We live in a world where it is not possible to spend a day without social media. From sharing photos to uploading statuses, there is so much to do! It is the best way to stay in touch with all your near and dear ones. Thus, you always need to come up with cute statuses that will cheer up your friends.

Welcome to the biggest collection of best status on cute smile that you can find on the internet! We have a big collection of excellent statuses for you for every occasion. If you are looking for the latest whatsapp status, you are in the right place.

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Smile is the universal language of love, acceptance, cheerfulness, and care giving. When you smile, your brain releases a hormone that makes you happy and joyful. Thus, spreading happiness is like spreading goodness among people. The one who smiles today, will definitely be healthier tomorrow. It is the best exercise for your face, and a natural mood booster. With your smiling, it makes people around you happy as well.

So, start your day with a smile and spread it among others too! Here are the best smile status in English which are perfect for sharing.

Nobody will notice your old clothes if you are wearing the smile on your face.

There are a million reasons to smile even on your worst days. All you need to do is find them. Click To Tweet

If you want to speak through your eyes then share your smile with the world.

Work hard, and smile harder.

Add a smile to everything you do as it keeps people happy.

Status on cute smile

It is difficult to measure the warmth of a warm smile.

Save electricity, light up an entire room with your smile. Click To Tweet

A smile for the smile can make the whole world happy.

You will always see the world brighter behind a smile.

A smile can be very powerful when expressed with complete faith and contentment but its underestimated most often. Here are some simple smile quotes that will make you believe in the power of smile again.

Every smile you share is a precious gift to the one who receives it.

The only source of your joy you can find under your nose is a smile.

smile status and quotes

The only thing that people should want is to make other people smile.

If you worry less and smile more, you will learn and grow. Click To Tweet

Keep smiling, and everything else will remain the same.

Dimple Smile Status

A dimple is one of the most beautiful aspects of a smile. There is nothing better than watching a smile with deep simples. It brightens up anyone’s mood. Here we have a collection of cute smile and dimple quotes that are perfect for statuses. These are also romantic, so you can share them with your better half as well.

The best happiness is having dimples!

A dimple on the cheek, an angel within.

People with dimples have the best role to play, and that is to smile. Click To Tweet

Your dimples assure people that they can completely trust you. Even if you are a stranger!

Some people can go to any extent to get dimples when they smile.

Dimple Smile Status

Dimples on cheeks and apple in pie, never fail to impress!

A smile can set everything right, and if you have a dimple, you can set the entire universe in order! Click To Tweet

People with dimples have a unique way with others.

A dimple can make you feel like you have immense power.

Dimples are the best weapons to knock you off your feet.

Smile Captions

We post so many photos on social media. But take a pause and think about how it is making a difference in the life of one who is seeing it. Your photos can make the onlooker smile if you follow it up with an interesting caption. Here are the best smile captions to go with your beautiful photographs on social media.

Smile your lips like you would dance with your feet.

I am wearing my best makeup: my smile.

All men are vulnerable to the secret weapon of women: a smile. Click To Tweet

Your smile can put the sunflowers to shame.

smile status and quotes

Women with a big smile look good in everything they wear.

She can kill with her smile. Click To Tweet

Smiles can never go out of fashion.

Cute Smile Quotes

Cute smile quotes can instantly put a smile on your face.  Here are some of the cutest quotes on smile that will simply make your day. You can even post these as captions for your beautiful photographs. Also, you can put them up in your whatsapp stories.

Smile when you are happy, and especially when you are not.

A smile can signify both happiness and strength.

cute smile quotes

A smiling person is not necessarily happy. It means they are strong.

Wearing your smile is more important than wearing your best clothes. Click To Tweet

Innocent Smile Quotes

There is nothing better than an innocent smile. From the innocent smile of a baby to the shy smile of your partner, everything feels beautiful. Here are some quotes and statuses on innocent smile that you can dedicate to someone or put up on your status.

Baby’s smiles are like sunlight bursting through their lips.

True happiness feels like your child’s first toothless smile. Click To Tweet

You can resist anything but a child’s smile.

innocent smile quotes

Children smile all the time to show us smiling is equivalently healing.

The best medicine in the world is a child’s smile.

A baby’s smile is enough to win you heart. Click To Tweet

A baby’s smile has the power to course your through your toughest days.

Million Dollar Smile Quotes

Know someone with a million dollar smile? Looking for some unique status on cute smiles that will be perfect for posting on any platform? Well, here you go. These are some exciting and amusing quotes on smile that will lighten up the mood of anyone reading it. So, go on and share them soon! Dedicate these excellent statuses to the ones you are fond of!

You can’t have a million dollars, but you can have a million dollars smile.

Who says I am not rich? I pack a million dollars in my smile.

million dollar smile quotes

Life gave me many riches. But the best is my smile. Click To Tweet

You cannot buy a smile, but you can make someone richer by giving them your million dollar smile.

Keep Smiling Quotes

It is important to keep reminding people to keep smiling. Here are some statuses that will help you do it.

Keep smiling because it will never go out of fashion!

Keep smiling till the sun lives in the sky! Click To Tweet

The day you forget how to smile, your world will become gloomier.

keep smiling quotes

You cannot fix your problems in an instant, but your smile can.

Keep smiling to see how beautiful life can be.

Morning Smile Quotes

Nothing better than smiling in the morning. Here are some quotes that will make your morning more refreshing and bright.

A smile in the morning can set your day straight.

Morning smiles have the power to bless you for the entire day. Click To Tweet

morning smile quotes

When you open your eyes in the morning, the first thing you should do is to smile.

Smile, and you will not remember the last night’s pain. Click To Tweet

Everytime you smile in the morning, you are pledging to be happy in life.

Smile Sayings and Smile Quotes

Here is a collection of some amazing quotes and sayings about smile.

A smiling person is way stronger than an angry one.

The best way to wake up is with a smile on your face. Click To Tweet

My favorite exercise is smiling!

smile sayings and smile quotes

When you smile, you are giving the other person the greatest gift ever.

Smile like there is no tomorrow.

Smile, because that is in your control. Click To Tweet

Falling in problems is not in our control, but smiling about it is.

Our everyday life revolves around our friends and family. In such a case, it is important to stay in touch with them and ask them about their wellbeing. Wouldn’t you like to lighten up their moods with your statues? Of course you do!

People say that, to change the world, change your smile. It is definitely true. Start everyday with a fresh dose of the best statuses on smile and share them with all your friends!

These were the best status on cute smile that will instantly make anyone happy. Just share them with your friends and see how it works magic!