With Father’s Day arriving soon and the pandemic still closing on us, it is important to find some creative and unique gifts for the super dads who stood like a wall in front of us and supported us throughout the pandemic. Though they might not say that they need a gift or anything, deep down, even they get emotional when their kids shower them with love and gifts. They might be the tough shell, but inside they are as soft as cotton, and for such emotionally tough dads, Father’s Day is made. Here are some good father’s day gifts ideas that will help you to get the perfect gift for your Father.

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Good Father’s Day Gifts:-

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

There’s not a single dad that doesn’t like to sing songs in the shower. To support their singing talent here is one of the unique Father’s day gift for them. A Bluetooth shower speaker will help your Father to listen to their favourite songs while in the shower and sing with their hearts out. It would be a perfect duel match between the singer and your Father!



Customized Pocket Knife

While fathers make sure that their daughters don’t forget to take pepper spray with them, they also don’t forget to keep a pocket knife for emergencies. Just kidding! A customized pocket knife would be a great addition to your Father’s toolbox, and he would be incredibly proud to carry it everywhere. Believe us; he won’t stop showing off the pocket knife to his friends on his next camping trip.

pocket knives


Wireless Charger

Fathers are known for stealing their children chargers, thinking that it is for their phones. To avoid this confusion, you can gift your Father a nice wireless charger, with which he can charge his phone without having to search for an empty socket. Besides, you get to keep your chargers too, so it’s a win-win for both.

Wireless charger


Shaving Kit

A nice shaving kit can never be a wrong gift for any dad. It is by far the best Father’s Day gift ideas, and we are sure your Dad would love it. Make sure to look for a shaving kit that consists of all the items in it, from shaving cream, gel, brush, razor, and much more. A complete kit with a nice customized letter will surely melt his heart, and he will always remember you while grooming his beard.

A Tie & Wallet Kit

While the shaving kit will give him a prim and proper look, a nice tie will complete it. You can look for a nice tie & wallet set for your Father. The set will not even cost much, and you can get variety in the shop. The best thing about this set is that the tie and wallet will go with all types of suits that your Father has.

kit of wallet and necktie

Animated Pillow

While our dads won’t stop snoring anytime soon, it is better to help them in getting a nice sleep. How can we do that? By giving a nice pillow with his animated face in it. It is one of the most cool Father’s Day gift ideas and will surely make your dad laugh after seeing it.

animated pillows

Chef’s Knife

Since Fathers love cooking spicy and tasty dishes, what can be better than a nice Chef’s knife for him? Get that knife set that your Father has been eyeing for months. It will surely make him happy, and you might get to taste some of his classic dishes at the weekend.

chef's knife

A Quotation T-Shirt

Gone are the days of wearing striped shirts; dads are now the coolest people in the world, and to show that, you can get a nice t-shirt with a quirky quote on it. Make sure to get a perfect size and the one with his favourite colour, and don’t forget to make him wear it on the occasion of Father’s Day.

quotation t-shirt

A Dad Jokes Book

We know how terribly funny are those Dad jokes, though they are quite bad. So, why not give your Father a nice jokes book on this Father’s Day. He could use some of those jokes in his next friends visit and get the tag of the funniest Dad in the group. Meanwhile, he might even try out those jokes on you, so make sure to hold your laughter.

a dad jokes book

 Temperature Control Coffee Mug

The “Best Father In The World” coffee mugs are way old and are simply not unique anymore. If you are looking for some unique Father’s Day gifts then you should buy a temperature control coffee mug for your Father. The mug can automatically lower the temperature of the beverage and save your Father from burning his tongue. Moreover, you can even adjust the temperature of the mug manually.

coffee mug

Adopt A Pet

Though they might say they don’t need a pet, Dads turn into the biggest pet lover once they get a pet. So, this Father’s Day, adopt a pet from the shelter and gift it to your Father and see his expressions. It won’t be long when you would get to see your Father turning into a kid with a pet.

adopt a pet

Coffee Maker

We know how particular Fathers are with the taste of coffee. They want the coffee beans to be perfectly grounded to their wish and that the smell should be amazing. Instead of spending a lot of time grounding and making coffee, you can gift a nice coffee maker to your Father. It will do all the job and will give him a nice cup of coffee.

coffee maker

Smart Watch

While they spend time waking you up and reminding you to remain fit, it’s your turn now to remind them that they need to take care of their health too. A smartwatch that will calculate their heartbeat, calories, and everything else, will be a perfect gift for Father’s Day. You can even conduct competitions with him on who can walk the most number of steps.

smart watch

A Customized Photo Book

From capturing your first smile to your recent graduation, Fathers make sure that all your important memories. It’s your turn now to remind them of their special memories y designing a customized photo book with their pictures. You can do so by simply collecting their old and recent pictures, print them out and paste them on a scrapbook. Else you can directly design a book with the pictures in it and take a printout of it. Watch your Dad as he recollects all the memories this Father’s Day.

Blue-Light Filter Glasses

For the fathers who always sit in front of the screen for work, a pair of nice blue-light filter glasses would be a perfect gift. It will prevent the harmful rays coming from damaging the retina. Moreover, these glasses would even prevent headaches and make sure that your Father is getting a peaceful sleep.

A Comfortable Armchair

Fathers love having a comfortable spot to read a newspaper or just scroll through their phone. To make their spot a bit more comfortable, you can buy a nice armchair for them. It will make for a perfect Father’s Day gift, and we are sure they won’t ever leave the chair.

arm chair gift

An Indoor Plant

If your Father loves to plant, then make sure to get a nice indoor plant for him on this Father’s Day. You can get various indoor plants like Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Basil, and much more. These plants will not only make your Father happy but will even purify the house.

indoor houseplants

Puzzle Sets

If your Dad loves playing puzzles, then you can get a nice 1000-piece puzzle set for him this Father’s Day. There are various jigsaw puzzle sets available that will surely appeal to your Father. Besides, once your Father has completed the puzzle, you can glue the pieces and frame them on the wall as a masterpiece.

puzzle set

Hand Massagers

A nice hand massager would serve as a cool Father’s Day gift for your Father. We know how hard they work to make sure that their kids get the best of everything. Though we cannot decrease the amount of hard work they do, we sure can decrease their pain, and to do so, a hand massager would be the perfect gift. It would help in relieving pain by giving deep massages to the affected areas.


If your Father is a book lover, then a Kindle would be a nice gift for him. Yes, we know that paperbacks are better than ebooks, and we would even suggest you get a nice book, but when your Father is travelling, carrying tons of books might be difficult, and a kindle will come in handy in such situations. It is better to give a kindle to your Father on this Father’s Day.


A Customized Pen

If your Dad loves to write, then a customized pen would be his treasured possession. Instead of going for a simple classic pen, it is better to customize his pen and gift it to him on this Father’s Day. He will surely carry the pen everywhere he goes.

customized pen

Customized Stamp Pad

The next unique Father’s Day gift idea we have is a customized stamp pad. There are various online shops that can provide you with a customized stamp pad. You can simply tell them what you need, and they will create it for you. It will help your Father in signing any documents easily.


Protein Shake

While the Father takes care of the whole family, it is important that we should take care of his health too. This Father’s Day, gift your Dad a jar of health and protein by buying a nice protein shake powder for him. There are various protein shake brands available, which you can go through and get the one that is best suited as per your Father’s health.

protein shake

A Gift Card Of His Favourite Store

Stores provide their customers with incredible gift cards that can be a nice gift too. If your Dad loves Starbucks or any other coffee shop or clothes store, then you can get a gift card from the store as a Father’s Day gift. It will make him happy, and he will surely love it.

gift card

Ice Trays & Glasses

No, we are not talking about simple ice trays, but the ones that prepare ice balls and skulls. Yes, there are various ice trays that are designed to make ice in a specific shape. You can get one of these trays and glasses for your Father as a Father’s Day gift.


If your Father loves hearing music, then what can be better than a pair of good headphones. Yes, we know that ear pods are more popular, but fathers are more comfortable with headphones as they remain stuck to their heads instead of falling out. You can look for some nice Bluetooth headphones and gift them to them.

head phones

Denim Jacket

Bring those old memories back with the help of a nice Denim jacket. Once he wears those denim jackets, he will surely go back to his past and relive those amazing memories. Though it might not be the coolest idea, the expressions of your Father would be priceless for sure.

denim jacket

Karaoke Set

A nice Karaoke set to encourage the singing talent of your Father would be a nice gift for him. Moreover, even you can join him and sing with him. The best thing about karaoke set is that they can be a perfect addition to family leisure time.

Passport & Wallet Holder

For the Father who’s always on business and has to remain outside the country for most of the time, a nice passport holder would be a great asset to him. Make sure to get a nice modern passport holder that has an RFID system in it. It would help him to keep all his cards and passports safe while travelling. Moreover, he would always remember you while travelling.


For the Dad who is fond of jogging, a pair of sneakers might make him happy. Find a good pair of sneakers that matches his track pants. Believe us, he would love it and will immediately go for a run! Besides, he might even take you for a morning jog.


Golf Day

For a golf enthusiast, a nice golf day would be a perfect gift. There are various clubs and parks that do conduct golf evenings. Make sure to check out the nearby gold spots and arrange a nice golf day for your Father. It will awaken the golf expert within him, and he will love it.

Game Tickets

If your Dad loves to watch any kind of sports, then a ticket to his favourite game would surely make him happy. Look out for the games that are happening in your city on Father’s Day and take him to it. A nice game night will help him to relax and enjoy the day.

Thermos Bottle

A nice thermos bottle to remind him to stay hydrated would be a nice gift for him. There are various such bottles that you can get from any online store at a nice price. Moreover, you can even customize the bottle as per your wish and gift it to him. He will definitely carry the bottle with him to his office every day.

thermos flask

His Favourite Perfume

A nice bottle of his favourite perfume can cheer him up. Make sure to get a hold of your Father’s favourite perfume and get it for him. What will make him happier? A personalized note from the perfume company itself! You can talk with customer care and ask for a small personalized note for your Father and see if they can do it.

mens perfumes

Camping Hammock

If your Father loves camping, then a hammock will surely be the best present for him. It won’t cost much, and you can get a good quality hammock from any online store. A strong hammock will make his camping nights amazing, and he will thank you for that.

camping hammocks


Customized Watch

Though the world is now having smart watches, but nothing can beat the classic analog watches. This Father’s Day gift your Dad a customized watch. You can add a little note at the back of the watch stating that you appreciate him. It will surely make him emotional and we are sure that he will wear it everyday.

customized watch

Mini Cooler

A mini cooler would be a perfect gift for a Dad who loves to have friends night out. It will keep all his drinks and snacks cool. Besides, these mini coolers are even portable and hence will make it easier for your Father to take it with him in every camping trip.


We know how Fathers love to have some healthy juice and to make it more fun, you can gift him a nice blender. Make sure to get a portable blender that he can carry with him. It will help him to drink juice or smoothie any time. Moreover, your Dad might start making juice for the whole family as the process is really easy and entertaining.

electric blender

Customized Phone Case

A phone case with your picture in it will always remind him of his loving family. You can get customized phone cases in various stores and websites at a reasonable price. Make sure to select a nice photo that has some memories attached to it.

customized phone cases

Customized Travel Mug

A travel mug is quite different than a ceramic mug. These mugs are made up of stainless steel and are quite durable. You can get a nice customized travel mug for your Dad for the occasion of Father’s Day. Make sure that the mug has a good capacity and is sturdy.

travel mug

Customized Apron

If your Dad loves to cook, then it is important to make sure that he remains safe in the kitchen. A nice customized apron will not only prevent your father from getting any spilled hot soup on him, but also avoid his clothes from getting dirty. Look for a good quality apron and then customize it. You can even paint or stitch on it for a personal touch.

Engraved Lighter

An engraved designer lighter will surely add charm to your Father’s personality. It will make him want to pull out the lighter from time to time. There are tons of beautiful steel lighters available in online stores. While ordering one, you can either ask the manufacturer for customization, or go to a local shop for the process.

engraved lighter

Engraved Power Bank

Yes even power banks can be customized! All you have to do is get a power bank with a blank surface and then you can print a small quote or note in it. Make sure that the power bank has a plain blank surface.

power bank

Duffle Bags

What can be a better gift that a duffle bag for a father who loves to camp with his kids? A nice duffle bag will make the camping nights even more enjoyable. However, make sure that the duffle bag is made up of good quality and has a warranty too.

duffle bags

Customized Paper Weights

If your Father is someone who is always in the office, then a nice customized paper weight would be a perfect gift for him. Whenever he will use the paper weight, it will remind him of you and that will surely bring a smile on his face.

paper weight

Tool Kit

Fathers can never get tired of a nice tool kit. If your dad has an old tool kit then it’s time to upgrade him with a nice tool kits with all the latest technology in it. The gift will surely make him happy.

Travel Case

Like we have our makeup cases and travel pouches, it is important that our Fathers should also have a travel case for keeping all the important things in it. Want to add more beauty to it? Customize the travel case with his initials and watch his expression change.

Gift Bags

There are various online stores that sell personalized gift bags with all the items of your choice. Search for such websites and design a personalized bag for your Dad. You can include some of his favourite chocolates, coffee, perfume, book, and much more things.

Spice Set

For the chef Dad, a spice set with nice jars and spices will be a perfect gift. It will be a nice addition to his kitchen and he will surely cook you some of his famous dishes over the weekend.

Customized Shaving Razor

A nice personalized shaving razor will make him emotional and speechless on Father’s Day. You can look for a classic razor with a nice stainless steel cover and then add some message on top of it.

customized razor

So, these were some of the good Father’s Day gift ideas that can help you out in getting the perfect gift for your Father. We hope that you liked these ideas, and do let us know what you gifted your Father for this special day.