Friends are a very important part of anyone’s life. A person who once was a stranger is now your best friend. To celebrate such friendship, various strong friendship quotes prove to be true.

Friendship is one of the purest relations in the world, and it cannot be replaced by anything. In Status Quotes Hub, we celebrate friendship with relatable strong friendship quotes and sayings that you can put up in your status.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” is one of the oldest saying that justifies friendship. But, with the world evolving, there has been new friendship quotes that describe the relation in the youngsters of this generation. Here are some of the best status quotes on friendship that you can use to describe your friendship.

Strong Friendship Quotes

While a fake friend will celebrate your success, a true friend will let you lean on during the hard times.

Friends are the family that you choose to stay with.

True friends will never let you stay in your comfort zone, and they would rather force you to come out of it and be the best version of yourself.

Even if they are miles away from you, they will always be there to listen to you. Click To Tweet

Each friend is different and unique. While some make you laugh, others give you the hard truth about life. But all of them care about you.

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Even if the whole world gives up on you, a true friend will always remain by your side.

A true friend doesn’t care whether you are rich or not. He will be happy to take a bus with you and be equally happy when you give him a ride in your first car. 

A true friend can always say when you are upset, even when you are smiling. Click To Tweet

A good friend is like a natural pearl. If you find one, make sure not to lose it. 

A good old friend is a proof that you had a wonderful childhood. 

Even if they are miles apart, true friends will always be in your heart.

Long-distance friendships can be hard, but with a real friend, even that can be fun. Click To Tweet

A true friend won’t ask you to talk every day or meet every day. They will always be there for you, even if you are miles away from them. 

True friendship lies in the heart, not in the distance.

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As long as you are under the same sky as I am, we are not apart.

I will always be your Piglet, my Winnie.

Long-distance makes you realize that you can always be weird in front of your friends and be proud of it, as they are weirder than you.

A real friend doesn’t need any explanation for your decision. She will always support you. Click To Tweet

Whether you are miles apart or just a block away, your friend will always be there when you are sad. 

Friendship usually starts with “Hate at first sight”, which gradually grows to “I bear you.”

While old friends remind you of your glorious past, new friends make your present an adventure. 

Once a stranger, now your strongest companion.

A person with a good vibe can be a good friend.

A new friend can be a flashlight in the new land, guiding you while you look out for them Click To Tweet.

A new friendship starts when you realise that the person is as weird as you are.

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Opposites always attract- even in friendship. The loud and bold is the closest friend of the shy and quiet one. 

A good laugh with a good friend is all you need to overcome the anxiety in a new land.

A best friend does not need an invitation to barge into your house at 2 in the morning. It is their right!! Click To Tweet

Only your best friend is allowed to call you with that “weird nick name.” It will be a war if anyone else starts calling you with that name.

A best friend is one who remains with you throughout your life. Be it that lovesick teenager, or the rebel kid, you will always find your best friend beside you. 

A best friend is the only person with whom you do not have enough pictures because you were too busy laughing during those moments.

You can never lie to your best friend. They are the example of live lie detectors. Click To Tweet

A best friend will always be there to pick you up, brush you, and then hug you when you fall, only after they spend 5 minutes laughing at you. 

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A true friend will never try to change you. They will always help you grow into a better person and will love all your imperfections.

True friendship is like the one between Ariel & Sebastian, always picking on each other but being the biggest supporter when needed. Click To Tweet

You don’t need a thousand people to be there for you, and a single friend is more than enough.

Though you might fight a lot, when it comes to comforting, your best friend will be there to hold you.

You can know who’s your real friend when you are in a bad position. A fake friend will forget you there, but a real friend will help you walk through the road.

Because of you, my friend, I am happier than before. 

A friend is your biggest critic and your best supporter.

A true friend is the one with whom you have the best memories. Click To Tweet

Best friends are the ones that would be with you, even in jail.

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They say one of the friends is the bad influence- I guess it was you.

Good friendship ages like fine wine: stronger and tastier

You are the reason I keep my phone in general: because I know you’ll call me at 4 in the morning and rant, and I am happy to listen. Click To Tweet

I don’t know how it started, but this friendship will remain till the end of time.

You are the HCl acid to my stomach: weird, but that’s who we are.

We are always going together, be it hell or that forbidden forest.

It’s the small moments that make our friendship stronger. Click To Tweet

Even if I am mad at you, I will still be there to pick out the outfit for your date and be there to save you from it, too, in case it goes bad.

I don’t know how we ended up in this situation. All I know is, my best friend said, “It’s going to be fun!”

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Best friends are the ones that make your house even dirtier than it was

There comes a time when you don’t know whether you live in your house or your friend’s house. It feels the same anyway.

“Yep, that’s my best friend,” I say, looking at that weirdo jumping on the table. Click To Tweet

It’s the unspoken rule of friendship that whatever new outfit you buy, your best friend gets to wear it first. 

When you see your items in your best friend’s room, that’s when you know that you’re not friends anymore. You are a family now.

The one who was always active became lazy, thanks to the lazy best friend.

When both of you find ways to pick up things located far away without getting up, that’s when you know that you are weird and will stay together.

Though I resented you at first, I will never admit that I love you now, my best friend. You should understand that by now. Click To Tweet

The bride and groom might change, but the best friend will always remain at every wedding.

Best friends are the ones that eat your chocolate and never buy you one!

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Best friends don’t judge you for your bad decisions. They make bad decisions with you and suffer along with it.

You realize you have a strong friendship when you can talk in weird language and sign symbols and still understand each other.

Best friends are the ones who have the weirdest photos of you. So, never try to break up with them.

While good friends put up nice pictures, best friends make sure that everyone sees the weird and funny pictures of you. Click To Tweet

Best friends are the ones with whom you can laugh for hours, even on a silly joke.

Dirty jokes and insights go a level up while talking with best friends.

There’s not a single thing that your girlfriend’s best friend doesn’t know. She even knows when you last showered!

A best friend knows all the things that you like, even the ones that you never knew.

If your best friend says that the person is not a good vibe for you, do not judge her decision. 

A best friend is the one who saves you from the embarrassment of drunk calling your ex. Click To Tweet

Even if she’s drunk, she will always hold your hair up while you are throwing up; because that’s what best friends are for.

A best friend is your second family. She cares for you like a mother, annoys you like a sibling, and protects you like a father.

While there are tons of people in the crowd, your best friend is the only one you trust the most. The weirdest person, who annoys you a lot, gives you all of their bad habits to you, loves you, and always cares for you; best friends are the reason that life becomes a bit more bearable.

These strong friendship quotes are just a few examples of stating what friendship is and how the relationship between two friends is the purest and the weirdest one. These strong friendship quotes and sayings are just a way to let your friends know that you will always be there for them.