What can be a turning point in anybody’s life after birth? It can be many, just like getting a dream job, buying that first house, and so on. Adding to the list is getting engaged to your special one and celebrating it every year. For making it even more special and memorable you can use Engagement Anniversary status for Whatsapp to describe it better.

Once you are engaged with your partner, every day and every month you celebrate it like a festival with heartfull colors and happiness. But the first months’ engagement ceremony is always memorable and Cherishable as it is the first step towards a new beginning and a new journey.

Every person dreams for his/her engagement while growing up. They imagine their own way of dress, flowers, decoration, and most importantly the person he/she is walking the aisle with. It’s the first planning all individuals do while growing.

Love is the only word until someone makes you feel that how much you are loveable for them.

Being engaged with your loved one is more a feeling of love than being loved. Click To Tweet

Two souls get wrapped with love and affectionate after their engagement.

One person, one life, and different kinds of feelings for him/her.

engagement anniversary status for whatsapp


You have not chosen me; you have chosen my love.

Two imperfect people try to make one perfect life by choosing each other. Click To Tweet

Once you are engaged, you will have the roller coaster ride all life.

From shifting from onetime imperfect meal to 3 times proper food. Congratulations you are married.

You are engaged and ready for marriage, be ready now you are suitable for all marriage jokes and gossip.

1st Month Engagement Anniversary Status for WhatsApp

The first engagement ceremony is one of the most important dates for couples. Both are excited about the celebration and the journey they have started together. It’s so beautiful for two strangers to come close and adapt to each other’s lifestyles, habits and carry as one. The first month’s engagement ceremony has so many memories which makes the bond between two more strong”. Please check out Awesome quotes from below. Enjoy!

I feel lucky to be part of your life and now we are on the same page.

One month we have come across and many more months and years of togetherness I am waiting to celebrate with you. Click To Tweet

A journey from engagement to marriage is a thread which gets stronger day by day.

I promise to be your side in health and sickness.

Can’t wait to walk on the aisle with you. It’s our 1st-month engagement.

1st month engagement anniversary status


The best thing, when the ring came close to my finger and we came even closer. Click To Tweet

I still remember the feeling we met first. Indescribable.

When I first met you, I had no idea you would be this important to me.

You are the best thing I would love to flaunt.

I am lucky to see your smile every morning. Thank you for making my morning glow

That click which happened when we saw each other has brought us together.

You gave me a fairy tale story for our kids.

I have not just exchanged engagement rings, I have exchanged my ideas, my expectations with you. Click To Tweet

Wishing many more years of love and laughter to my most favourite couple ever. Happy anniversary.

Engagement Wishes for Fiancée

Engagement is a joyful ceremony for both groom and bride who are going to get married very soon. The journey with your fiance is full of excitement from engagement to marriage. Holding back all your feelings and pouring them through words make you feel closer to each other.
You finally get a relationship where you don’t need to hide your partner. You start wishing them in a new way, you see a whole new relationship with new ideas and from both perspectives.”

Below quotes are amazing to share with your fiance for engagement wishes. Enjoy.

When I met you, I wanted to marry you as soon as I could. Happy engagement darling.

Can't wait to tell the whole world that you are my fiance. I practised it a lot. Click To Tweet

You are becoming my pillar I want to rely on.

As long as you’re with me, everything is well. I love you and happy engagement.

Being with you makes my stomach full of butterflies, I can't stop blushing. Click To Tweet

You are my happy place. Cuddling with you is the best therapy I can get. Happy engagement.

engagement wishes for fiance


From talking on messages to talking on the phone and then wishing you happy engagement is what I have achieved so far. Click To Tweet

On this engagement, I wish you the best life together and always.

My life couldn’t get better without you. Happy engagement to us.

I have seen you from fiance to husband and you are amazing in every role. Happy engagement sweety.<3

Since we got engaged, I want to spend every single time with you. I can’t stop blushing. Happy anniversary love!

I can’t wait to dream about our life together. Happy anniversary.

Holding our hands since we both met, then tying knots together, life has changed beautifully. Click To Tweet

Thank you for making me a stronger and responsible man than ever I was. Happy anniversary love.

Engagement Anniversary Wishes for the Couple

“Since you and I are now “us”, on this beautiful occasion of companionship, I wish all our life full of love and success together and ever. By Saying I love you, my words might get less but my feelings get stronger with each passing day. So, you are mine now and forever. Congratulations on our Engagement ceremony. Keeping lighting my life with all your love and care. I love you the most.”

Engagement anniversary is not just exchanging rings for the couple and getting ahead, it’s more of sharing emotions together. Please find some amazing and heartfelt quotes and enjoy.!

Happy anniversary to the most beautiful couple I have ever met. You both compliment each other like coffee and cookies.

When I saw you both together, I never thought I would have to wish this to you both for being bests couple. Happy Engagement anniversary. Click To Tweet

On this occasion, I wish a couple everlasting love and care, happy engagement anniversary.

Both of you belong to each other. May the almighty keep you happy and healthy. Happy Engagement anniversary.

Happy Engagement Anniversary to the couple you made us think, the couple are made in heaven.

Sending loads of blessings for the best-engaged couple. Click To Tweet

Happy Engagement Anniversary to the coolest love birds. cheers.

Engagement anniversary wishes for the couple


Seeing you both imperfect, in a perfect couple, Happy Engagement anniversary.

Congratulations both for the next level of life. Happy Engagement anniversary.

The love and affection you have shown as a couple, keep it forever. Happy Engagement anniversary. Click To Tweet

Hope my wish will add some blessing to the amazing couple. Happy Engagement anniversary.

After seeing you as a couple, my heart melts for love. Hope to see someone as you both in my life too. Happy Engagement anniversary.

Since you both are married, but how can I forget to wish you both on this auspicious day you both took a step forward. Happy Engagement anniversary.

Congratulations to the future groom and bride. Happy Engagement anniversary. Click To Tweet

Happy Engagement Anniversary Status

“I hope you must be searching for the best quotes for the anniversary status. “Happy engagement anniversary wishes are sent to wish a joyful and a glorious engagement anniversary wish. The wishes can be sent through online social networking sites where a beautiful photograph of the couple can be uploaded with the happy anniversary wish with it. The wishes would surely give a beautiful surprise to brighten the day up.”

On our engagement anniversary, I wish you loads of love. Many more years to come.

Since the day we are engaged, I couldn't wait to marry you. Happy engagement love! Click To Tweet

The best thing that happens to us is engagement. Thanks for making me more secure with you. Happy engagement love!

When I want to refresh my memories with you, I start with an engagement picture. That made us together and forever. Happy engagement.

From fiance to groom and bride. What a journey, full with love, care and support.

A year ago, we started our new and happy life with this engagement day.

Words are always less to describe my love for you. I can't imagine my life with anyone except you. Happy anniversary to my life. Click To Tweet

Happy Engagement Anniversary Status

Since morning I have been receiving messages for our engagement day. They quote us as the best couple and that’s the best feeling in the world. Happy anniversary to us.

Lucky to have you as my partner. I love you and happy anniversary. Click To Tweet

Hey, partner in crime, let’s celebrate it’s our engagement anniversary, the day we decided to do all crimes together.

Through our journey from engagement to marriage, this is the best that I can wish. Happy anniversary.

To the person who owes me everything. Happy Engagement anniversary.

You were the only person who touched my soul and now you will be my soulmate in a few weeks. Happy engagement my love. Click To Tweet

It’s been said, couples are made in heaven, I see heaven with you every day. Happily, engaged with you. Wish you all success and pouring my loves to you.

Engagement Anniversary Status for Instagram

“What comes to the mind, when you are taking pictures at occasions like anniversary, marriage, engagement etc…! Instagram, you pose accordingly what will look best on Instagram. Social media has influenced our life that we flaunt all our life with summing up with pictures. And who has never thought to put a picture of her/his engagement on Instagram?

Those are the best memories we put there. Engagement anniversary updates on Insta remind us how far and with how much love we have come across with the partner. It’s more a less like an album to us. Full of memories, compliments, smiles and beautiful.

For amazing and beautiful quotes for engagement anniversary for Instagram. Please see below and enjoy!

Year ago, today, we became fiancées and laughed about the new titles soaking in the realness of the moment. It was nothing but the short dream which has become reality today. Happy engagement anniversary. Click To Tweet

You will always remain my happiest place.

Instagram reminded me of all the old memories before marriage I had with you and today is our engagement anniversary.

Exactly 365 days back you were on your knees to make your life much better with me. Happy engagement anniversary.

Today was the day when you gifted me two most precious things to me, one I see in my finger and another I see every morning with a smile on his face. Happy engagement anniversary.

Romantic surprise was always a great idea which popped up to you and here we are wishing each other happy engagement anniversary. Click To Tweet

This man has changed my life thoroughly and it has been amazing since I met him. Happy anniversary.

I still fall for you every day since we got engaged. Happy engagement anniversary my love.

engagement anniversary status for instagram

You made my imperfections totally worth it. Never thought it would be cherished with so much love and care. Happy engagement anniversary. Click To Tweet

The new journey we started a year ago, we took the first steps to make our relationship official. The love I felt for you throughout the years is something that I cannot explain. Thank you for this wonderful day. Happy engagement to us.

Those clusters of diamonds on my finger have changed everything. Happy engagement anniversary baby.

All my life my heart has chosen my every decision and path. My heart always led to you. Best wishes to us on completion of the engagement anniversary.

2nd most romantic day after meeting you was the day we got engaged. Happy engagement anniversary. Click To Tweet

I know you since childhood, but I owe you till eternity. You will remain my 1st and last. Thanks for choosing me for the rest of your life. I couldn’t agree more to you than to marry you. Happy engagement anniversary.

We are tangled knotted, tied up with each other, ever and forever.

Funny Engagement Anniversary Status

“Relationships get stronger when you make more fun of each other and there is lots of humour and funny insults included in the conversation.
Those small jokes, those sense of humour, leg-pulling-all these build relationships strong. These all build relationships strong. We all have funny engagement moments on which we laugh like crazy and cherish. Let’s see some funny, humorous and amazing quotes for the same.” Enjoy!!

There is a reason why engagement rhymes with imprisonment.

In a relationship, one is always right and the other one is a husband. Click To Tweet

I still remember how much I laughed at you when I saw you first, who will marry him. Look where I am now. Happy engagement anniversary baby.

On our engagement day, I promised you not to make fun of you. Sorry I break my promise every day. Happy engagement anniversary.

Congratulations on the engagement anniversary. None of us thought we would make it.

You are still boring and a headache to me. Thank you for giving me such. Happy engagement anniversary. Click To Tweet

By all your means, if you get a good wife, you become happier, if not, you become a philosopher.

Funny Engagement anniversary status for status

Our marriage sustained this long, because on engagement day we deal for you being deaf and me blind.

You always ask why I lock you up. It's you who needs space. Happy engagement anniversary darling. Click To Tweet

Congratulations on our engagement anniversary and thank you for tolerating me this long.

Being engaged is like, be ready for war any moment of time. Thankfully I chose you as my warrior. Happy engagement anniversary.

We have come across this much ever since we got engaged. But it was your fault all the time.

Happy engagement anniversary, keep the kitchen clean and sink clear.

It's amazing how you tolerate me. I must be a god to you. Happy engagement anniversary love. Click To Tweet

Engagement Anniversary Status for Brother

“Siblings are one of the most important people with whom we grow up. It’s a relationship of fight and love in which pure love is in between without any clause. We always think and pray the best for our siblings to get. And their marriage and engagement are one of the most important ceremonies for us.

To cherish their day to wish them all love and support see below amazing sibling quotes for engagement anniversary wish to the brother. Enjoy!

I love you not because you are my brother, but because you gave me such an amazing sister in law. Happy engagement anniversary.

On this engagement anniversary, I wish you both love and togetherness always. You are the best brother. Click To Tweet

Since childhood, we fought like animals. Now when you are starting your new life. My all good wishes are with you. Keep her happy and be happy always.

May God shower all his blessings and love to the new couple. Happy engagement anniversary to brother and sister in law.

You've always been an amazing brother to me, so today on your engagement I wish you nothing but the best in life with your fiancé. Happy engagement! Click To Tweet

Best wishes for an exciting, fun-filled future together. Congratulations, brother!

engagement anniversary status for brother

Happy engagement my dear brother! My heart is filled with joy about this news. I can’t wait to see you both walk down the aisle.

You deserve all the happiness in your life. Congratulations on your best day Brother. Click To Tweet

Congratulations on meeting your soulmate, so happy for you brother.

Can’t be happier for you. Now you are a responsible man. Happy engagement brother!

If you want to know how your girl will treat you after marriage, just listen to her talking to her little brother. Happy engagement anniversary little brother.

You have always got the best relation in your life, from being best brother now it’s time for being best husband. Congratulations on this day.

Now when you are engaged and will be married soon. On your engagement anniversary, I wish you to be kinder and more lovable. Click To Tweet

Congratulations to my brother and his future wife! May your love for each other grow and deepen throughout the years.!

Engagement Anniversary Status for Wife

“Wife, The most complicated and smallest word in the world. Where yes is no, no is no and no is yes sometimes. Confused??? This is what the wife is being described as. From engagement until marriage and further, she will be on your side no matter what.you all will agree to me that without a wife life is incomplete and boring.

A wife can change man’s life from tip to toe. No matter what, how much you make jokes, you will need her at the end of the day for mature suggestions. Please see below some of the amazing and heartiest quotes. Enjoy!

My world has become beautiful since you are in life. Happy engagement anniversary beloved!

You know my all weakest falls, and still you pour love to me. Happy engagement anniversary Wifey! Click To Tweet

I loved you as a fiancé, I love you more as my better half. It’s been a long year since we got engaged today. Happy engagement anniversary beautiful.

On this engagement anniversary, I realised, no matter how much we fight with each other like dogs, we always end up with love like a swan. It’s you who manage to love me with all my faults and never complain. Happy engagement anniversary Mrs. perfect.!

It’s amazing how we are sharing our lives together so beautifully and it’s only because of you. Getting engaged to you was the best decision. Happy engagement anniversary!

I am one among the few lucky men in this universe to say that their best friend, girlfriend and wife are in the same woman. Click To Tweet

You are the love of my life. May our love and faith grow every year as we celebrate our engagement anniversary. Happy first engagement anniversary, my dear wife.

engagement anniversary status for wife

Happy anniversary to the woman who gives me more love every day than I even deserve.

You were my favourite hello and don’t want to say ever goodbye to you. Happy engagement anniversary my life-changer.!

For some people, marriage is a false myth fairy tale, but for me, it's you and so real. Happy engagement anniversary my Sunshine! Click To Tweet

Our engagement anniversary reminds me of the best decision I took of marrying you. I hope I am with you the way you wanted your husband to be with you. Happy first engagement anniversary, my wonderful wife.

Our first engagement anniversary reminds me of how good my days were during the last one year with you in my life. I am very lucky to have you as my wife. Happy first engagement anniversary.

Congratulations for withstanding me for 365 days. The next round of torture is about to start. Happy first engagement anniversary.

Being in love taught us the meaning of loving each other no matter what. Happy first engagement anniversary. Click To Tweet

Engagement Anniversary Status for Husband

“Life partner couldn’t get better if the husband profile would have not gotten into it. Be it your engagement ceremony or any other anniversary. The person who annoys you from the core, throws tantrums like a child and still manages to love you. Husband is a person who never gets mature with time. You get a big baby to live with.

I am sharing some amazing and beautiful quotes which will define the husband role from engagement day till date. Enjoy!

I can’t wait to say to the world that you are mine. Marry me soon. Happy engagement anniversary love.

I will spend the rest of my life making you feel like the most important thing in the world because you truly are my world. Click To Tweet

Thank you for being a reason for my smile every day. I love you to moon and back, happy engagement anniversary darling.

With so many ups and downs, with so many storms. You always stood by my side, Be mine always. Happy engagement anniversary.

We met accidentally, and we planned our engagement. The journey has started and intentionally. Happy anniversary husband.

No man suits my eyes after I saw you. And you know how important you are for me. Happy anniversary best hubby! Click To Tweet

You always make me feel like I am living in paradise, so secure and comfortable. Happiest engagement anniversary.

engagement anniversary status for husband


Seeing the dream of our togetherness come true is overwhelming my heart by thinking about the beautiful journey of love that has begun today. Happy anniversary. Click To Tweet

Dear husband, I wish you a happy engagement. Your love, care and support are what makes me feel so special. I am really grateful to have you in my life.

Thanks for being there with me and showing love and affection throughout. Without your support, I would not be here celebrating our engagement anniversary. Love you, Hubby!

One of the most memorable days is engagement day when we were officially together. Happy engagement anniversary.

I feel lucky to have a husband like you. You have become my strength and sword. I love you and happy engagement anniversary.

Our fights and love are now concluded as engagement anniversary. Wish you all love and blessing on this occasion. Click To Tweet

Life seems too perfect with you. Happy engagement anniversary my man!

One-line Quotes for Engagement

“Engagement has always been special to all couples as it’s the start of something new in their life. On this occasion, people do search for one-line quotes or small quotes which can be used as wishes to the couple. Below are amazing one-line quotes which you can enjoy!

Wishing you Both happy start to a new life.

Life couldn't be much better without you. Click To Tweet

With rings, we exchanged each other’s heart and soul.

I promise to be with you till eternity.

Happy big day to my favorite person.

I love you with no end to it. Click To Tweet

one line quotes for engagement

I fell for you more ever since I knew you.

Heartiest congratulations to the best couple.

Couldn't wait much to steal your surname. Click To Tweet

You were the only one that I needed my whole life.

Happy engagement anniversary to us, let’s rewind where we started.

From this day forward, we shall not walk alone.

Sharing heart to sharing rings and now our lives too, Happy engagement anniversary.

We are finally engaged! All ready to head off on a life-long trip to a bright future together. Click To Tweet

Engagement Status for a Friend

“After any ceremony of siblings, if you have much waited for anyone other, then it is your friend. Friends are not part of life, they are life. And the engagement of a friend is not important to him/her only, but it’s a big ceremony for you also.

On their day, we always want to write all the good things and best blessings as much as we feel. Below given are amazing and love-filled quotes will help to do so. Enjoy!

From childhood till your new life started, I have never seen you this complete and happy. Happy Anniversary Friend.

May this day bring so much peace and colour to your life. Showering all blessings to the couple. Click To Tweet

It’s insane how time flies, from sharing notebooks, playing together now searching Engagement rings for you. It is amazing and all my best wishes to you.

Finally, you found your perfect match, I am so happy for you buddy!

When I heard of your engagement, trust me I couldn’t stop crying. It’s such a wonderful occasion for you and I am so happy.

Seeing you blushing, smiling and happy. My tears couldn't resist from coming out. You are finally engaged. Click To Tweet

engagement anniversary status for friend

I can’t believe you got engaged, congratulations buddy for your big day.

I will finally be your bridesmaid. We will do all the things which you planned for your marriage. Click To Tweet

That good news which you said to me. After that, I am not able to stop myself from bouncing.

From being an amazing friend, now you are going to be an amazing partner. Congratulations on your engagement anniversary.

All those mean jokes which we used to pass on as a couple are now applicable to you friend! Happy engagement anniversary.

I'm thrilled for you, sweet friend. Your childhood wishes of marrying a prince are coming true. May you live happily ever after. Click To Tweet

Congratulations, your best friend is now going to be your husband. Be happy forever.

Congratulations on your engagement anniversary, let’s begin our shopping for the level next.

My Engagement WhatsApp Status

“All those years, all individuals waited for his/her engagement to come. We plan garlands, venues, food, dress and what not to make the day perfect and bright. After that what is next important thing is pics with absolutely beautiful quotes. Let’s see below beautiful engagement quotes for our own. Enjoy.

Finally, I have a shoulder whom I can trust and rely.

For this day I waited long to meet you. To be official. All those fights and cries are going to merge with our happiness. Happy engagement to us darling. Click To Tweet

Our engagement ring has made us come closer. I love you always.

My engagement ring reminds me of how important and perfect a decision I have made by marrying you. Happy anniversary my love.!

I flaunt my ring, people yes, I am engaged.

Finally, I have someone who took my hand, opened my mind and touched my heart. Just got engaged to my happily ever after. Click To Tweet

I ‘ll choose you always, for this life next, life and after that. Without you, I am incomplete.

I had no option than saying yes to you. Because who else will understand me this better as you do. Happy engagement anniversary love.

my engagement whatsapp status

Now onwards, all our “me” will be “us” Happy engagement baby!

So, I have finally decided to annoy this person for the rest of my life! Happy and engaged!

Every time I think I know the reason why you're the one, you give me another reason to add to the list. Happy engagement! Click To Tweet

I still remember our engagement day; I was quiet and was remembering how much we put effort into being together. Happiest anniversary, my first and last.

I couldn’t have dreamed you into existence because I didn’t even know I needed you. You must have been sent to me. Happy engagement to us!

It’s impossible for me to tell you how happy I am with you. You made me feel why I exist in this world. It’s for you. Happy anniversary to us!

I hope these Engagement Anniversary Status for WhatsApp will help you a lot for WhatsApp status. Please let me know what next you want to hear and share so that we can serve better to you. For more amazing and lovable quotes. Keep following and sharing us.!!!