Love, the word needs no explanation and introduction in society. it is the most powerful word an individual can use to grow and to destroy. when we are in love, we try to make every moment happy and cherish all the time spent with each other.

When there is love, the sadness comes along with it. You can’t skip the term and the feeling of being getting hurt and sad. If you are looking out for Sad love WhatsApp Status which can describe your feelings. Below heart touching and very Sad WhatsApp Status can be really useful for those who are looking for it.

When I met you first, I had no idea this separation would be so difficult.

Loving you was quite easy than hating you. Click To Tweet

When we were in love, all those things which we use to do was fun now it makes me sad seeing all those fun without you.

I wish I see you again in all my life and after that.

Breaking my heart was the best thing you did, you taught me not to love enough.

sad love whatsapp status

Living with the pieces of broken hurt is more like death.

When you were gone, I left my self too.

Those tears and pain in my heart speaks a lot how much I miss you. Click To Tweet

Love was between us when we were together, when love left, we don’t even worry for each other.

Our destiny was not aligned and we were not there for each other, I miss all those days spent with you.

One day, everything will be fine. I will heal, time will repair. my heart will smile.

I am so lost without you.

sad love quotesI know I am going to get better, but your loss is incomparable.

Despite what all happened, I am glad we are still together but in my imagination.

I might be a bad lover, but trust me I loved with all my open heart. Click To Tweet

Even if we are apart. I will be always there for you.

All I wanted you to say me I am yours. none the less, feeling buried inside my heart.

Just wanted you to stay with me ever and forever, please don’t say be goodbye.

sad love status


Maybe I will be drunk again just to feel your love and never want to come back in my senses. That place is so right for me.

Your arms were the best place for me to take rest and calming down. I wonder if I have to live with the restlessness once you are not with me. Click To Tweet

I am no longer happy. I am just without you now. sad and alone.

When you left me, I thought I will be not able to love anymore. but it doesn’t make sense.

Sad Love Whatsapp Status for Boyfriend

In today’s generation, falling in love and being called a boyfriend and girlfriend is so common. these words are now not taboo. Making it understand for a person who have been never in love is so difficult. This is a relationship of possessiveness and care, love and sadness.

Sad love WhatsApp status will show you the sadness and heart-breaks which a girl goes through. below is the very sad love WhatsApp status for boyfriend.

You were a happy and safest place. The moment you are gone I am crazy.

I am so real when I was with you. no one would have understood me the way you did.

Seeing you with someone else, breaks me in pieces. That pain is so hard to control. Click To Tweet

You are like water, I can touch you, feel you but can’t hold you.

I have been strong for too long, now crying will not justify me as weak.

sad love whatsapp status for boyfriend


I waited a lot for you, I was even loyal to you when you were not with me, because my heart was always with you.

I hope one fine day I will wake up and will say, such a nightmare I saw where you were not in my life.

My heart beats more faster when you cross me. that wave and that moment I wish I can capture and keep. Click To Tweet

I no longer regret my past, because if I gave too much to the wrong person, imagine what bond I can create with someone who will be right to me.

sad love whatsapp quotes for boyfriend


When you care for someone more than they deserve, you get hurt more than you deserve.

Its is said wrongly that you should love in limit, truth is, there is no limit once you fall in love. Click To Tweet

My availability to you made me stay apart from you.

I remember how I use to flaunt you. God! I was crazy for you, now I am back in my sense.

One Line Sad Love Whatsapp Status

Sad WhatsApp Status is one of the most used statuses as everyone once has fallen in love and have faced the painful time. Sad love WhatsApp status shows an individual’s inner voice and it indicates his/her feelings.

Online Sad Love WhatsApp Status is the best way to express your feelings in a short manner. Below Heart touching and best sad online WhatsApp status will make you put your feelings directly.

I was with you even when you were not with me.

It kills me to see how much a person can fake In love.

Sometimes loving more lands, you in difficulties and pain. Click To Tweet

No, it wasn’t the love which hurt, it’s the expectation from the wrong person what hurts more.

one line sad love whatsapp status


When we met, we made a lot of promises of not giving up on each other no matter what. look where we are, I see you making the same promises to someone else.

One thing I learnt from you, never give a name to a relationship till the time it’s not validated. Click To Tweet

I never kept anything in my heart, and you never left your mind. That’s the only difference.

The basic of any relationship is trust and loyalty, no matter whether its’s long distanced or living-in. You lack these basics.

The worst feelings in the world is getting avoided by the person you love the most.

one line sad love whatsapp quotes


I have seen you coming down from priority to the stranger.

I miss you, but calling you back will lead to heartbreak and trauma. Click To Tweet

I respect my decision of giving up on you.

I speak a lot with you in my imagination. the dreams are full with my planning.

Latest Sad Love Whatsapp Status

When we feel sad, we convey our feelings more accurate and more right. We make sure that our feeling reaches perfectly to the person. If you are in the outlook of Sad Love WhatsApp Status, below Heart touching latest sad love WhatsApp status will suit you absolutely perfect if you are feeling sad and lonely.

Love and Sadness goes hand in hand, every person faces the situation where he is sad in love because of the expectation setting.

I am very good at hiding feelings and you are good at not knowing me in real. Click To Tweet

I waited a lot for you, it was very painful, now its time to move on and focus.

I still love you with all my broken heart pieces.

Heart and hurt sounds so similar, they work the same as well. Click To Tweet

latest sad love whatsapp status


I met a man who was spineless and had no manner.

You must be a big player, it’s not easy to play with someone’s feeling. Click To Tweet

I stopped saying when I saw you stopped caring.

If I ask, were you ever mine? will you lie again by saying yes?

My sadness will remain for long then you. The Pain given by you is the only thing I never wanted from you.

latest sad love whatsapp quotes


I was nothing without you, now I am myself.

I always thought you will make every problem go, now I realise why you went away.

The beauty of any love is its trust. if there is no trust, you are not in love, you are just addicted to the person. Click To Tweet

My tears will make you pay more than I have gone through it.

Sad Love Whatsapp Status Female

This goes without saying that females are more sensitive than male. they get more involved and are more giver to any relation. It has been said, when women are lonely and sad, they cry they don’t cry because they are but they are tired of being strong for long.

Sad love WhatsApp Status female are for all those females who find a hard time to express their pain through words, Below Best Sad Love WhatsApp Status will help you to put the status on WhatsApp so that it can burst out your sadness. Love happens to all. It’s a nature’s gift. Please relate to the 12 latest and best Sad Love Whatsapp Status.

Females are very good at hiding the feeling behind there smile.

I don’t say you anything any more, because your level of understanding cannot understand my feelings.

The only things standing between me and you are ego.

Ego ruins all the great love stories. Click To Tweet

I wanted to hold your hand forever and forever, because of you, I have to change my planning.

sad love whatsapp status for female


I will never forgive and forget you. the gift you gave me for loving you too much was very painful for me. Click To Tweet

I hope you get one to be in my shoes, so that not getting loved back it tough.

No matter how much I try to fix the things, I can fix your mind.

When you care more about someone, their happiness matters more.

Sorry, it was not perfect. I would like to be real.

sad love quotes for female


Heartbreak is not just breaking the heart, it feels like thousand of needle is punching you. Click To Tweet

It’s not the goodbye that hurts, it’s the memories we don’t want to leave.

I am yet to show you my bad side.

Heart Touching Sad Love Whatsapp Status

Every love story has an angle where it has a heart touching climax. We sometimes need to put on our social media about the sad love WhatsApp status to show our feelings. we humans are full of feelings and emotions.

Below are the best heart touching sad love WhatsApp status which will surely enlighten your status and social media page. these Very Sad Love WhatsApp Status will help you to express love and sadness inside your heart. Enjoy!!

We both started our journey of love together; you changed your direction from the middle way.

For me you were the perfect crime partner, for you, I was just another chapter which came to end. Click To Tweet

Reason, why we are not together now, is me, because I set the expectation level way too high for you and also fulfilled it.

Every relationship needs to move and come back to one page for a smooth journey.

All relationship has a stepping stone, if you can take a right and concrete move, you will be on the other side with your love. Click To Tweet

I never wanted our story to die like this, I never planned our ending.


I choose you overall. you left me for all. there was a difference between our kind of love.

The word happy would lose its value if there would be no sadness.

The perk of any relationship is friendship, you need to be more good friends rather than being lovers. because friendship never dies. Click To Tweet

I ate saying I love you, because it doesn’t mean anything to you.

Misunderstanding is never created by the third person; we give space to the third person to create his own room between two people.

You use to my favourite person, now you are a perfect stranger.

I keep asking myself question what made befall for you, I can’t find the reason. I think I loved you for real.

Being single is better than going into a toxic relationship. Click To Tweet

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