Engagement, when someone hears this word, the person starts relating all his new dreams of new life and how it will get along and all the executions.

Engagement anniversary status for whatsapp are some of the quotes people use it widely to express their feelings & moments of love.

Engagement is one of the best feelings for a couple, it’s the security, the authenticity and confirmation of being each other for rest of the life. My engagement status for WhatsApp can be really useful for all those couples who got recently engaged or even for the couple who are happily married.

Let’s see some of the best and amazing My Engagement Status for WhatsApp and enjoy!

Thinking about this moment and seeing it into getting reality is like getting my dream come true. Click To Tweet

This ring in our finger holds us closer.

How you came into my life is still a mystery, a beautiful mystery.

Our engagement story will be a fairy-tale for our generation to come.

I can’t yet believe you will be the man for the rest of the life. Click To Tweet

I feel lucky to be part of your life and now we are on the same page.

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Waited for this day from long. Holding hands together is such a blessing.

Finally, now when we are engaged, I can get my morning cup of tea.

All those phone calls and video calls are summarised with this engagement ring. Click To Tweet

Long-distance made us come closer and I couldn’t wait to flaunt you.

 All those teasing and self-control will now be paid off. Happy Engagement anniversary love.

 The first step for this relation, our engagement was the perfect way how you proposed me.

The Diamond is you gave me helps me in flaunting you and your love. Happily, engaged with you. Click To Tweet

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 This relationship has given me so many reasons to love my life, and our engagement journey till marriage was perfect destination walk.

 You are the goal whom I want to achieve by any path. Thanks for making my presence so much meaningful.

Today is the day when we both have started, with our choice and approved each other.

One right person and whole life seems sorted. you are that right to me. Mr Right!! happy Engagement anniversary my honey.! Click To Tweet

 Till date in my whole life, you are the best decision I have taken.

 So now it’s the wedding alarm for us.

 I got engaged to true love and best human being

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I wish writing and describing my love for you would be that easy how it seems.

So opposite and so different, still mad for each other, That’s how I describe my love for you. wishing you all the happiness.

This ring is a reminder for being together in sickness and health to love and to cherish. Click To Tweet

Soon we will be taking all the marriage vows and shall walk through the aisle.

I still ask what I like about you the most, and every time smile comes to my face by thinking about you. That what I like about you.

The thrill we faced while things were not confirmed was the best curiosity I ever had. Click To Tweet

Happy engagement anniversary to the lady of my life. Thank you for making my world more beautiful.

You enhance me with your praise, support and love.

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 I start blushing more when you say those words. Our engagement memories make me feel more blush.

The moment you said, you are mine, I was blown with all emotions full of love.

I am dying to flaunt you to the world and say that you are my world. Happiest anniversary my love. Click To Tweet

 I still remember how I rejected you. well I was about to take the world’s bad decision. Thank you for poking me till the time I was not convinced.

 Saying I love you doesn’t make a person love you more, but showing your love and care make a person die in love.

 I have never thought we would come this much closer in a short span of time, I never thought you will become my destination.

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 So, you are the man, I waited all these years, in search of happiness I met you.

Long-distance has given me the perfect person to love and to live by. Happiest anniversary darling! Click To Tweet

When I look back at an album of our engagement, I cherish all the moment I have shared with you and become happier thinking I will be sharing my life with you.

People fall in love, broke up thing changes, time passes, loving you every time with the same passion and feeling is above all. I love you and happy engagement anniversary.

Being in a relationship is not a destination it’s a process of being equally happy and compatibility.

From message to calls to meeting to engagement, our journey of new beginning is beautiful and thrilling. Click To Tweet

You thought being loyal is the best in the world. even If I want, I can’t afford to lose you.

 There are few things, which make me cry and make my smile at the same time, and you are one of them. I love you and happy anniversary baby!

 No one can understand me better than you. you understand my silence, keep showering your love to me. happy engagement anniversary.

 That feeling when you will be holding my hands and proofing our love to everyone. I just can’t wait.

Assuring your love for me to love me till infinite, was the greatest promise we both made on our engagement anniversary. Click To Tweet

Why do we need a status engagement update?

Have you ever thought why do we need a status engagement update? It’s a reminder for us to cherish the moment, the person we are with for rest of the life and to make people aware about it. And the best way to do that is by sharing some beautiful my engagement status for whatsapp.

Engagement is not just a function where two souls enjoy and exchange ring, it’s a process where two soul exchange each other with each other’s mind and behavior and habits. it’s a consent of accepting the person as she/he is.

When you are in love, physical appearance becomes secondary, your focus shifts from good looking too good-hearted person, how he cares for you. how he reacts to your need and grievances.

To remind all this, we need a status engagement update. Amazing and beautiful self engagement status for WhatsApp takes us back to the journey we have started.

How to pen your own engagement status?

Trust me, we have foreseen too many engagements and would have taken the idea from it how our own engagement would be. Creating and dreaming of your own anniversary is everyone’s dream.

We generally chose a different way to pen down our own engagement status as it includes all the roller coaster rides of feeling and memories. Jotting down in own way make it’s more beautiful and livelier.

When you update your engagement status, you can make and create an album where all the close pictures of your spouse can be used and showcase.

It’s one of the difficult to choose and make as you fall in love with all the pictures and memories and you starting relating back then what happened. These are very useful on their own engagement status for WhatsApp these days. Give a try!

How do I tell my friend about my engagement?

Friends are the always first point of contact where you go and tell all your storied with chilli flakes and curiosity. Whatever comes and go, they are always been updated, but when it comes to your life-changing decision of being getting engaged with your loved one, you try to hold before unboxing the happiness, because you don’t want to rush and hush before everything get settled down.

You try to keep the person very private till your relationship doesn’t get stamped and approved by everyone. telling friends about your happiness doubles it actually. they are always ready with all the best idea and teasing part.

There are several ways you can disclose your happiness with them, you can actually tell them that you are getting engaged and then wait for their reaction of facepalm.

Those screaming and happy tears would be there as long as you will not tell bit and pieces of the story of love. How do I tell my friend about my engagement?

This is a question which comes to the mind of each individual. Ultimately, they are the only one who will be there for you no matter what, from choosing décor to choosing the dress, so never forget to tell your friends about your amazing and beautiful Engagement.

How do you let people know you’re engaged?

How do you let people know you’re engaged? this question has actually no answer because at the end you are going to tell each and every person involved in your life about your engagement telling people about your engagement is really very hard, as you get loads of questions and backfire and those blushes and shy, you can’t skip. you can prepare a gift wrap when you disclose about your engagement with a big and happy smile.

Let people see the happiness behind your smile and then put your engagement story, Our society loves to hear the romantic story. take your story to the above level.

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