When you hear a word Durga Puja, there is nothing which can beat Durga Puja of Kolkata. Durga puja of Kolkata is the grandest Durga puja which is being celebrated in Kolkata by Bengali culture.

People of Kolkata wait for whole one year for the festival and make all planning for it in advance. The people of Kolkata make sure to come to the place from where ever they are to celebrate the festival Durga Puja.

Durga Puja in Kolkata is being celebrated with different enthusiasm and energy. The city gets livelier and no sleep for a few days. Houses get decorated, streets are ready with all kind of street foods and the toys and other more attractive stuffs.

Kolkata Durga puja is famous worldwide for its decoration and rituals during the Puja. Celebrate this grand festival by sending some Durga Puja wishes to your closed ones.

Kolkata Durga puja is notable and stands different from all other states and cities because of its Pandal, a celebration of joy and Bengali devotee for Maa Durga.

Bengalis have a different level of love and passion for Durga puja. They make sure to be around the city at the time of Puja. The Pandals with the great Idols of Goddess Durga are a special attraction for visitors at the pandal.

The puja is being celebrated grandest all across the Kolkata and every individual welcomes Maa Durga to their home and heart with loads of happiness and expectations.

Durga Puja in Kolkata has always a special place in the people of Kolkata. People do small-small get together and celebrate the festival with love and happiness.

There are so many best ways to experience the Durga Puja in Kolkata, if you want to experience them all you will have to visit at least a week before the Puja starts.

The way city drape itself into a beautiful bride, the view is awesome. you can witness the making of the idol of goddess Durga and the designs of the pandal, the shout in the city which is actually music to ears and much more exciting.

There are many ways you can participate in the vibe and flow of the festival. every year is the best Durga puja for Kolkata and they make sure to make it better and best each passing year.

Why is Kolkata famous for Durga Puja?

Kolkata Durga Puja is the magnificently celebrated festival in Kolkata. From famous Pandal to best Maa Durga idol, all are at the best from rest.

We all know why Durga puja is being celebrated, as it’s a victory of maa Durga by killing Mahisasur and setting an example of win over evil with power and knowledge.

It also signifies the Women empowerment and being strong and stand among the crowd. There are plenty of reasons why is Kolkata famous for Durga Puja and every reason has its powerful meaning and origin.

Kolkata is said to be the state of art and living. People are much artistic and followers of tradition.

From its food to clothes. from living style to communication, from greeting to the devotee, everything makes Kolkata very different from the rest of the world.

It has been said that Maa Durga lives in the land of Kolkata and is blessed by her power and beauty and Art. The 10 days long celebrated festival has the meaning of each day and is powerful in its own way.

There are many sayings and believes that why is Kolkata famous for Durga Puja?

Below are some fact check which proof why is Kolkata famous for Durga Puja.

1. Ultimate Food

You cannot skip the food of Kolkata during the festival. Those tempting sondesh and Rosgulla and other numerous amounts of sweets will make your mouth full of water without resisting. This is one of the best things you can enjoy during and after Durga Puja.

kolkata ultimate food

2. Creative Pandals

Nonetheless, if want to see heaven for 9 days on earth, visit Durga puja of Kolkata. By the decoration and the aroma, you will be mesmerized and peace of seeing beautiful pandal will give you a different level of satisfaction.

creative kolkata puja pandals

3. The Traditional Wear

Oh! How can anyone not be tempted to wear that long 6-meter-long white and red saree in Bengali style with a red vermillion to married women, playing with each other and that nice dhoti kurta reflecting class on face? This combination makes it more colourful and joyful.

traditional wear kolkata

4.  The Fun of Fair

What else can make a festival more fun and happening. Durga Puja most loved activity for everyone is to go to fair and enjoy the culture inherited by our generations. The fun of the fair is not only roaming around the pandals but to seeing and remarkable finishing of art done by the artist in the form of Goddess Durga’s Idols.

kolkata puja fair

5. The Kalash Sthapna

Kalash is one of the auspicious elements which is being kept in the house during Durga puja for 9 days. It symbolises faith, trust in God and goodwill. Kalash is generally used in all kind of puja in Hindu religion and keeping it bring home, positivity unity and peace. Hence Kalash plays an important role during Durga Puja.

Durga Puja Kalash Sthapna

6. Kanya Puja

When you are talking about Durga Puja in Kolkata, you can’t skip The Kanya Pujan. where all small girls are been gathered and offered prayer and all those things which are loved by Maa Durga. According to Hindu Mythology, they represent Maa Durga and have that aura and vibe.

7. Power of Shakti

During Durga puja, the aura of the city becomes more powerful and strong as Maa Durga is being called and established with proper prayers and mantras. What makes the difference to Kolkata Durga puja and Maa Durga idol from other place is the Eyes of the Maa Durga. It has so much attraction and power to seek the attention of every visitor.

power of shakti

How is Durga Puja celebrated in Kolkata

Durga puja Undoubtedly is the season best festival for Kolkata, it has a feeling attached to it, the emotions are untold and unsaid which are being celebrated as a festival.

There are many ways were in the festival is celebrated with joy, for Married women they smear each other with red vermillion that is popularly called the Sindoor-Khela in Kolkata and then the idols are taken to the around the city before they are finally submerged into a river Ganga.

This is the process of celebration of the Goddess side where people come together to celebrate. This is how Durga Puja is celebrated in Kolkata.

Durga Puja is a 10 days celebration festival where each day has its own meaning and importance. People start its preparation a month before and start planning for how they will celebrate the Puja and make it more memorable for next year.

From hopping pandal to Sindoor Khela, from participating in Kumari Kanya pujan to jumping on all kind of different flavours. It’s the festival of joy and happiness, so by making all the best possibilities people try to make it happen.

Kolkata has a very rich culture be it anything, from marriage to Puja to festival, they have always set a high level for celebrating it.

People who are not living in Kolkata might thing How is Durga Puja celebrated in Kolkata as they must have heard all the stories and happy celebration in Kolkata.

Below are some ways to experience the best Durga Puja celebration at Kolkata. Let’s start from first thing first.

1. Welcoming Goddess Durga at Home

The puja starts from a day before it actually takes place and it’s called Mahalia. A day when Maa Durga descends to earth. It is very auspicious and important day for the beginning of Puja. with this, we welcome Maa Durga at home for peace and prosperity.

2.  Keeping Kalash at Home

With the presence of Holy mythology and tradition, this step make purity to all the prayers with its presence.

3. Witnessing the Making of Idols

This is such a pure experience where in human creates a structure of god with hands and give a livelier face and name with the soil and water. Seeing making of the idol is an amazing experience in its own.

4. Dance for Maa Durga

After the Puja of Ashtami, the famous folk dance Dhunuchi is being performed in front of Maa Durga to impress and grace her Presence more pleasant. All ladies and gentleman participate in this activity and enjoy the festival together. This has a major effect on the puja and one od the crucial activity during Puja celebration.

5. Eat Enjoy and Repeat

What can be the festival without food and eateries. The other name of the festival is to eat and repeat. The spirit of celebration always increases when food is added to the list of celebration.

6. Pandal Visit

Pandal is one of the main attractions of seeing during Durga puja, and when it comes to Kolkata Durga puja Pandal are the best thing a person can experience, with their rich culture, their Pandals are also wide and loud in decoration. There are many places where their pandals are world-famous as they recreate some of the monuments and make it different and eye-catching.

7.  Immersion of Goddess Durga

This can be the most emotional part of whole 10 days celebration, where Maa Durga is being greeted with love respect and emotions and day 10th with all love and hope she is immersed into river Ganga. This can give you a Goosebumps for real. In this process, the whole city gets crowded and gets protected by Police and other govt bodies. With this, the puja and the festival comes to the end and the whole city goes to the back as normal.

Kolkata Durga Puja Pandals (famous once)

Kolkata Durga Puja pandals are the best to experience. They are award-winning pandal and have no competitors. Kolkata Durga Puja has the best pandal and their decorations are next level.

Each street every road and every society have a pandal and Maa Durga Idol in it. the roads are blocked with people to watch them. the lighting, the beautification and decoration can be easily taking your breath away.

There are some of the few pandals which are immensely beautiful and is into existence for more than 5 decades. they are practising and making pandal and participating each year to the Kolkata Durga puja and best Durga puja in Kolkata.

These Pandals are the famous Durga puja in Kolkata. The counting cannot be done for every pandal and their sparks for attracting the crowd.

The pandals in north Kolkata tend to be more traditional, whereas the ones in south Kolkata are contemporary and showy.

Below are the few Kolkata Durga Puja pandal which are from ages and is continue to set the Pandal in the Kolkata at the time of puja.

  • Ekdalia Evergreen

Set up in 1943, it is famous for replicating temples from all over India through its artwork. It is located in Gariaghat, to the south of the city. Ekdalia Evergreen began in 1943 and has become well-known for its outstanding replicas of temples from all over India. The decor and lighting is superb. The pandal also has one of the tallest Durga idols in the city.

Kolkata famous pandal at Ekdalia Evergreen

  • Bagbazar

Located in North Kolkata, along with the river. it is about 100 years old and focuses on simplicity and traditional rituals. One of the oldest Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata celebrated its centenary in 2018. The pandal is a relatively simple one with the emphasis on tradition and culture.

Bagbazar kolkata Pandals

  • Kumartuli Park

Established in 1995 (near Bagbazar, so you can visit them both in one go) and famous for ingenious themes, Kumartuli Park is a relatively young pandal, having been formed in 1995, but one that has become deservedly popular. It’s particularly special because it takes place in the area where many of the Durga idols are handcrafted by professional clay modellers.

  • College Square

Set up in 1948 beside a lake in Central Kolkata (off MG Road), It’s the illumination and reflected beauty is the talk of the town. Established in 1948, College Square is beside a lake; the whole area is illuminated for the festival. Understandably, the crowd comes to this pandal to see the sparkling lights and their reflection on the water. A special Kumari Puja is also held there which attracts the crowd and is very famous

  • Mohammad Ali Park

Started in 1969 on MG road, this place is famous for showcasing the beautiful architecture of monuments. Club this place with College square. This pandal is located in a large park. It’s another famous crowd-puller, with an elaborate display that showcases the magnificent architecture of monuments and temples. The Puja was started in 1969 and the idol has a classic ethereal look.

Mohammad Ali Park Kolkata Pandal

  • Suruchi Sangha

Famous for depicting a state of India through its artwork and installations, even the idols are modelled accordingly. It is 50 years old and located in New Alipore, South Kolkata. Suruchi Sangha entertains visitors with its arty outdoor display, which is usually themed on a different state of India each year. Although this Puja pandal is more than 50 years old, it first found fame in 2003 when it won an award for the best-decorated pandal.

Suruchi Sangha kolkata pandal

  • Santosh Mitra Square

Established in 1936 in the Bow Bazar area, it was earlier known as Sealdah Sarbojanin Durgotsav. It is famous for its beautifully intricate artwork display. One of the biggest and most spectacular pandals in Kolkata, Santosh Mitra Square was founded in 1936 as “Sealdah Sarbojanin Durgotsav” and renamed in 1996. The following year, it rose to fame with a particularly innovative theme and has remained extremely popular ever since.

  • Bose Pukur Sitala Mandir

Winner of multiple awards, and famous for showcasing rural Bengal through motifs, idols and artwork. It is located in Bose Pukar kasbah in the south of the city and is a must-visit. Established in 1950, Bosepukur Sitala Mandir is a multi-award winning Durga Puja pandal, earning it quite a reputation as one not to be missed. It’s a leader in unique and unusual themes, often depicting rural India.

Bose Pukur Sitala Mandir Kolkata Pandal

  • Jodhpur Park

Another popular pandal, this one has a wide gamut of themes and surprises with a unique element each year. It is located near Jadavpur Thana in South Kolkata. The spacious Jodhpur Park pandal is one of the biggest in South Kolkata. Its themes have been vast and varied, with some years more traditional than others. In 2019, the theme revolved around creation and the pandal resembles a Shiva temple. Ash was used to build it, symbolizing rebirth that gives rise to something new.

  • Badamtala Ashar Sangha

A people’s favourite and quite old (75 years), this place in Kalighat, South Kolkata, won an award for creative excellence in 2010. Badamtala Ashar Sangha is a long-standing Durga Puja pandal that also has a special place in people’s hearts. From humble beginnings, it grew to win an award for creative excellence in 2010. The pandal started experimenting with themes in 1999 and was one of the first in the city to do so.

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