Losing a best friend is one of the saddest things that can happen to a person. A best friend is your second family, your confidant, your biggest supporter, and a critic too. Though there might be misunderstandings and fights between the two friends, when the fight goes a step beyond the limit, you lose a friend.

Here are some quotes about losing a best friend friendship that might help you overcome such situations. These quotes about losing a best friend will surely give you the hope that it was for the better. Moreover, there are chances that you might even get your friend back.

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Quotes About Losing a Best Friend Friendship 

Though I am not here with you now, I assure you, my thoughts, beliefs, and dreams are always with you.

Even if we are in different worlds, I will always look out for you.

You know, even the Grim Reaper was jealous of our friendship and stated that we had the friendship that he wished he had. Click To Tweet

The comfort that I had when I had you is now gone. Though you are not here, your memories are here, and that’s enough for me.

Losing a dear friend is like breathing without any air.

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Best friends who did everything together are now unable to attend each other’s funeral.

All the games, trips, sleepovers, wedding plans, everything seems so blur after you went away.

Even though we are angry at each other, I know you would be the first to be there when I need you. Click To Tweet

We lose friends at different stages of life. The ones who come back during the worst times are the ones who always cared for you.

Your memory is all I want to keep with me.

I know you are up there preparing everything so that we would be able to do everything together again when I come. Click To Tweet

What hurts the most is the betrayal of a best friend. The one who was your confidant is now the person whom you don’t know anymore.

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Friends change into strangers over time. The ones who remain true throughout are the ones you should count upon.

There was not a day that I remember without you. You were the one that made my days brighter, and now you are not here, and the days are gloomy.

Losing a close friend is like losing a member of your family. Click To Tweet

Grieving for a best friend is something that nobody ever wants in their life. Who would want to lose the only idiot they have in their life?

You lose friends when you are not ready to forgive them for small things.

If you have a sincere heart, your friends will come back to you. It might take days, weeks, months, or even years, but they will be back. Click To Tweet

A betrayal from a lover is bearable as you have your best friend to lean on to. But, when a betrayal from a best friend happens, you have no one to lean on to.

When a best friend breaks your trust, it scars you for the whole life. You trusted the person with your whole life, and that trust is gone, giving you a long deep scar.

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Never try to settle a dispute between two friends. It might cause them to lose a friendship.

When you lose a best friend, you get to see the sea full of sharks from which your friend had protected you for so long, by sailing with you. Click To Tweet

There will be people who will celebrate your happiness, but the ones who are there to wipe your tears are the ones whom you should never lose. They are precious gems.

A tearful farewell, some bittersweet goodbyes, and all the good memories; are the things that remain etched in my mind while you go on the train.

Promise me. You will wait for me; even if I am late, you will be there to receive me with open arms on the other side.

Okay, I am letting you go now, but remember, once I arrive in that world, you will get the biggest hits of your life. Click To Tweet

Can we please have another goodbye, another cup of tea, another happy moment before you leave? I am not ready to let you go, my friend.

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How does it feel when a best friend breaks your trust? It feels like someone has pierced a thousand pieces of glass in my heart.

The pain of betrayal is difficult to digest, but it’s better than being your friend. Click To Tweet

I don’t know what happened to us. We were best friends once, and now I don’t even know your name anymore.

Why does it feel bitter when I take your name in my mouth? I guess this is the taste of betrayal.

I would rather be alone than with a disloyal old friend who broke my trust.

Sometimes, best friends make it difficult to forgive them by breaking all the trust and hope. Click To Tweet

I try so hard to forget you, but it becomes harder with all those good memories we had, friend.

When I saw that selfish personality, I could not recognise the girl who was my best friend. That’s when I knew that I lost my best friend.

These were some of the quotes about losing a best friend friendship that will help you cope with the lost friendship you had recently.