Falling in love is a fantastic feeling. You feel and have the best times when you are in love. Praising each other and having each other’s company is lovely. A relationship is also full of giving and receiving surprises.

What a couple cannot miss when they are in a relationship is romantic quotes for girlfriend. These love quotes and status delight your partner and keep your bond intact. Fall in love and see how amazing you feel.

What can be more memorable and unique for any girlfriend other than her boyfriend sending or keeping status for her. If you want to make your relationship more romantic, try some beautiful romantic quotes for your girlfriend.

These romantic quotes will make your girlfriend feel more special. Choose one of the best love romantic quotes for a girlfriend. Make her feel on the top of the word with these romantic quotes.

Every day with you feels extra special.

Our love journey is a never-ending true story.

I say “I love you” each day to remind you that I endlessly love you.

You are my lifeline. I cannot think of living without you. Click To Tweet

Your beautiful and cute smile makes my day.

You are mine, now and forever.

I love to see you smile, especially when I know that I am the reason for it.

romantic quotes for girlfriend

I deeply love you, but the fear of losing you worries me.

My love for you is endless and grows every coming day.

I want one person in my life, and that’s you.

I am very thankful to God for giving you as my soulmate.

My most favorite, and desired place is by your side.

My most favorite distraction is you.

Your smile is my favorite, and I love to look at it. Click To Tweet

When I hear my heart, it takes me only to you.

We both have stolen each other’s hearts, and I love it.

You are the one who cheers me when I am feeling low.

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I can skip sleeping my nights just for talking with you.

The only right decision that I made is choosing you.

One of the biggest feelings is to get loved by you.

You are the only person who I can talk, and see all night. Click To Tweet

You are the princess of my life.

Whenever you come into my dream, I wish I never wake up.

Your love has changed me to become a better person.

You are my priority now and always.

Sweet love quotes for your girlfriend

Love quotes are a great way to make your partner feel more romantic and special. Select the right romantic quotes for girlfriend and make her feel special.

I have experienced the true love of my life with you.

Saying yes to you is one of the excellent decisions that I could have ever made.

Remember me whenever you need me. I am forever with you.

There is no replacement for you and will never be. Click To Tweet

I love spending time with you. I feel extremely glad and joyful when we both are together.

There is a madness loving you as I feel extra special.

sweet love quotes for your girlfriend

Live, love, and laugh… I love to do all this with you.

When I saw you, I felt very different. I felt as if I saw the best thing in the world.

Hey my sweetheart. I cannot spend a single day without you. Click To Tweet

You are a beautiful woman, not only by face, but by heart.

My beautiful girlfriend, you made my day more amazing.

Convincing quotes for girlfriend

A relationship has fights. But you can convince your girlfriend easily with anyone with the quotes mentioned below.

I am sure I am not the best, but I am trying to be the best and unique.

Even if we fight, I know I still love you.

Whenever we are fighting, remember, we could have spent that time cuddling. Click To Tweet

Do you want to know who I love endlessly? It’s love my sweetheart!

You think you are one of the millions, but you are one in the millions.

convincing quotes for girlfriend

When I say, I am sorry. It truly means I am sorry for what I did and said.

Are you a magician? Every time I look at you, everything disappears and I feel like magic.

I do not say sorry very frequently, but I feel it when I say it. Click To Tweet

I don’t want to lose any special thing of my life, especially you/

I wish I never hurt you and always keep you smiling.

Short love quotes for your girlfriend

Sharing love quotes makes a girl feel more special. Get the best quote for your girlfriend and make her feel extra special.

I fall in love many times, each time with you.

It was an attraction when we met; now it’s love.

If I know the true meaning of love, it’s because of you. Click To Tweet

I want to freeze the time when we are with each other.

Your smile is all I want to freeze and keep as an asset.

Yes, dreams come true. I strongly believe it because I got you.

Everything is perfect in life when I am with you.

short love quotes for gf

My love for you skyrockets each day.

If I have millions of reasons to feel special and smile, it’s because of you.

I don't need thousands of reasons to smile. I smile when you are with me. Click To Tweet

I need only armor to fight all life battles.

Every time we cuddle, it becomes one of my sweetest memories.

Your heart has touched my heart in a hundred ways.

Because of you, I see a better version of myself.

Best girlfriend quotes ever

Every girlfriend wants to be made feel superior and best. Share the best romantic quotes with your girlfriend.

I can feel the changes in my life and emotions since the day I met you.

I continuously dream of you and wake up with the wish to see every morning with you. Click To Tweet

You are such a joyful and cheerful person. You are amazing as a person.

My heart skips a bit when I wonder about you.

best gf quotes ever

I would love to say anything that makes you smile.

You brighten up my day.

I have a perfect life that you are a part of. Click To Tweet

Your eyes are beautiful. I can’t help, but get lost in them.

You take my breath away.

Cute girlfriend quotes

What makes a girlfriend happier are the cute girlfriend quotes. These cute romantic quotes are a necessity for a relationship. Share the best and a cute romantic quote for your girlfriend.

One of the best moments and feelings is when we hold each other’s hand.

I wanted life to have a pause button. I have to pause every moment that we spent together.

My love and smile for you is endless. Click To Tweet

Your simplicity and beauty makes me go mad whenever I see you.

Your beauty is worth gazing.

cute girlfriend quotes

I want to start my day by seeing your face and end it with you in my dreams.

I want to make the time stand still when I am with you.

You have made my dreams come true.

Saying goodbye to you will be the most difficult part of my life. Click To Tweet

When I open my eyes, I want to see you.

You are the first and utmost crucial person who I want to see throughout my life.

Funny girlfriend quotes

Sharing funny love quotes can be a very romantic thing that you can do for your girlfriend. It adds more spice to your relationship.

Honesty is a crucial factor to a great relationship. If you can fake it, you are in.

If you can be in love for many years, you are on something different.

Always follow your heart, but remember to bring your brain along. Click To Tweet

Humans have 206 bones in their bodies. Spare the heart; break the bones instead.

funny girlfriend quotes

To fall in love is to live in a world of both hell and heaven.

I believe in gender equality. So, on our next day, I am going to split the bill.

To fall in love is simple. To fall out of love is simply awful. Click To Tweet

Sincerest love in this world for me is a love for delicious food.

The bravest thing that a man can do is to love a woman.

Romantic quotes for a girlfriend give a great bond to your relationship. Share and send the best one for your girlfriend.