A relationship is like an institution of love. You cannot survive in a relationship without trust, respect, and understanding. Even though communication plays a vital role in a relationship, you cannot undermine the importance of silence. To teach you the art of silence, we have created a massive collection of quotes about silence in a relationship.

Whenever you feel that your relationship is hitting a rocky patch, remember the art of silence. There are many expectations in a relationship. Expectation quotes in a relationship teach you about how staying silent can help you. When you stay silent, you can think better and analyze things properly. Here are some great quotes on the silence that will convince you about the importance of staying silent at times.

Wise people know that those who remained silent got the best benefits in life. So, here are some of the best quotes and whatsapp status on silence to help you get the best out of your relationship.

Best Quotes About Silence in a Relationship

We need to understand that the most effective and efficient way to portray things in the world is nothing but silence. 

Arguments can be won when you learn that words are weaker than silence.

The quieter your mind is, the more your ears can hear. 

Listening to the silence in your hearts will give you so much to hear. Click To Tweet

Miseries arrive when you can’t sit a moment in silence.

We don’t need to argue and scream at the top of our voice every time; sometime saying nothing can say a lot of things for you.

Only a fool can choose petty words over beautiful silence.

The space between two people can only be permeated by silence and not words.

Staying silent can help you feel the most beautiful moments in life.

What words can’t tell you, silence does.

Silence quotes in a relationship

Place a hand over your heart and stay silent; you will hear the one you love the most.

There are numerous fruitful couples on the planet, and every one of them know the significance of quietness.

Silence is that paradise that can instantly transform your mood and life.

The joy of silence is perhaps the greatest joy of life.

A promise without words is a thousand times better than a promise without heart.

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It is better to say nothing when you really have nothing to say.

A calm and silent mind is perhaps the kindest of all.

It is true that you can achieve whatever you want when you stay silent and listen to yourself.

The chaos of words can drown the purity of silence.

silence status in relationship

Only in silence can you learn the beauty of this life.

Those words that can’t calm you down have no importance in your life.

Silence is the potion that nourishes the mind.

Chaos and noise can create a temporary illusion, but silence clears the mind.

When things look dark, look within your heart in silence to find the light. Click To Tweet

When you want to understand something, you should remain silent.

Lies can be chaotic. Stay in silence to look behind the truth of lies. 

The absolute most noteworthy personalities on the planet have driven an existence of quietness.

If speech is equivalent to silver, silence is like gold.

There is no better talent than silence.

Silence status and quotes in relationship

The closer you go towards the truth, the more silent you should become.

Misunderstanding words is better than not understanding silence.

When your mind is in a tragedy, stop thinking and start remaining silent.

The greatest teacher is silence. When you listen to silence, you learn a lot from it.

The more you start understanding silence, the wiser you become. Click To Tweet

A sagacious person considers silence to be the best reply.

Silence is a powerful thing that can seem as loud as a scream.

You experience quiet when you begin understanding things that you didn’t see prior.

Knowledge is so overwhelming that it makes you silent.

silence quotes and status in relationship

Your silence is your greatest weapon.

The most troublesome thing is limiting your voice.

Wasting words on worthless things can deprive you of energy.

Your true wisdom is reflected not from your words but your silence.

The continuous reflection of a wise mind is known as silence.

When your words can’t express your feelings, your silence does. 

Everything in this world reaches a conclusion, aside from quietness. It stays and goes on. Click To Tweet

Silence should be accentuated just when you have something better to supplant it with.

Silence is like that companion in your struggling life that can never betray you.

I prefer silent actions rather than loud miscalculated risks in life.

Silence is a wise man’s tool.

Nothing in this world strengthens authority as much as silence does.

relationship quotes about silence

Achieving anything in life without the power of silence would prove to be much difficult.

The right words are effective, but the right pauses win your wars.

Silence is more eloquent than words.

The truth can indeed hurt, but silence has the power to kill.

The most melodious of tunes lies not in words but the silence between. Click To Tweet

Every silence speaks a thousand words in itself.

Silence is a hidden gem when you are unable to find a good answer.

When silence is the truth, you cannot help but embrace it.

Wise men have said that silence terrifies you the most.

The eternal silence of infinite spaces can be frightening to many people.

Only in the silence of whispers can you hear the voice of the gods.

True wisdom is not found in words, rather in silence.

Silence is the key to win every heart and mind.


Relationship is all about silence and words have their own important role and can be expressed. Here are quotes about silence in a relationship to make your loved ones feel special and get your silence understood.