Are you on the lookout for a great Whatsapp status by which you could welcome the new morning? We bring to you a plethora of great quotes and captions which you could use as a Good Morning Whatsapp Status. These quotes help set the tone of the entire day and act as a big motivating force. Reading them could prove to be a great boon for people looking for positivity to start the day. So, get going and find which of these quotes appeal to you!

Each new day is like a blank page. You are the one who will write the story. Make it worth. Good Morning!

On some days, you have to be the one spreading light in other people’s lives. Good Morning!

You will never get the opportunity again to make Today worth it. Get rid of the lazy you. Hustle along! Click To Tweet

Don’t be sad that you’re turning older. Be happy that you’ll get to witness a newer version of yourself each day. Good Morning!

No matter how terrible you feel at the end of night. Go to sleep with the thought of waking up to a fresh day and a wonderful start.

Good morning whatsapp status

The light you bring to my life glows much more than a hundred sunrises put together. Good Morning!

I might not say it enough, but it is an evident truth that I love you. Good Morning!

A little greeting and loads of love and positivity to start off your day on a positive note. Good Morning! Click To Tweet

There is nothing more important in the world than the belief in one’s abilities and the confidence to make it count. Good Morning!

Romantic Good Morning Whatsapp Status

Each one of us recognizes that to feel happy, it’s necessary to love and be loved. Love is the most fulfilling emotion that exists. Thus, to be awaken to a Good Morning Whatsapp Status by a loved one is the most special feeling. It could be the key to a happy morning and a happier day after all. So here are some Good Morning quotes which revolve around the emotion of love!

Today is a new day and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Do you know why? It is because I have you by my side. Good Morning!

I am sure my mornings are always going to be beautiful because I have the most beautiful creation of God with me. Have a great day, my love! Click To Tweet

I am sending you this Good Morning wish to let you know that you are the first thought on my mind each day. I love you.

Amidst all the chaos of life and work, you become my home where I find my peace and comfort. Good Morning!

romantic goodmorning whtsapp status


The first glance at sunrise is like the time I fell in love with you at first sight. You are that beautiful. Have a lovely morning! Click To Tweet

I no longer need to worry even if I am bundled with sorrows. That is because I have my sole reason to be happy again. You!

Thank you for bringing out the best in me. You make my life simpler and happier. Good Morning!

A morning kiss from you is like medicine to my problems and worries. It heals them all at once. Have a great day!

I would never want to get rid of the habit of cuddling to sleep and waking up to your lovely face. It just makes my life so much more beautiful. Click To Tweet

As I feel the morning the soft morning breeze, I cannot help but remember how much I miss you being here with me.

I wish you could know that you complete me in every way possible. Though that isn’t the truth because I long for you more each day.

No matter how terrible the storm is, I can’t wait for the next morning when it’ll all be fine. You, me and two cups of coffee.

Good Morning aren’t mere words. It serves to remind you that I think about you each morning when I wake up.

The most special in the world is to know that the one you love, loves you deeply and selflessly. Good Morning!

Happy Good Morning Status

Happiness in life gives us the true sense of existence as happy people make the most of their lives. Happiness is much more than having a smile on your face. It is about experiencing the journey that life itself is. In the end all that helps you sail through this journey is the happy soul inside you. Thus, here are some quotes which could fit into the identity of a Happy Good Morning Whatsapp Status.

Making everyone is surely a daunting task. But to be happy with everyone is possible. Good Morning!

I wish the first rays of the sun bring with them rays of happiness and positivity in your life. Have a Happy Morning! Click To Tweet

A person is happy in life not because things are going the right way, but because his perspective of approaching each thing is right.

One’s success is not measured by the amount of money and resources he is endowed with. Real success is achieved when you are happy in life.

We are mere travelers who already have fixed reservations and a fixed destination. It’s important to trust in God and enjoy the trip to the destination. Good Morning!

In order to be happy, it is important to let go of the past, catch hold of the present and paint a beautiful future. Happy morning!

You never know when it’s going to end. So refuse to give up and wake up each day oozing with feeling of happiness. Good Morning! Click To Tweet

It is important to be grateful for things that have been showered upon you. Gratefulness leads to content which in turn leads to happiness.

Happy goodmorining whatsapp status


Your future self should thank your present self. Be that self! Good Morning!

It’s important to keep moving in the direction of your dreams. Do not stop. Because life won’t stop for you. Click To Tweet

You cant buy happiness. It stems from your own actions and decisions. Think it through. Have a great day!

The quality of your thoughts determine the happiness you feel. Good Morning!

It’s important to stay away from people who disturb your peace of mind. Keep yourself surrounded by positive people. Good Morning!

No matter what goes wrong, it is important to handle everything with a smile. It is not necessary to solve every problem but it is necessary to experience it. Click To Tweet

Inspirational Good Morning Whatsapp Status

In order to keep the mind focused towards one’s goals, it is imperative to have inspiration. Human mind is prone to doubts and negativity. It is inspiration which channels positivity in life. It brings purpose and meaning to one’s life. So, here are some inspirational quotations which could serve the purpose of a Good Morning Whatsapp Status.

Make a small note to yourself as you start your day- “ I’m going to be the best version of myself today!”

It’s important to work for satisfaction and not for success. Success channels greed and satisfaction channels inner happiness. Click To Tweet

Each one of us is special. Do not get bogged down by negative people. Be a phoenix and rise. Good Morning!

It’s never too late to start afresh. Each day is a new opportunity to thrive towards happiness and glory. Have a lovely day!

Be Creative. Be Honest. Be Happy. Be Awesome. Be Kind. Have a lovely morning!

The best sailors aren’t born best sailors. They have to sail through harsh seas to become the best. Sail through!

We all have our faults and shortcomings. You don’t deny it. Embrace it. Good Morning! Click To Tweet

The harder you work, the sweeter will the success taste.

inspirational good morning whatsapp status

You can’t predict the future. You have to work towards creating it. Have an awesome day!

In the middle of all of life’s problems, lies a little opportunity which will pull you out of darkness into the light. Click To Tweet

We humans have the gift of imagination. Use this infinite power to create a meaningful reality! Have a great day!

Dreams don’t die. It is us who stop working towards it. Get up and fight the negativity away!

You are unique. You are special. You have the capability to be successful. You are the best. Good Morning!

Work hard in silence. Success will make the noise. Hustle!

Good Morning Whatsapp Status Love

Love is no less important than the air we breathe. You have not lived if you have not loved. To celebrate the emotion of love we bring to you quotations and caption ideas which would ring a bell in the heart of all who have loved. Love is often defined as sense of life which gives it more depth and multiplies its importance. Thus, read on to explore this beautiful emotion with the help of these quotes.

Love will touch you in ways only you can experience. It can’t be put into words.

The heart can see what the eyes can’t. Good Morning!

Happiness stems from the realization you are loved profoundly by the person you love. Click To Tweet

You can fall in love with the same person every time. Not when you fall in love with every person.

Learn to love yourself first. Everything else will fall into place.

You don’t lose yourself in love. You finally find yourself.

Love can never be a distraction to your goal. It can only motivate you to strive for your goal.

good morning whatsapp status love


Love cannot be stopped by boundaries. It can penetrate every wall of negativity and difficulty and arrive at the destination oozing with positivity. Click To Tweet

Love doesn’t attack only the heart. Your mind, your senses are all hooked on to the feeling of love.

I would choose no other co passenger on the journey of life other than the person I love.

Love will not come easy. If it came easy, people won’t value it.

The world needs more love and less formalities.

Love is the only thing we never give and get enough. Click To Tweet

I would have loved you more had I found you sooner.

Attitude Good Morning Whatsapp Status

Your search for a Good Morning WhatsApp Status about attitude has come to an end. Maintaining the right attitude is the key to a positive life. A positive attitude brings with itself unlimited opportunities to make it big in life. It makes your presence enjoyable because a positive attitude will send across positive vibes. And isn’t that what the doctor ordered? Here are some of the quotes!

Opportunities won’t come knocking each time. Sometimes you’ve got to build a door. Good Morning!

Not every day is a good day. But every bad day can be faced if you have the right attitude.

It is important to wake up with a grateful attitude. It starts your day on a positive note. Good Morning!

People will laugh at you because you are different. Isn’t it sad that they are all the same?

Don’t change yourself because others want you to change. Change only to become a better version of yourself. Have a lovely morning! Click To Tweet

Sometime it is necessary to be silent. It is no use making people understand your worth. Show them.

attutude good morning whatsapp status


Build a building with the stones people throw at you. They will be the ones to watch your success. Good Morning! Click To Tweet

It is important to adjust your sails when it is impossible to change the direction of the winds.

Believe in yourself. People will doubt. You shouldn’t.

It is important to acknowledge your haters. They know you’re better than them. Good Morning!

No one is perfect. Do not judge. Accept the imperfections.

Forgiveness is important. Not for the people who have wronged you, but for your own mental health. Have a good day! Click To Tweet

People won’t notice your clothes or your perfume. It is the attitude which attracts.

There is no point looking back. That can’t change. Toil now to change the future!

Good Morning Whatsapp Status For Friends

Would you not want to put up a Good Morning WhatsApp Status for your friend? Friends make you feel good about yourself and can make any dull moment feel light. They lend a shoulder to cry upon when we are facing our tough times. Friendship is the basic foundation of each relationship. We bring to you amazing quotes and captions which you can put up for your friend.

Good friends like you in the journey of life make the route seem shorter. Good Morning!

I have friends. I have family. And then I have friends who have become family. Lovely Morning!

Friendship can be described as a single soul living in two different bodies. Click To Tweet

A good friend isn’t one who is true to your face. A good friend is one who is true even behind your back. Have a lovely day!

Friends don’t wait to listen to your stories. They are the ones who live those stories with you. Good Morning!

A friend makes you experience a whole new world inside you. A world which was not born until they arrived. Have a great day!

You don’t need a whole lot of friends to light up your life. A few good ones whom you can trust can do the job better. Click To Tweet

good morning whatsapp status for friends

Friendship isn’t about changing the other person. It’s about accepting them with their flaws and imperfections. No one is perfect.

It’s a relief you don’t have a price tag attached to a friend. I couldn’t afford such great friends ever. Good Morning! Click To Tweet

You should love your friends from your heart and not because of your needs.

Keep your friends close. You never when the destination is going to arrive. Good Morning!

Fake friend will leave like shadows in darkness. It’s not the end of your story. It’s the end of their part.

Diamonds aren’t your friends. It’s the true friends who are rare like diamonds.

Wake up this morning with a feeling of thanksgiving for your friends. They light up your life like stars light up a night sky. Click To Tweet

Motivational Good Morning Whatsapp Status

What if your WhatsApp Status motivates the person reading it to make their day productive? Well, that would be great. Motivation allows us to be creative, make plans, develop interests and competencies. Motivation helps us to thrive and removes the possibility of giving up. Presented below are quotes and captions which you could use as a Good Morning WhatsApp Status.

The biggest lie in the world is that winners never fail. The truth is winners never quit. Have a good day!

Your life is a blank canvas with no limitations and unlimited potential. You decide what you paint on it. Click To Tweet

The most motivating force is self-love. If you will not love yourself no one else will. Good Morning!

Each day gives you the chance to improve yourself. Take this as an opportunity and utilize it. Lovely Morning!

Wake Up. Work Hard. Hustle. Repeat.

Self-doubt is more lethal for your dreams than failure ever will.

Success and Failure aren’t opposite. They are a part of each other.

The day you get out of your comfort zone is the day you start writing your success story. Good Morning! Click To Tweet

It’s better to do small things in a great way if you cannot do great things. Have a great day!

What you feel today as pain will be your strength tomorrow.

 morning whatsapp status


Don’t work towards being average. Work towards being awesome. Good Day!

Your mistakes should not burden you. They are stepping stones to your success. Click To Tweet

Stop looking at the time. Do what time does. Keep Going!

A good idea isn’t good as long as it is an idea. The day it becomes a reality is the day you say it was a good idea.

Only when you are lost, will you start understanding yourself. Good Morning!

Amazing Good Morning Whatsapp Status

On the lookout for the most amazing Good Morning WhatsApp Status? You’ve hit the right place. We bring to you some of the most amazing quotations which could cheer up your day as well as the person who is reading it. Such small doses of positivity and strength help you boost up your energy and make the most of the day. Shall we get going?

Choose your battles carefully. Sometimes peace is better. Good Morning!

Don’t let anyone make you doubt how amazing you are. You were born to shine.

Silence isn’t weakness. It’s the most wonderful strength. Click To Tweet

You don’t require anyone’s acceptance. And you should never change for that. Good day!

When you hate you become toxic and when you love is when you become beautiful.

Winning comes at a cost. That cost is sacrifice. Have a great day!


Amazing good morning whatsapp status

It’s better to be acquainted with the truth rather than to live with false hopes.

You should even sympathize with the person you do not like. That shows the goodness in you. Click To Tweet

Greed and anger are a man’s biggest enemies. Be Humble. Stay calm.

Bring out the good in you. That is what the world needs right now.

Work hard in order to make your faith bigger than your fear.

We tend to judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Failures act as a catalyst to your creativity.

Money and power will not stay with you if you cannot handle it. Click To Tweet

You don’t have to be the same as everyone. Be better.

Bright Good Morning Whatsapp Status

Would you like to start your day with a quote which could light up your life as well as your near and dear ones? Your search comes to an end. You will find below great quotes and pieces which could brighten up your day. It could give you just the correct amount of energy to start your day on a good note.

The future will be as bright as the faith you have in yourself. Good Morning!

Let the light of positivity outshine the darkness of fears within. Good Day! Click To Tweet

Giving up is not an option. Working hard is the only option.

Real success is when other people pray for your well being and happiness. Lovely Morning!

There will be no light at the end of the tunnel. You are your own light.

Stars shine brighter on a dark night. Good Day!

Dreams will come true if you do what you love and love what you do. Click To Tweet

Do not compare yourself with others. Comparison is poisonous to self-growth.

bright good morning whatsapp status

The good you do for others comes back in ways least expected.

Stop wasting your words on those who choose not to listen. Click To Tweet

Not only this day but everything will have a morning.

A stone of positivity weighs much more than the mountain of negativity.

If your goals don’t make you work hard, maybe they aren’t big enough.

Don’t crave for credit. Crave for excellence. Click To Tweet

Turning points are actually the lowest points in your career. That is where you begin your journey for success.

Funny Good Morning Whatsapp Status

One universal truth known to all is that laughter is the best medicine. We bring to a great dosage of smiles and fun with some funny quotes and captions. Do not forget to share joy and fun with your family and peers. Go on reading to witness some funny Good Morning WhatsApp Status.

A phone acts a jail with the person operating it as its prisoner. That’s why it is called a “cell” phone.

Air isn’t free. Didn’t you notice it the last time you bought a packet of chips? Click To Tweet

I don’t sleep. I activate energy saving mode.

Trust the younger ones. They will replace you anyhow. Good Morning!

Never make the same mistake twice. Make it six to seven times so that you are sure.

Cupcakes and muffins aren’t different. Muffin is a cupcake who believed in miracles. Click To Tweet

I would pick food over compliments any day. Have a good day!

Funny good morning whatsapp status

You should move only to make sure people think you are not dead.

I don’t know about black holes. But my bed and pillow suck me in every time and leave me only when it is morning. Click To Tweet

I believe in ghosts only during the night. Nights are meant to be creative.

Between the devil and the deep blue sea, I choose the one I haven’t tried before.

“Common” sense is the rarest.

The amount of food I eat goes to show I might soon deliver a food baby.

My alarm and me are having an extra marital affair. It is going to result in a divorce between me and my bed. Click To Tweet

Jealous souls investigate better than the FBI.

Thank you for taking out the time to go through the above quotes. Hope you have found the Good Morning WhatsApp status best suited to you. If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to drop a comment below. Would love to hear from you lovely readers. Thank you!