Goodbyes and always painful. Dealing with pain is still difficult. We all experience pain and sadness in our lives and look for ways to overcome it. Consoling people suffering from pain is tough. When the person suffering from pain is not with you, sending them a ray of hope or sad messages is excellent. Find here one word sad status for Whatsapp for your loved ones.

Our life is full of ups and downs. Pain is the only reason for our sadness. You may feel lost, feel upset, cry, or experience a broken heart. As much as we try, some things are beyond our control, but we have to face them. We need to face it bravely.

Have a look at some of the sad Whatsapp quotes that you can send to your loved one and share it with your special one.

One Word Status for the Breakup

Breakup is commonly seen and people suffer a lot when they face breakup. Facing and dealing with a breakup is undoubtedly not easy. Have a look at some great one word sad status for WhatsApp for a breakup. During breakup one is extremely sad and look for some painful sad love quotes which suites their situation. Pick the best one and share it with your loved ones.

No one wants such an end. We always wanted to be together, but unfortunately it didn’t work. May we have enough strength to live without each other.

I never expected that our separation would hurt me a lot. But we have to go through this and stay brave. Hope we come out of this soon.

Every single day reminds me of you and the beautiful and amazing time we spent with each other. Click To Tweet

Many battles in our life bring us to a situation when we leave the most crucial thing of our lives. Let’s be brave enough to face this difficult time alone.

I am sad, recalling the time we spent together. It is so difficult and traumatic to spend a single day without you.

One word status for the breakup

Whenever I think of losing you, I cry. I cannot even bear the thought of losing you.

No guy is worth your tears. A perfect guy won’t make you cry in any case.

When you are deeply in love, you neglect everything that your partner does. It hurts a lot and deep down you are broken. Click To Tweet

The saddest thing in the world is falling out of love.

Nothing can separate me from you. I love you endlessly and I cannot think of losing you.

I am not okay. I am just pretending to be normal.

Sometimes it’s better to be alone. Nobody can hurt you.

The worst thing is telling about the pain you are going through. Click To Tweet

I hide my scars with “I am fine”.

Feelings are just visitors. They come and go.

one word quotes for breakup

Feeling empty inside.

I’m more broken than you think.

That moment when you think you are necessary to someone and you are not.

Don’t let small things ruin our bond.

Forgive yourself for loving the wrong person. Click To Tweet

No one cares. They are just pretending.

Everything is strange, life and people both.

My heart keeps breaking thinking about you.

When someone makes you an option, make them a memory.

one word status and breakup for whatsapp

It hurts because it matters.

I never stopped loving. I only stopped showing.

Time has a wonderful way of showing the reality of people. Click To Tweet

It feels every part of my body is broken.

When your past calls, ignore. It has nothing new to say.

Pain makes people change.

One Word Whatsapp Status for Loneliness

Loneliness is very commonly seen, and people struggle to overcome it. If you are feeling lonely, the below Whatsapp status can be helpful for you. Find the best Whatsapp status for loneliness and choose the best one.

I am good at pretending things. But the pain of our separation haunts me each day.

My silence is another word for my pain.

You can’t please everybody.

I’m more broken than you think.

The worst kind of sadness is not about to explain why. Click To Tweet

You killed the past good part of me.

It is so difficult to forget someone who was one of the most important parts of our lives.

one word whatsapp status for loneliness

Crying in rain is good as no one can see the tears in the eyes.

If there is a heart, there’s always sadness.

My silence doesn't mean I am alright. Deep down I am very hurt and sad. Click To Tweet

Trusting someone so deeply and then losing that trust is so painful.

My caring nature is a big issue for me. I always get hurt.

I always try to be good, even if I am not very perfect.

One Word Status for Alone

A person can feel alone many times. Living alone is very tough. Dealing with these tough times is challenging. But you need to face the situation bravely. Have a look at some of the best Whatsapp status. Pick up the right status.

It’s sad to be happy alone.

More expectations ruin the relationship and trust.

From the outside, I am smiling, but I am not happy from the inside.

I am loyal, but it seems that I am loyal only to the wrong people.

Never play with the feelings of others. You may not know how bad a person will get hurt when you leave him. Click To Tweet

Your beauty is not only the reason I love you. I love everything about you.

When I say I am okay, I want someone to look in my eyes and say, I know you are not ok. Stop lying.

one word status for alone

I may look fine and alright, but I am not ok.

A billion feelings, thousand thoughts, many memories, all for one person. Click To Tweet

Memories are only the reason we can’t move on.

I know you left and you are not going to come back. Still I am waiting for you.

Real feelings just don’t go away.

One of the worst things is waiting for the one who is never going to come back.

Sometimes you have a fake smile to hide your tears.

Things change but the way I felt for you will never fade. Click To Tweet

Bad relationships change good people.

I don’t regret my past. I regret the valuable time and memories I spent with you.

one word quote for alone

Very sadly, people will learn to praise you when they lose you.

Don’t waste my time if you have no intentions to be with me.

People always say- follow your heart. But what to do when your heart is broken into two pieces. Click To Tweet

At one point, you have to accept that you will be no longer with the person.

No one has ever loved anyone the way everyone wanted to be loved.

Sadness comes from bad experiences. It comes from bad situations and circumstances.

He is not mine. We are not together. But what’s worth is he is my sweetest whatever.

Whenever I trust anyone, I get hurt and end up crying.

I need only two times when I need you- now and forever. Click To Tweet

Beautiful heart shines brighter and clearer.

quotes and status for alone

The bad feeling is pretending that you don’t care for me. When in reality, that’s all you think of.

My dear heart, please stop getting involved with everyone you see.

You always end up hurting people, no matter how well and hard you try to keep them happy. Click To Tweet

I just want to feel asleep till I stop missing you.

Give me time and I promise that I will get over you.

The most difficult thing is to wipe your invisible tears.

You don’t know when to come back once you leave your partner.

Living with the wrong person can be a mess to our life.

loneliness quotes and status

I don’t need drugs to survive. Life is killing and destroying me slowly and I am near to my end.

When I think about your happiness and joy, I forget mine. This won’t happen again and again.

I know you don't exist, but me and my heart keeps on looking for you. Click To Tweet

Now lying is so easy that every second, even if we are right, we prefer the lie’s easy term.

One Word Status for Unhappiness

Unhappiness is a very common scene. We all face unhappiness or sadness at one point or the other. If you are going through unhappy times, the below Whatsapp status can be useful for you.

You can’t make a rainbow without rain. Happiness and sadness is a part of your life.

Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing what to do is the worst kind of suffering. Click To Tweet

Don’t expect to get what you give. Not everybody has a heart like you.

Loving someone who doesn’t love you is so sad and upsetting.

You may not know what is wrong and what’s going on in a person’s mind even if you are close to that person.

one word status for unhappiness

Sometimes, it’s better to be alone. Nobody can hurt you.

Missing you is the worst part of my day. I cannot even think of losing you.

Sometimes sitting alone removes sadness.

It’s never tears that measure the pain; sometimes it’s the smile we fake. Click To Tweet

If there’s a heart, there’s always sadness.

He said he’d love me forever. Forever ended quickly.

What hurts more than losing you is knowing you are not fighting to keep me.

Time will make you forget me, but time will make me love you more than before.

Apologies don’t fix broken hearts.

The expectation is the root of all problems. Click To Tweet

Being ignored is the worst feeling ever.

one word status and quotes for unhappiness

The expectation has been the root cause of many things.

Memories are the reason you can’t move forward.

I wish I could choose which memories to remember. Click To Tweet

Sometimes you just need to go away.

I am more broken than you think.

The worst kind of sadness is not able to explain why.

Some people come into your life just to teach you how to let go.

People usually hurt you to heal themselves.

People aren’t permanent.

Don’t let stupid things break your happiness.

one word quotes for unhappiness

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

If it is not a happy ending, how can it even be an end?

I wish I could ignore you as you ignore me.

There are two types of pain. One pain that changes you and the other that lives with you forever. Click To Tweet

All you need is a person who cares.

I do not smile because I am happy; I smile to hide my sadness.

I got lost inside my mind.

Whenever I trust someone, they give me the reason for not trusting them.

I don’t care about anyone who does not trust me fully.

My most painful memory is when you allowed me to go. Click To Tweet

They ignore you until they need you.

Life goes on with or without you.

Tears are words for a broken heart.

No matter how far you are. You are always in my thoughts.

I’m not happy without you in my life.

Everyone will hurt you, except the ones worth suffering from.

You have been strong and dealing with everything. Silence is just another word for such people. You just have to stay brave and tough. Find the best one word sad status for Whatsapp and choose the right one.