bursting Crackers

Eco-Friendly Decoration

Diwali is incomplete without some beautiful Diwali decorations. Get some eco-friendly materials for your Diwali décor this season. Adorn your home with some beautiful, shiny, bright coloured clothes, embroidered duppattas & sarees rather than plastic flowers & ribbons. Use coloured papers and recycled items to make some beautiful wall hangings like lanterns. Get some fragrant & organic incense sticks to add good vibes this Diwali. Add some fresh flowers to your vases for creating a warm pleasant smell. Say no to synthetic room fresheners.

Natural Colours For Rangoli

Making a stunning & beautiful artistic rangoli design in front of the house is a tradition for Diwali. It is also a magnificent way to let the creativity inside you burst out. Opt for natural flowers, natural colours, food grains like pulses, rice, wheat flour, leaves & petals of flowers instead of artificial colours. So, let’s design an eco-friendly rangoli this season for the well being of our environment.

Natural colors forrangoli

Eco-Friendly Diwali Gifts

Exchanging gifts in Diwali is a common tradition. This Diwali gift your near & dear ones some eco-friendly objects like a bouquet of colourful flowers, green plants, jute or cloth bags, khadi materials, etc. It’s a great way to express your love & care for the other person and also helpful in reducing air pollution. So, let’s decide which green plants are you going to gift this season.

Eco Friendly Diwali Gifts

Earthen Oil Diyas Instead of LED’s

Replace these LED’s & electric lights with earthen oil diyas to embellish your home this Diwali. These diyas are illuminated using oil, which leads to an insignificant amount of pollution. The chemical released in air by burning diyas kills the bacteria, insects & germs and reduces the amount of electricity bill. So, this Diwali season makes your house look more beautiful by using these earthen oil diyas.

Earthen Oil Diyas Instead of LEDs

Use of Handmade Wrapping Paper

Avoid using these glossy & shiny plastic wrapping papers, and make use of simple newspapers, colourful cloth to wrap your Diwali gifts this season.

Use of Handmade Wrapping Paper

Eco-Friendly Crockery

Use environment friendly & decomposable plates/banana leaves to serve your friends & relatives with appetizing dishes this Diwali.  It is a fantastic way to give a traditional & an authentic touch to this festive occasion. This will also help you to save your energy, water & time.  Get all these things from your local stores to help & support our local economy.

Eco Friendly Crockery

Limit Your celebration

Try to finish your celebration until 10 PM. You must keep in mind and think about these infants, toddlers & older people who are at the endangerment of getting affected by the loud noise and air pollution. On the festive eve of Diwali, we are blessed by older people, so it should be our responsibility to take care of them.

Limit Your celebration

Organize Eco-Friendly Events

Engage with some fun activities this Diwali season. Get together with all the people of your society and organize activities like rangoli making competition, musical chair games, talent shows, dance programes, sweet making competitions, and many other cultural events & fun activities. This will make your Diwali more blissful & enjoyable.

Organize Eco Friendly Events

Avoid Sugar & Eat Healthy

This Diwali season, let’s opt for some nourishing foods & beverages to keep yourself healthy & fit. It will also help to diminish the waste material from confectioner’s shops & restaurants.

Avoid Sugar Eat Healthy

Buy Less

Convince yourself to get only those things that are required. Don’t mess your home. It will lead to the depletion of resources used in these objects.

Buy Less

Donate some unused items which are not required like clothes, toys etc to an orphanage, poor people and make their Diwali happy and joyful.

It is high time for us to identify the dangerous situation and opt for the solution to make our environment safe & healthy. The idea of the green world is rolling out everywhere in the world. Each citizen must take action for maintaining and safeguarding society for ourselves and our upcoming generations.

So, this Diwali season, let’s contribute a bit for the betterment and well-being of our environment by celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali. Please share in the comments below how you are going to do your part for our mother nature. Status Quotes Hub wishes you all a thrilled and safe Diwali.