Beautiful and romantic love quotes for boys is what every girl looks for to send her boyfriend. Having a special boy in your life is always beautiful. We all do a number of things to make him feel extraordinary and amazing. Sending true love quotes and status to him will make your relationship more special. For the true love of your life, you must send any of the love quotes for boys. Find below many romantic and amazing beautiful love quotes and status.

What can be greater than showering love to your boyfriend? Express your love for your partner with our romantic quotes and show him how much you love him. Share these words of love with your boyfriend and let the spark of romance shine. Find below amazing love quotes for boys.

Love Quotes for Boys

Expressing love for your partner is an overwhelming way to show your love. Many people think that love is a feeling that cannot be shown, but these quotes will make your partner feel how much you love him. Choose one of the love quotes for boys and send your boyfriend and make him feel great.

In you, I find my best friend, a close and dear friend, and a true love of my life.

I promise to be yours, everyday and every moment.

True love stories have no endings like ours.

Our bond is like the relation between the heart and blood.

I only want you only 2 times- Now and forever.

There are very few exciting surprises that come in life out of which you are the best.

I love cuddling with and being in your arms.

We will always be in each other’s heart undisturbed by distance.

love quotes and status for boys

I have a perfect heart because you are in it.

My love for you will never end and I will keep loving you endlessly.

Seeing your beautiful smile makes my day.

My morning can’t be good unless you are in my life.

I love to be in your arms now and forever.

Getting cuddled by you is the best thing of my day and I can’t wait to be in your arms.

When I say I love you, it reminds every time that you are my life.

I am waiting to start my day next to you.

You give me feelings that I have read in novels.

I can keep looking at you without blinking my eyes.

I want to take many steps and fulfil many dreams with you.

Cute Love Quotes for Him

In search of some amazing love quotes for boys?

How about sending cute love quotes to your boyfriend? This is truly amazing and you must send beautiful quotes to the love of your life. There must be spark and cuteness in your relationship and bring it back with these quotes. These love quotes for boys will make your partner’s day.

Being with you is the best thing in my life.

Hold my hand and let’s be together forever.

Your beautiful smile makes my day.

You can never measure the depth of love that my heart generates for you.

cute love quote for boys

Let’s be together forever and have a wonderful journey.

We look amazing together and you can never be replaced.

Its all my fortune that I got lucky and I have you in my life.

When I think of my new coming day or future, you are the constant face.

Short Love Quotes for Him

There’s presence of a special person in everyone’s life. For the best part of your life, these short love quotes will prove crucial. These short love quotes will bring back the missing spark in your life. Choose the best one for your partner.

I know I am not perfect, but for you, I am trying my best.

Your arms are my abode of peace and I want to stay there.

You come in my dreams every time I close my eyes.

You have always been special from the day I saw you.

short love quotes for him

Whenever I am with you, I don’t want anyone around me.

With you, the world looks more beautiful.

I keep counting the days to when we meet each other.

Loving you is seeing heaven and it gives an amazing feeling.

Beautiful Love Quotes for Him

Here are some love quotes for the special person who took your heart. Such quotes give a great feeling to your partner after they read it. Read these quotes and make your boyfriend feel more special and amazing.

For me, love only means you. I do not see someone else when I say love.

Every coming day, I love you more. My love and passion for you increases each day.

Your soothing voice is my most favorite sound.

My life is when you are in it is marvelous and exciting.

I want to sleep and get up in your arms.

beautiful love quotes for him

You are my only dream in a life full of nightmares.

The most amazing feeling is looking at him and finding that he is already looking at you.

Our time spent together is never just enough.

I just see you when we both are with each other.

You live in my soul and heart, where you pay no rent.

Romantic Love Quotes for Him

The best thing about true love is that it can also be expressed in words. Choose these beautiful words to tell your partner what he means to you.

You are the teacher who has taught me the meaning of love.

You know your voice is my favorite song.

You complete me. I can’t spend a single day without you.

I can’t stop thinking about you. You are my life.

Loving you is the best and precious thing in my life.

romantic love quotes for him

I am nothing without you and don’t want to ever leave you.

When you are in your arms, I feel butterflies in my stomach.

When you hold my hands, I feel completely safe and beautiful.

I cannot imagine myself without you.

Love Quotes for Him From the Heart

Who said you can’t express love in words? Its always worth it to show some love to your boyfriend. Sending love quotes to your boyfriend will maintain a spark in your relationship. Send him such amazing quotes from the lists of quotes mentioned below.

I am in love with your last name. Can I get it?

His smile, his lips, his face, his hands, everything is my favourite.

Thank you, my dear sweetheart, for making me the most beautiful and stylish woman in the world.

You are my definition of perfection.

love quotes for him from the heart

I find the most comfortable space in your arms.

I feel the most beautiful moments when I am with you.

I walked into my heart as he always owns it.

I feel the most beautiful moments when I am with you.

You are my best part that I always need.

Deep Love Quotes for Him

Want to make your love feel great and special? Send these love quotes to him. These deep love quotes will bring joy and happiness in his life.

I feel greatly secured when you hold me tight.

I see many beautiful stars in your smile.

Anything special and unique I do, it’s for you.

Anything that I do, you adore it. Listening to this feels amazing.

deep love quotes for him

There are many things that I love about you.

The heat of the sun and my love for you are never-ending.

Eyes are the mirrors that reflect the love of each individual in a relationship. Look into my eyes and dive into my love.

You cherish my heart in a way like no other. Is it just you or your feelings which are making me feel so?

Love Quotes for Boyfriend

When you find the love of your life, you feel amazing. For couples truly in love, these quotes are much useful. Choose any of the quotes for your boyfriend and shower your love on him.

My love for you is timeless. It will continue even after I die.

I chose you to be together forever and in my every birth.

I am deeply in love with you and all your small things.

love quotes for boyfriend

Life is better when my boyfriend is by my side.

Whenever we are silent, our silence from the heart speaks for us.

The first time you hold my hand, I knew that I was born only to be yours.

Loving you was never a choice. It was a necessity.

Funny Love Quotes

A relationship must have immense love, passion for each other, possessiveness, a fun factor, etc. A relationship that is missing fun can be boring. To keep your relationship great, these fun quotes will help.

Love is like a mental illness, but it is also a pleasant one.

Love is like a war. It is very easy to begin but too difficult to end.

Your love is not true if you didn’t get blocked.

funny love quotes

When a woman says- “Do whatever you want, do not do what you want.”

Gravitation has no role to make people fall in love.

Desperate Love Quotes for Him

In any relationship, desperation rules. Send these quotes to the true love of your life.

I fell asleep chatting with you as it feels amazing.

I am thankful to God for sending you into my life.

My love for you has no boundaries.

My heart will always be yours.

Our pure love awakens my heart.

The best thing about our relationship is trust and passion for each other.

I will always have your name in my heart till my last breath.

You are my source of ultimate happiness.

You are the perfect partner with whom I want to spend my entire life.

It is very difficult for me to live in a world where you don’t exist.

All these love quotes are perfect to make your partner’s day more romantic. See how great he feels when you send such special quotes to the love of your life. Find here the best love quotes for boys and choose the best one for the love of your life. If you want more such amazing quotes, comment below.