The first celebration of the year takes place with wishing the Happy New Year to everyone. This is the time when people jump into the pool of fun and joy, wish and greet everyone with the Happy New Year Status. It’s a joyful event that hit at the start of the year.

Since everyone nowadays is busy, so they choose the social way of wishing that is with happy new year greetings. A new year is the best time to schedule the goals left pending in the previous year.

New Year Eve is at the corner, and you all must be planning for some extra fun and party. The year 2022 has been very unfortunate for each of us due to the pandemic which took over the universe.

To make the New year 2022 more warmth and happening, below happy new year status, quotes and wishes will make your new year even more special and fun-packed. The wishes on Facebook, WhatsApp, is flooded with the happy new year status, quotes and messages. Happy New Year 2022 in advance. May this bring all the happiness we lost in the year 2022.

Best Happy New Year Status, Quotes, Wishes And Messages

As the year has gone, a new chapter will be added with this year. Wishing you Happy New Year 2021.

The years start is a beginning and blank, make sure to write all good deeds to it.

Make each day count with new hope, I wish you happiest new year.

New year. new hopes, new rays and new responsibility but different happiness. May this year give you a bundle of joy. Click To Tweet

Have a promising and fun-filled year ahead. Happy New Year’s Eve.

Happy new Year Status and Quotes

May god take away all you pain with the year gone and put happiness in your way to come. 

With the arrival of the new year, welcome the endless possibilities.

You got a new opportunity to paint your dreams again and decorate your life with much possible happiness.

Live laugh and love. Keep this throughout the year. Wishing you a Happy New Year. Click To Tweet

Without you, my life is incomplete, so do my year. Hoping to be together with the start of the new year.

All those sweet memories of last year may last long to the many years to come.

As the year is about to end, my love will never end for you, it will grow every year and adds a life to it.

Happy New Year Wishes

Just year is changing not the love for you. The resolution to be with you will never fade nor change.

The new year is a blank page, make sure to write the positive to it and add value to life. Click To Tweet

Just can’t wait to celebrate the new year with you. Hoping to see you soon my love.

The new year is celebrated in a way to gives more warmth and positivity for a year to come.

One new year again to get things right and make it beautiful.

The first day is always special. So do the first step towards the new year.

Now it’s time the embrace all those memories which are going to take a roller coaster ride. Happy New Year. Click To Tweet

My Facebook message for the New year will remind you of my friends over Facebook. Just like here, I will keep following you for the rest of my life.

new year quotes

Hope the coming year is filled with love life and health. Have a blast at New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year 2021 to your friends and family. May they get all the deserving course of happiness.

Make some noise for the amazing year arriving 2021. Each one of you gets the best of all memories. Click To Tweet

New year’s messages always put the smile on face. They are hopeful and blissful.

This time of the year is always amazing. It puts the immense happiness to celebrate the Christmas eve followed by new year eve.

Each month of the year give you blessings, eternal happiness and prosperity.

May 2021 be extraordinary in each way.

Happiness never fades, it's just a year which gets added to our life. Happy New Year. Click To Tweet

I hope this happy new year quote will give you a reason to smile and bloom like a flower.

happy new year wishes and messages

If you had a bad year, doesn’t explain your failure. You are getting one more year to do all those which has been lacked.

Everyone has a bad day and year, that doesn’t mean you will stop. Make the day count and bounce back. Happy New Year.

Another year to do the same old habits in a new way. 

It has been said, a person needs few things to be happy. The perfect greeting of New year eve. Click To Tweet

May every day of the year make you happy and glow.

May the coming year be the grand celebration for you.

In Year 2021 may all your dreams come true and double your happiness.

May that sparkling light lighten up your life and keep you happy.

Before the time’s leaf turns up to the new calendar. let me wish you with the happy new year message before your social media, Facebook and WhatsApp get flooded with the greetings. Happy New Year!

happy new year greetings

Hope the new year renews all the happiness and good tidings, May the joyful spirit keeps glowing in your heart forever! Happy New Year! Click To Tweet

Keep all the negativity aside with the coming year and fill it with positivity.

As the new year begins, my love and support grow stronger and deeper.

New year, new way of celebrating and welcoming the year. Don’t waste it by sitting ideal. Year celebrated is always a good memory added to the album.

I want to welcome 2021 with you, because the start of the year needs to be perfect and beautiful.

May your heart fill with happiness and prosperity. Happy New Year.

New year is not just a celebration it is 365 new opportunities. Click To Tweet

Cheers to the year to come.

I wish all your crazy and amazing dreams come true this year.

These greeting will put smile on face after receiving.

May your year get better and better every year.

New Year quotes and status

This year, try experiencing new things which will gauze you in happiness. Happy New Year.

It is just a year which is changing on the calendar, I will annoy you every year. Happy new year my love.

Take the first step in the year with faith and love. This will help you throughout the year.

Don’t panic, trust the god. With the arrival of the new year, best is yet to come.

If you had a bad year, say goodbye to toxic, drama and rest will be best. Click To Tweet

A year is added to life to make it beautiful and cherishable.

Since 2020 had many bad memories, let’s not enter in 2021 with all those bad memories. The year is going to be fantastic.

May everything good and fun lasts forever with this year. Happy New Year!

Can’t wait to welcome the new year.

Hello 2021. Waiting for you to take me to roller coaster ride.

Each new year message contains a significant message. Try to be happy and loud.

new year 2021

Years come and go, but always try to be the better person by each year passing. Happy Year ahead!

It depends on you whether you want to write the old stories to new 365 pages or you want to create the best memories out of it. Click To Tweet

Life has so much to give. Don’t enter in a new year with regrets and sorrow.

I hope this happy new year greetings will be lucky to you and bring back a smile.

May the best memories out of the year. May this new year eve bring all the good things to you.

Don’t let down. Start again with this year. New days, New Hopes. I wish you a happy new year.

Days pass, year changes, but my wish for you will remain the same. Happy New Year.

Celebrate the end of the year with a smile and welcome the new year with greetings.

The beginning shall be perfect to start the new year. Add memories to it.

To the old, long life and treasure; to the young, all health and pleasure. Celebrate the New Year. Cheers. Click To Tweet

Don’t ever lose hope. the best is yet to come. Happy New Year.

From Jan to Dec, and from December to January, the year takes a long jump. Make sure you reach to the corner of the goal.

Happy new year status and wishes

My message might not be the perfect wish for you, but it’s a prayer to god to keep you healthy and happy.

Don’t get tired to set the best goal. You are never too late to start the beginning.

Open the new book of the year of your life by welcoming new year.

Celebrate the day with happiness and let all sorrow drain from the life. New year will give all that you deserve.

Leave all the negatives and negativity to the previous year. The new possibilities are waiting for you. Happy New year! Click To Tweet

The year must be hard, but not the life, it shall pass. Happiest New Year.

Remember after every dark night, there is a sunshine morning. This year hope all your days sparkle with the sunshine.

Be grateful to the previous year. It let you learn what not to do this year.

Thank you for the lessons given by the year gone.

If you survived that hardest time, you will enjoy the best time.

The new year is the chance to rectify all things and line up with good things.

The best mantra is to believe in yourself. Keep motivated and keep going. Happy New Year.

May the coming year decrease your trouble and increases your happiness.

You must be broken, betrayed and overlapped. Trust your instinct and give the best to the coming year. Click To Tweet

Saying happy new year just a way of remembering you for the whole year.

Throw out the trash before the new year hits you. Happy New Year.

May the New Year start with fresh joys and a life filled with peace. Hope your year filled warmth and togetherness and prosperity too. Happy New Year!

Your love is the light and strength that will illuminate all my days with happiness this New Year.

When I think of you, I imagine all the years with and only you. Happy New Year.

Wishing you peace and harmony-filled in your life. Happy New Year. Click To Tweet

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