Life is a beautiful journey that must be appreciated each day. However, that doesn’t indicate that you must aim to achieve everything in a single day. Instead, take it as a reminder to love life in every moment of it. Also, to obtain a good life, you must not search for happiness, rather learn to enjoy the small sweetness in life every day.

We have listed down some of the best sweet status about life for you in this blog. These can be quite motivating and inspiring for you. These are some of the WhatsApp statuses about life that you can use each day.

This sweet status about life teaches you to never back down or escape from any kind of problem. Rather, life teaches us to be bold and courageous to keep moving forward. These are some of the quotes on sweetness of life:

Take all the negativities, challenges, and options as a chance to grow. 

Let your wounds transform into wisdom.

Being happy is the major purpose of our lives.

To reach success, giving up should not be an option.

To pursue a life filled with happiness, follow your goals, and not people or things. 

Never let the fear stop you from moving towards your dream.

sweet status and quotes about life

Life contains two tragedies, obtaining what you want and not obtaining what you want. 

Your time is not eternal, so don’t waste it by living as somebody else.

How well you have survived is the major thing instead of how long. 

If life had no twists and turns, it would make it predictable and flavorless. 

Living life is necessary to be able to write about it.

The best lesson in life is not to be frightened of anything or anyone.

Life is a reality, not a problem that you must solve but rather experience.

To experience the rainbow, you must go through the rain. 

Patience is the main key to achieving a peaceful life.

Never be satisfied with what life gives you. Rather make the best out of it. 

sweet whatsapp status about life

Do good deeds. Never let other’s bad behavior stop you from doing it.

Take the criticism in a way to get stronger. 

Live each moment without hesitation or regret. 

To maintain your balance in life, you must keep moving forward constantly.

To understand life, you must live through each of its lessons. 

To live a life filled with excitement, you must pursue what you love in life. 

Joy is the best answer to life. 

Life is similar to a coin since you can never get it back after spending it. 

One of the greatest parts of anyone’s life is their random acts of life and kindness. 

Focusing on the things that hold importance makes life much better.

To be able to continue forward and to stay calm in life is the way towards success.

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Life is nothing without a bit of kindness, love, and happiness.

In life, your best gift is your health.

The choices in life that you make lead you towards your dreams. 

The presence of great books, great friends, and a sleepy conscience is all needed to obtain an ideal life.

Love is the best pleasure you can obtain in life.

Without a mixture of comedy in life, it would become a complete tragedy.

The worst tragedy of life is we get old quicker and wise slower.

The goal of life should always be to make an impression.

Many of us choose to live in our pasts rather than our present.

sweet status and quotes about life

Most people allow their fears to stop them from pursuing their goals. 

Don’t waste any of your limited number of heartbeats on negativity or negative people.

Live each minute and moment of life with excitement since it is too short to let it go to waste.

Each day is a brand-new beginning.

Life is like Ying-Yang. You must always focus on the good side of it. 

Time can act as a restraint. Take time to get to the right decision in life. 

In life, there is no such thing as bad or good. It all depends on the way you perceive it. 

Negative thoughts are one of the major reasons that hold you back from achieving greatness in life. 

Your kindness might make ones’ day. So, try to make it your goal to put a smile on one person’s face each day.

Never try to escape from the past. Take it as a lesson, and use it as the base to develop further.

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Life is filled with opportunities, not mistake. 

Growing up helps you realize that your small deeds of kindness can easily brighten up the day of others.

Sometimes your vision might become blurry unless you see the world through the eyes of other people. 

You should never stop having faith in humanity. Since a small number of drops in the ocean cannot pollute it entirely.

The more experiments you make in life, the much better it will be. 

The people that obtain their dreams never sit down. They keep working and pacing forward.

People might ridicule you, hate you, and treat you cruelly throughout life. Ignore them. Allow God to deal with these things since hatred can also consume you. 

Live life filled with love, not hatred. 

To be able to obtain better things, you have to keep your trust in yourself.

If you want to achieve your purpose in life, do not waste even one moment.

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Since life is limited, it is best to enjoy and not be serious about everything.

The power of overcoming fears is the major happiness in life.

Lead yourself towards your dreams; don’t wait to be guided by anyone else.To obtain happiness, you must learn to restrict your desires rather than trying to satisfy all.

Happiness can never be found by searching for it but by learning how to appreciate less of it.

The more you surround yourself with positivity, the better your life and world.

You have the best blessings of mankind within you. 

If it becomes obvious that the goals are impossible to obtain, you can begin by adjusting the action that you make.

Short and Sweet Status about Life

These quotes are very encouraging to remind you and your close ones to be grateful for every single day in your life. Besides, life is too short of filling it with the stress and worries of yesterday. The sweetness of life quotes can never fail to put on a smile on your face. A few of the sweet quotes about beautiful life are as follows:

Happiness is similar to a butterfly; it escapes when you attempt to chase it.

Ignorance & Positivity are the key factors in a successful life.

Life is quite tough for those who dream

Change your heart to change your life.

Life is all about creating yourself, not finding yourself.

sweet and short quotes about life

Mistakes are the lessons that you learn from in life.

Each day is a miracle to be grateful for.

There’s always a second opportunity for everyone known as tomorrow.

Let the blessing of today inspire you to have a better tomorrow.

Cute Life Quotes

Quotes sometimes help you to find a better and optimistic viewpoint towards your life. Also, it teaches you to enjoy your life. It is also quite tough to achieve a happy life, so live days of your life to the fullest. These are a few of the quotes that we have selected about the cute life quotes.

Happiness is rare. If you find the smallest chance to achieve happiness, risk it.

Never stop dreaming; instead, live your dream.

If you end up stressing about the storm each moment in life, you might miss the sunshine. 

Never cry for the end of something, be happy for its occurrence.

Surrounding yourself with optimism is the secret to achieve happiness and peace.

To be happy doing what you can do the best, you are already ahead of others. 

Having a positive viewpoint towards everything can improve your health.

Our choices reflect what we are, way beyond our skills. 

Being stubborn and sticking to your dreams without giving up is the correct solution. 

Develop your future further rather than predicting it.

Are you searching for some similar sweet status about life? If so, you can simply comment down below with your favourite quotes that you want us to add to this list.