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The latest friendship status for WhatsApwill give you perfect ideas to express your feelings. Friendship is the bond that we cherish forever that’s why it is impossible to forget the memories that we make with them.

Best friends are like a good egg, they get along with every dish! We all expect form life that we find friends who only care about the well-being of us and us only. Friends are the people with whom we make a lot of fun memories and we find a shoulder to cry on.

Do you want to see the best friendship status for WhatsApp? Here is the best collection of handpicked quotes, statuses, and unique one-liners on friendship. This website has a large collection of amazing status and quotes on friendship to suit all your needs. Moreover, all you have to do is pick up one quote and send them to your friends.

Best Quotes on Friendship for WhatsApp

With friends, you never feel the need to become someone else. They give you total freedom to express yourself the way you are. 

Friends are some people for whom we make enemies and are ready to give our life for them. They bloom like spring and make our lives fresher and brighter. 

We must always be grateful for having friends in our life because without them it is not a life worth living. 

However, the sweetest things in life come from the most beautiful friendships. So, we must nurture them and keep them close to our hearts.

With all the hardships in life, we can expect friendship to be born in the most unexpected times. Click To Tweet

There are many things which people cannot learn at school. Experience is a real-world thing.

Don’t just ‘adjust’ with your friends who don’t want to bring changes in you. Make friends who will compel you to switch yourself up. 

The biggest strength God has provided humans is the ability to choose their own friends responsibly.

We all know that having friends in our life can help us in making multiple choices that will make our life fruitful.

Friendship status and quotes for whatsapp

Friends make beautiful memories with us which we can never forget even in our death bed.

Friends can also give their lives for the sake of friendship.

Friendship alone can help one build their life as well as save them from destroying it.

Heart feels the most beautiful and serene things on earth which cannot be seen by eyes. Click To Tweet

If a person searches for happiness dearly with all lights of life open, they can find it in the worst times of their lives.

Moreover, a genuine friend can you forget the past and live your life in the present to the fullest.

We know that friend are the best source where we can confide our deepest and darkest secrets.

Friendship quotes

Leave us alone to be thankful to the friends that we make in order to cherish the memories that we create with them.

Every other person would accompany you if you offer them a ride on your luxurious cars, even strangers become your friends. All you need is people who accompany you when you walk to your destination after losing everything.

In the pleasantness of friendship.

We know that friends can help us go through our suffering while it can also help in making sure our life is easy enough to survive it. Click To Tweet

To the world you might be only one unhappy person, but to your friends you are there world who can do anything for them.

A friend is one who disregards your wrecked fence and respects the blossoms in your nursery.

A friend who comprehends your tears is significantly more important than a great deal of friends who just know your grin.

Friendship Status in English

We come across many friends in life but only one true friend. For such amazing friends, here are some equally amazing quotes. Post them on your statuses or send them individually. Your friends shall be obliged to see these quotes.

Life is crude and unruly at times. Get yourself company which sticks to the back seat of the rollercoaster called life.

When your problems remind you of your friends before your family, you have them for life.

A true friend will never let there friend go into trouble alone. Moreover, they will help them through every part of the life. Click To Tweet

Finding a true friend is more difficult than finding a well-fitting dress during a sale!

We weren’t brother in arms and by birth, yet we knew from the starting that the destiny united us to be sisters by heart.

Friendship Status in English

Friends are the best thing to have as you can select them yourselves and they can be the best decision of your life.

Closest friends are the individuals in your day to day existence who make you chuckle stronger, grin more brilliant and live better. 

Time doesn't detract from friendship, nor does division. Click To Tweet

At the point when the world is so convoluted, the straightforward endowment of friendship is inside the entirety of our hands.

Cute Friendship Status

Our friends are the people who motivate us to move forward in life. Here are some cute friendship quotes that will make your heart all mushy. You and your friends can have a good time looking at these quotes and cherishing your amazing friendship.

True friends will never let you think that they are competition.

Your quest to find a true friend is over when you get the Betty to your Veronica! Click To Tweet

It is illegal to keep secrets among friends if they are girls.

Real friends are like queens who help in fixing each other’s thrones.

cute friendship status

Only a true friend will understand the mood swings of another.

Being a girl without a best friend is worse than being a girl.

You know your best friend is supportive when she calls the bags under your eyes to be from Gucci. Click To Tweet

Real friends are those who can keep secrets for longer than a day!

Life throws unexpected turns at us. Moreover, you need to have the best choice of friends for A these turns become smooth.

Funny Friendship Status

What’s friendship without some fun? Every friendship has a funny story that leaves everyone in splits. A funny friendship is like a refreshing oasis in a desert. It brightens your life and also refreshes your mind. So if you have such funny friends, send them these quotes to make them laugh as well.

The only reason we both are best friends is because God knew we would burn the house down as sisters.

When a girl says she won’t tell your secret to anyone, she is not including her best friend.

Only your friends know how insane you can be. Click To Tweet

Only your best friends can come into your house without knocking and start eating your food.

Every girl has a friend who doesn’t know how to whisper.

funny friendship quotes

You stay friends till you can hide a secret from each other, because after that you become best friends!

Your best friend will never care if your house is clean, they will only care if you have food in your fridge. Click To Tweet

Remember that weird person you met a few years ago? You’re now best friends with her.

If you haven’t talked about becoming ghost friends after dying, you are not friends enough.

Best Friendship Status

In bad times only good friends will understand us. A real friend will stay with you in every circumstance. Such friends deserve special treatment and equally special statuses. These statuses will make your best friends feel special.

Real friends act like they can’t speak when asked about your secret.

There are friends who come and go by like the waves in the sea. But the true ones come and stick on your face like a clammy fish. Click To Tweet

Real friends will never ask you for food. In fact, they are the reasons why you are running short on food.

A good friend will ask how you drink your coffee. A best friend will add vodka in it.

best friendship status

If you’ve been old friends who have met up again recently, there’s no term to signify it.

Give me one true friend and take away my entire herd of fake friends.

Moreover, friends inquire about our whereabouts and side-line their work to hear how we feel. Click To Tweet

A friend knows the melody in my heart and sings it to me when my memory falls flat.

Keep in mind that it’s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that issue.

Sad Friendship Status

Moreover, throughout our lives we meet a lot of friends. You meet many people. Some stay whereas others go. Unfortunately some friends never last long. They either forget us or leave us within a short time. Such situations can be difficult to deal with. Here are some sad friendship quotes that all of us will relate to. Read them and share the best ones on your status.

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Even if friends fight, it takes a simple hug to make things up.

Life without a friend is always gloomy.

You can never make up for being cheated by a friend. 

Its really hard to find an old friend but, you are very fortunate if you do. Click To Tweet

Its better to walk with a friend in the darkness rather than walking alone in light.

sad friendship status

Genuine friends are never separated, perhaps in distance however never in heart.

No friendship is a mishap.

Many things can be beatified with the presence of loyal friends. Click To Tweet

If God didn’t give you siblings, don’t worry, you’ll get friends.

True Friendship Status

In life, good times come only when we have true friends around us. These friends can make our lives easy and worth living. Real friends are the only friends who understand us. True friends are the most understanding in the world. It is only possible for us to live a good life only if we have true friends around us. So here are the best quotes for true friendship.

The entire world feels sane and I felt crazy alone but then I met my best friend.

Friends motivate you but real friends challenge and inspire you. Get yourself a crazy group which is crazy with you. Click To Tweet

The best moments in life are born when you are with your best friends.

You know you have your best friend when that one person becomes your partner for life.

True Friendship Status

However, you spend a lot of time with people but you spend your best moments with your best friends.

There isn’t anything on this planet more to be valued than genuine friendship.

Friends are the family you pick. Click To Tweet

Therefore, the sky is the limit when you have the opportune individuals there to help you.

A sweet friendship invigorates the spirit.

 Friendship Status for Instagram

Friends make the world around us better. In the beach of life, friends leave footprints. Sometimes our friendship can become slightly cracked. Friendship is repairable and can be done on a scale of minimal to maximum efforts.

What better way than to post a story on Instagram? Here are some amazing quotes that will make your Instagram stories worthwhile. Take a note of these quotes and use them in your next stories.

A good friend is aware of all your stories, a best friend always helps you to write them down.

Best friends induce brain-turning laughter whereas friends just make you smile. Click To Tweet

You don’t need therapy if you are with your best friend.

A sweet friendship invigorates the spirit.

Facebook status for instagram

Therefore it is said that finding a true friend is like finding a four-leaved clover.

Listening to friends is an old age thing. But best friends listen to even that which you don’t say.

Best friends help you out of your problems, only after laughing at you first. Click To Tweet

True friendship is not about staying together, it’s about going apart and coming back to find everything is still the same.

Friendship is an ocean made from small droplets of a million smaller things.

Sweet Friendship Status

Sweetness of friendship can never be compared to anything else. You will meet a lot of sweet friends in your life. If you have such sweet friends, you must always cherish them. Writing unique quotes for your sweet friends will always cheer them up. Therefore, if you are thinking to making your friends happy, here are some of the best statuses.

A friend today, a best friend tomorrow.

Without a friend, the world would be full of sadness.

Companionship in darkness is better than loneliness in the light. Click To Tweet

Closest friend: the one that you can be distraught at just for a brief timeframe in light of the fact that you have significant stuff to advise them.

sweet friendship status

You don’t need to be insane to be my friend. I’ll prepare you.

Friends are always the best but friends bringing chocolates to you is better. Click To Tweet

‘The advantage of friendship to blather, and to have her rubbish regarded.

A genuine friend never impedes you except if you end up being going down.

Happy Friendship Status

Happiness and friendship are synonymous. A true friend will always make you the happiest. When you are with your friends, you never feel the need to think about anything else.

Therefore, the mark of a true friend is that he or she always makes you happy. So, you need to see some quotes for your friends who always manage to make you happy. Here are the best quotes that are the symbols of a happy friendship.

Friendship isn’t a chance happening, it is more like a favourable accident.

People say love is beautiful, but friendship is even better than that.

If there is something that girls love more than chocolate, it’s friendship. Click To Tweet

The perfect friendship is like your favourite topping on pizza. It tastes the same with every bite.

A closest friend is somebody who makes you chuckle in any event, when you think you’ll never grin again.

happy friendship status

Closest friends. Since, supposing that any other individual heard our discussions we’d end up in the psychological clinic.

Your spotless home doesn’t help your friends. Therefore, they give it a second.

thought on the first chance that you have wine.

On the off chance that you are ever fortunate enough to discover a weirdo, never let them go. Click To Tweet

Friendship is so peculiar… its like picking up dresses from a lot of dresses in a sale and picking up the dress most desired by other by standers.

One Line Friendship Status for Whatsapp

Sometimes you can explain your friendship in just a single line. You don’t need a stream of words for that. One liners are sweet short and very effective. Here are the best one liners for WhatsApp that will make you instantly happy. The best one-line friendship status for WhatsApp are given below. Choose your pick and upload them as your status.

You can survive without a lover, but you can’t without friends.

You know you have a friend when you don’t have to think twice before dialling a number.

The best friendships start over the strangest of conversations. Click To Tweet

The people whom you remember even in your dreams, they are your closest friends.

It’s elusive a friend who’s adorable, cherishing, liberal, mindful, and keen. My recommendation to you all is, don’t lose me.

one line friendship status for whatsapp

I think we’ll be friends everlastingly in light of the fact that we’re too apathetic to even think about finding new friends.

Friends get you food. Closest friends eat your food. Click To Tweet

Being sisters couldn’t be fair to our mother, so God made us best friends.

We’ll wage wars and play minesweeper in the nursing home together.

Friendship Status for Girls

There is no better friendship than between girls. Girls can really make a friendship last for a long time. Here are some of the best statuses for girls. These quotes really bring out the friendship between girls. So, if you have such amazing friends, send them these quotes soon.

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When you have a good friend beside you, every moment becomes a potential nostalgia in the future.

If life is filled with delicious food and loyal friends, you shouldn’t be asking for anything else.

A true friend is like a partner in crime, she will never reveal your secrets. Click To Tweet

Secrets and gossips are the hardest to stay put among girlfriends!

The best of friends are the people whom you know better every passing day and still get closer to them.

friendship status for girls

Genuine friendship is the point at which you stroll into their home and your WiFi associates consequently. 

Never let your closest friends get desolate… continue to upset them. 

I love that our easy friendship fits impeccably with my lethargy. Click To Tweet

The pith of genuine friendship is to offer leeway for another’s little slips by.

Fake Friendship Status

Fake friends are the deal-breaker. They can make you upset easily. Spotting fake friends might be difficult. But here are some quotes that you will relate to.

Fake friends are worse than the deadliest snakes. 

However, it’s better to have no friends than fake friends.

One fake friend can ruin the idea of friendship for you. Click To Tweet

Genuine friends aren’t the ones who make your issues vanish. They will just stick around when times get darker.

A friend has this Godlike ability to tell you things which you are sure to never do.

Fake friendship status

Closest friends comprehend when you state, ‘fail to remember it.’ Wait everlastingly when you state, ‘one moment.’ Stay when you state, ‘disregard me.’ And open the entryway before you can say, ‘come in’.

At the times of great problems and tomfooleries, a person can always look around for hope and find it withing a friend.

Don’t walk behind me as I might not be a worthy leader. Even if you are a worthy leader, don’t expect me to follow you wherever you go. Click To Tweet

A solid friendship needn’t bother with every day discussion or being together. Till the time a relation is alive in your heart, there will be no distance and barrier setting you apart.

Angry Friendship Status

There are a few friends that have been there for you since the very first moment, through the best and most exceedingly awful occasions. Praise those particularly dear friends with these significant friendship cites. Locate the ideal statement to warm your friend’s heart underneath.

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A solid friendship needn’t bother with every day discussion or being together. However long the relationship lives in the heart, genuine friends never part.

Friends… they appreciate each other's expectations. They are thoughtful to each other's fantasies. Click To Tweet

Bogus friendship, similar to the ivy, rots and demolishes the dividers it grasps; yet evident friendship gives new life and movement to the item it underpins.

Be a worthy friend to have a worthy friend.

My closest friend is the one who prays to God for my well-being even when I am millions of miles apart from them.

angry friendship status

If friends don’t improve and inspire you, what will?

Every time of life has different people and friends as well. If you are very lucky, these friends don’t change from time to time and remain same. Click To Tweet

That is the point at which I understood what a genuine friend was. Somebody who might consistently cherish you the blemished you, the confounded you, thing that individuals should do. 

Closest friends share chuckles, recollections, and inside jokes. They will consistently be straightforward and remain close by regardless. 

Emotional Friendship Status

Friendships can often become very emotional. You must have gone through an emotional period in your friendship. If you have, you will definitely understand the meaning of these quotes. Here is a collection of the best emotional friendship statuses for WhatsApp.

The best friendships are the ones that make us feel better about ourselves.

We must never forget that a true friend deserves another true friend.

In the journey of life, friends make even the harshest roads commutable. Click To Tweet

You never realise the value of a friend until they leave you.

We have enough memories to not be around each other and still be remembered every passing day.

emotional friendship status

Every relation in this world is now obliged to discussion may it be friendship, relationship or marriage.

There is fire within all of us which bursts out some day or the other. This burst is then inflamed even more by the presence of more combustive individual. 

Genuine friendship, similar to genuine verse, is very uncommon and valuable as a pearl. Click To Tweet

People don’t find genuine affection in people and contemporaries who offer solutions or advices in the times of problem. Inclination and connection is felt when they sympathize with our problems and stand by us in hard times.

Friendship Status Message

Probably the closest friend in life may likewise be your loved one. A great deal of the time individuals neglect to tell their uncommon one how much their help and friendship intends to them. In case you’re adequately fortunate to be enamored with your closest friend, let them realize the amount they intend to you with these friendship cites for your accomplice.

If a person is your most ideal partner in all worldly problems, pleasures and pandemics, never let them go.

Let God bless me with one day short of 100 years so that I don’t have to live without you for even one day if your life is 100 years long.

There are many problems with the way people are choosing to get into a relationship. Click To Tweet

They are aiming towards getting someone who can make them feel better about themselves. Get someone who can make you a better person rather than a person who tells you that you are great.

Friendship status messages

Friendship is tolerating an individual with every one of their characteristics great and awful.

Specialists on sentiment state for a glad marriage, there must be in excess of an enthusiastic love. 

Love is friendship set a blaze. Click To Tweet

It’s not being infatuated that fulfills me. The individual I am infatuated with that does. 

A friend might be holding up behind a more interesting’s face. 

Attitude Friendship Status

The friends you right now know like the rear of your hand were once finished aliens to you. Abnormal to consider, correct? As you most likely are aware, the initial step to finding a closest friend is to meet new individuals and assemble associations.

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Knowledge is something which is spread through communication. Every person has something to offer. Gain from them and grow.

Try not to fear fresh starts. Try not to avoid new individuals, new energy, new environmental factors. Grasp new possibilities at happiness. Click To Tweet

New people bring new changes and new paths in your life. They help you grow and looking at the ways carefully can help you be successful.

Be truly keen on everybody you meet and everybody you meet will be really inspired by you.

Attitude friendship status

Since there isn’t anything so well worth having as friends, never lose an opportunity to make them.

Give new wings to your spirit with the introduction of new friends in your life.

The kindest method of encouraging yourself is to discover a friend. Click To Tweet

Becoming more acquainted with new individuals and acquiring new friends is perhaps the best joy. 

Boys Friendship Status

There are friendships engraved in our souls that won’t ever be reduced by time and distance. When boys become friends, they strive to make it last. Boys manage to keep friendships lasting for a very long time. Here are the best statuses that will put a smile on your friend’s lips. Share these quotes and celebrate the spirit of true friendship.

Becoming crazy around friends will always be welcome.

Meet people who want to ride the rollercoaster with you just so they can take your weird pictures.

A boy can definitely survive without a partner, but he can’t survive without his best friend. Click To Tweet

One friend is all it takes to become a gossip queen.

When you have a friend, you don’t really need a journal.

boys friendship status

A friend who is far away is now and again much closer than one who is nearby.

Distance doesn't separate friends anyways. Its always about dedication and reliability. If you are the best of friends, no separation shall work. Click To Tweet

A solid friendship needn’t bother with every day discussion, doesn’t generally require harmony, as long as the relationship lives in the heart, genuine friends won’t ever part.

Love Friendship Status

Friendship has a great amount of love. The love for your friends can make you do great things in life. The true essence of friendship lies in its inherent beauty.

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If you have someone with whom you can share your ugly photos, you have a true best friend.

You don’t need to laugh at yourself, you have best friends for it. Click To Tweet

Your best friend is someone in front of whom you don’t have to act normal.

Are there any two best friends without matching clothes?

No distance of spot or pass of time can reduce the friendship of the individuals who are altogether convinced of one another’s worth. 

There is sorcery in significant distance friendships. They let you identify with other individuals in a manner that goes past being actually together and is frequently more significant.

love friendship status

A piece of you has filled in me, together everlastingly we will be, never separated, possibly in distance, yet not in heart.

A genuine friendship ought not blur over the long haul, and ought not debilitate due to space division. Click To Tweet

Distance implies close to nothing, when somebody implies to such an extent.

These were the best friendship status for WhatsApp by Status Quotes Hub. Share these with your friends and make them happier.