The great Indian festival Navratri has begun, and with the arrival of Navratri, people are super enthusiastic to celebrate it in full-fervor. The nine days celebration of this grand Indian festival is filled with different Navratri colors and, various forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped on each day.

Every part of Indian culture has its own ways and rituals to celebrate Navratri. So, apart from worshipping Goddess Durga, we play dandiya, keep fasting also prepare different Navratri foods.

The auspicious occasion of Navratri is filled with different Navratri colors and, each color of Navratri has its own importance. Celebrate this grand Indian festival with your friends & family by sending them beautiful Navratri wishes.

Let’ dive in deep to have a look.


The festival begins with the worship of Goddess Shailaputri, the daughter of mountains. She is the manifestation of all the hills, valleys, water resources & atmosphere. On this day people wear orange color which signifies energy, happiness, success & good fortune. It’s a great day to start your celebration.

orange navratri colors


On the second day of Navratri, Goddess Brahmacharini is worshipped, the goddess with all the spiritual & pious knowledge. White is the color of this day, which signifies perfection, purity & calmness.

white navratri colors


On the third day of Navratri Goddess, Chandraghanta is worshipped, which means half moon and always ready to destroy the devils. She protects her devotees from all the sins, sufferings & hurdles of life. Red is the color of this day which, signifies passion, love & fearlessness.

red navratri colors

Royal Blue

On the fourth day of Navratri, Goddess Kushmanda is worshipped who created the whole universe. It is believed that she bestows her devotees with all the power, prosperity & strength. Royal blue is the color of this day, which signifies health, wealth & superiority.

royal blue color navratri


On the fifth day of Navratri, Goddess Skandamata is worshipped, who is also the mother of Kartikeya & the Goddess of fire. The worship of Goddess Skandamata can lead us to salvation. She blesses her devotees with all the power, prosperity & success. Yellow is the color of this day which, signifies brightness and happiness.

yellow navratri colors


On the sixth day of Navratri, Goddess Katyayani is worshipped, which is the primitive form of Goddess Durga created by the anger of gods for slaying the devils. Green is the color of this day, signifying harmony and peace and especially showering blessings on unmarried girls.

green navratri colors


On the seventh day of Navratri, Goddess Kalaratri is worshipped who is believed to demolish all the negative energies, evil spirits, demons, and ghosts. She shower her blessings on her devotees and provide them all the wealth, knowledge & power. She is one of the most ferocious &violent forms of Goddess Durga. Grey is the color of this day, which signifies fearlessness, and Goddess Kalaratri removes all the darkness from the life of her devotees.

grey navratri colors


On the eighth day of Navratri, Goddess Mahagauri is worshipped, which means exceptionally white and is the most beautiful form of Goddess Durga. She is always ready to fulfill allthe her devotee’s wishes and make them free from all the sufferings of their life. Purple is the color of this day, which signifies luxury, power, peace & ambition.

purple navratri colors

Peacock Green

On the ninth day of Navratri, Goddess Siddhidhatri is worshipped, She is the Goddess with all the eight types of Siddhis. (siddhis means supernatural power) She gave birth to all the three trinities of gods, Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh. Goddess Siddhidhatri blesses all her devotees with siddhis & fulfills all their heavenly desires. Peacock Green is the color of this day, which signifies growth and success.

peacock green navratri color

So, Celebrate this Navratri in a unique way by making your festival full of different Navratri colors. Try to wear different outfits of each significant color in a span of nine days, and may Goddess Durga bestow her sheer blessings, love, and affection. Status Quotes Hub wishes you all a pleasant Navratri.