In Indian culture, all festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm and with joy. The happiness of celebrating each festival has a different flavour on its own.

It gives us positivity, the joy of celebrating the festival. We plan different and various fun activities for Dussehra to make the festival more vibrant and memorable.

Among all festivals, Dussehra Pooja has its own value and meaning.

This festival is one of the important festivals we Indian celebrate. So, this year make it more memorabel by wishing your near and dear ones with some amazing Dussehra quotes.

We devote our self for 9 days to goddess Durga to welcome her in our home with all love and joy and a story of win good over evil. Durga pooja is the only festival where people go around to explore their local places to see the pandals and Statues of goddess Durga with family and friends.

There are so many fun activities for Dussehra that we plan and enjoy. Below are some of the fun activities for Dussehra that you can enjoy and make your festival more colourful and happier.

1. Making Craft for Goddess Durga

While celebrating any festival, we Indian follow the tradition to make art and craft by own to decorate our home and fill with positivity.

The easiest way to celebrate any pooja is to enjoy them with traditional decorations with meaning inbuilt.

Making Craft for Goddess Durga

We can make the portrait of maa Durga and fill all the colour, making mukut and doing all the makeup with love and devotion.

These fun activities for Dussehra will make your festival more intact and time spent with family is always great. elsewhere can we get the time to sit with family and enjoy delicious food?

2. Hopping Pandal

Since childhood, we have a fantasy for Dussehra and we couldn’t wait for it. whenever we hear the word Dussehra we come with extremely exciting ideas for hopping pandal.

Pandal Hopping

This fun activity for Dussehra has separate base fan from Kolkata to Bihar. from a child to a young, all age group people enjoy going to pandal and have a look of beauty who created the world and human.

This fun activity for Dussehra is added flavour for each one of us to enjoy the festival and make it count for every year with some of the other wonderful memories.

3. Foods and Flavours

Any festival is drab without food, the festival stands for food which can’t be replaced by any other thing. Many foody just wait for the festival to arrive so that they can eat their heart and stomach out.

Foods & Flavours

Those street foods and traditional sweets make the joy brighter and enthusiastic. this is one of the fun activities for Dussehra you can try and plan for

4. Attracting Toys and Decorations

Any festival gets doubled enjoyable when it has fair to roam around and many attractive things to look for. The fun with friends and families goes double when the fair is to visit.

Attracting Toys and Decorations


Those toys and Puppets and other decorative stuffs makes dil goes move to the heart tune and to force every age group to buy. This fun activity for Dussehra has added benefit to make it more blossom.

5. The Start of Shopping…!

Remember when we all were kids the only thing that attracts us apart from holidays were buying new clothes. The excitement level to buy new clothes with the family has another level.

The Start of Shopping

We make the collection of what is lacking in our wardrobe and then hit the Shopping malls. Not only clothes, buying every decorative item and making the feel go to the top.

Shopping is one of the best fun activity we can plan and execute every year. May this Dussehra bring all the positivity and prosperity to your home.

6. Kanya Pujan

Dussehra involves the power of the authenticity of women and their existence. The only festival where girl child is been worshipped and prayed for all good and all well for society and for surrounding.

This festival makes us stronger and believer for women empowerment and value of women by worshipping Goddess Durga for 9 days and her 9 different shadows.

Importance of being women is very much justifying through this Durga puja. May Maa Durga, gives the strength and courage to fight all evils and win over the negativity.

7. Kalash Decoration

In Durga Puja, Kalash is one of the utmost important and auspicious things which Is being kept in each home with faith and hope. It has been said that Kalash bring positive and prosperity to the home and people living in.

Kalash Decoration

Decorating Kalash and make it look beautiful and attractive is one of the fun activities for Dussehra we can add to the list and go for.

8. Storytelling

We all have grown up with some of the other stories listening from childhood and trust me those were so mesmerising and happening.

We as a child use to get involved so much into the story that we start to make one visual was all these stories telling happens and action.
Storytelling is one keen thing which makes our festival very rooted and gives a reason to live and celebrate.

As a fun activity for Dussehra, we can use numerous amounts of storytelling to make it power pack. “On this auspicious and fortunate day, I wish everyone happy and joyous Durga Puja.”

9. Meeting and Greeting

Every Indian festival is empty without meeting and greeting people around us and whom we love. this makes us rooted in our culture and tradition and gives a lives lesson for the generation to come.

Festival is only time where we have ample amount of time to spend and talk with each other and eat together. what else can make the family bond more than a festival, where the joy of celebrating together is high and happy.

This festival let’s make a fun activity for Dussehra to meet and greet.
“The festival is a sign of victory over evil.” May Goddess Durga bless all.”

10. Rangoli Making

Making rangoli is always fun and exciting. You can use different colours and design to make rangoli and make your Dussehra and any other festival joyous and happy.

rangoli making

Flower rangoli is also very trendy and very useful these days and very much in to opt. Rangolis’ are also made as they are said to bring positivity. the added benefit to make a fun activity for Dussehra by making colour rangoli.

“Maa Durga has the power to take all your pain and leave you with a smile.”

11. Making Sweets

Unspoken and unsaid, the festival means sweets and a lot of sweets and eateries. be it making sweets or buying. it is so much fun to make and eat homemade sweets., you can make a different style of sweets and enjoy it further in festivals.

Making sweets

The joy of making sweets at home has a separate base and satisfaction. it also adds memories to the festival for later. “Let the joy of festivity spread the positivity”

12. Playing Games

To make the festival interesting and exciting, playing games would be highly recommended with family and friends. as you can get more time to spend ad tease each other with love and make fun for festival and double your enjoyment.

Playing games

“May this Durga puja fulfil all your wishes.”

13. Making Ravan

Dussehra is known majorly for its instances and facts. Ravan Dahan complete the 9 days puja and on 1oth it signifies the saying of win over evil.

A fun activity for Dussehra can be making of Ravan craft with different style and decorate it accordingly.

“ This festival teaches us to be into our limit and be satisfied with what we are.”

14. Wall Hanging

Decorating home is one of the most important portions in the festival, matching curtains, new wall hangings and all-new paints.

You can decorate your home in a festival with different wall hangings and you make actually make them by yourself and give a different touch to this festival.

Wall Hangings

Try out all the wall hanging made at home to give a beautiful look to your home this festival. “Love and prosperity are all needed as a wish from maa Durga”

15. Gifting to the near and dear…!!

Gifts are always special and make you feel special, in the time of any festival the best thing you can give anyone is a gift.

Gifting to the near and dear

It can be any from a god idol to a home-made sweet to any other love packed gift which can bring a smile to the near and dear because sharing is caring and this is what we have learnt so far from our tradition.

“Let’s Celebrate an Auspicious Day, To Begin New Thing In Life.”

16. Navratri Dandiya Night

How can we forget the Dandiya night during the festival of Dussehra? Dandiya is been celebrated widely in Dussehra and every individual participate in this will full enthusiasm and energy.

Women and men both participate equally in this and make it memorable and joyful.

Navratri Dandiya Night

You can make your own dandiya with homemade things and stuff and make it more decorative and beautiful. This can add more fun to your festival and will give more happiness to celebrate.

“May this festival bring the auspiciousness to each individual”

17. Making Dia and Candles

To make the festival more beautiful and more interesting, you can make your own dia and candles to use a decorative item for home and in Pooja.

A thali of dia can be made using different things and put as an eye-catching beauty. try making it to give your festival a different angle and view.

Making dia and candles

“With 9 blessing names, Maa Durga bless each one us with humanity and knowledge.”

18. Getting into Indian Style/Traditional

Getting ready is always fun and getting clicked makes it happier. Any festival is incomplete without going traditional to it. wearing Traditional or Indian style can make your Dussehra more fun and in comparative.

Let’s make the fun activity for Dussehra by getting dressed up in traditional and red to give a prayer to Maa Durga and make me memorable with each coming and passing days.

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