Love is a feeling which you don’t need to show, it reflects through your behavior and a view of seeing anything by your behaviour and your action. Your love for that particular person displays to your face through your smile. True love WhatsApp status is something which you all have been waiting form long and must be searching for unique quotes about true love.

Love has no barrier of language, caste and religion. It has been said, when you love someone there is no limits as such. A person becomes more emotional and powerful with the feelings he/she have for his/her partner. Love is actually the biggest addiction a person can have, but if it happens with the right person than the hangover must go on, you don’t need to come out through that.

For all those people who are in true love with their partner, below True love WhatsApp status will give an amazing idea to showcase your love for your partner.

True Love Whatsapp Status

True love has no language rather than speaking through eyes and heart.

The person gets better if treated and loved with true feelings.

True love is knowing the person’s weakness and still loving them more. Click To Tweet

True love never dies nor get less it increases by each passing day.

The formula for finding true love is trust and honesty.

You don’t need to meet and see a person you love regularly, a good communication and understanding for each other can make your relationship grow more firmly.

Love is what you are. You are my life and you are perfect.

You made me believe in love and changed my perception for it totally.

My heart still misses a beat when you come closer to me. Click To Tweet

I found my soulmate in you, and you will be my always forever.

From stranger to know, from know to friends, from friends to true love, we came across a lot to make it happen.

Falling in love is easy, staying is tough, you made me stay for you. You are that important to me, I can’t leave you.

Love is not temporary, it’s a unforgettable and unconditional feelings.

Feelings for true love never changes, no matter how many people you meet and cross through your life. Click To Tweet

You have changed my mind and soul for love. You made me a better person.

 True Love Quotes

True love is the strongest bonding any relationship can have. It’s the most lasting and unchangeable feeling for the spouse. True love is always a passionate and confident about each other.

Below quotes will give you a clearer picture to speak about it through beautiful true love quotes. It’s a dope on the heart and nothing more come to the mind except the person whom you love from the core of heart. Love is never pre-planned, it’s the most beautiful uncertain and unplanned feelings which take place in our heart without letting us know.

Let’s see some of the best true love quotes for people who are in love.

Love always takes place when you are least ready with the most perfect person. Click To Tweet.

I wish expressing love would be as easy as it is easy to speak about.

Love requires passion for each other to grow more.

Sometimes saying I love is just away, because your true feelings doesn’t require any specific phrase or line.

You are that close to me, that you can hear my heartbeat. you are next to my heart. 

You never love a face, you love a behavior and the way person is treating you. Click To Tweet

You are important to me It’s very difficult for me to express you.

Love is when you look in someone’s eye and you see and understand everything without saying a word.

The way your hands fit into my hand; seems it was made for you.

Love Is like a business; you get more in return of what you give.

True Love Quotes for Couples

The most beautiful thing in the world which cannot be seen and touched is the true feeling of love and when it comes to the couple, they are dipped and bound with love for each other. For any relationship, love and trust is the most important thing without which any relationship can’t stand.

True love has the power to attract each other in a way that it brings two people closer to each other emotionally and mentally. let’s see some of True love quotes for a couple by which you can decorate your status with love and respect.

After meeting you I realized my worth. You make me feel special each day.

The way you look at me makes me feel proud of myself. Click To Tweet

I can’t find any other person to love and live with expect you.

You had changed my perception and made me believe in love.

All couples must be amazing, but we are crazily amazing, your humours are added fun to this relationship.

From selecting food in restaurants to selecting bedroom colours, our relationship got promoted.

I need you always by my side no matter what the situation is.

In the time of taking coffee, be my cup of tea.

Love has the very crazy side of being happy, if you are not happy, perhaps you are not with the right person. Click To Tweet

I don’t know when my heart started following you, but I must say, it made a good choice.

True Love Quotes For Him

Love has always been great and amazing, but when your man has right intentions and way of putting you forward in every situation to make you happy, that’s when you realize true love has been succeeded by you in the form of your man.

When you feel pounded with love feelings but run out of words to express your feelings. T

rue love quotes for him will certainly help you to get best out of the words for him. plenty of quotes about true love is something that you must be looking for.

The only thing which I love calling you is, flaunting you as “My Man”.

You know you are in love, when only imagine your Mr Perfect makes you smile. I got through this every time. Click To Tweet

Ever looked at him and felt so proud that you got him out of so many.

Darling, you are not just a partner; you are my soul and everything above that.

Reason of my all happiness is you.

When you stand next to me, I stand with no problems.

Holding your hand is the biggest achievement I have ever made.

Remember the day when we both wanted to reject each other, still finding the reason and ice-breaking conversation which made us come closer. Click To Tweet

The ring in my finger is the symbol of long-lasting love.

I fall for you each day and when you say I am your better half, I lose control.

True Love Quotes For Her

A woman becomes a girl child in front of the person she loves, she creates her own aroma and surrounding where she is more comfortable and need no hesitation before speaking her mind. A woman can change your life entirely beautiful if fallen for right one, she is a maker, giver and keeper, don’t let her go ever.

True love quotes for her can be useful for you to express your feelings for your girl/woman in a way that she will feel special to have you in her life.

Love is a fabric which never fades, no matter how often it is washed in the water.

True love needs love and support of both and your support means a lot to me. Click To Tweet

You are my angel who made my world fairy tale.

No matter what, I will never give up on you.

After running behind you for many months, I got you. You were my first success for the beautiful journey of togetherness.

True love is when you realize you don’t need to think about her, she is always there in consciousness.

Real love is knowing someone’s weaknesses and not taking advantage of them. Click To Tweet

Being deeply and honestly loved by your partner is having the happiness of the world. It’s equal to the multiple happiness.

When you truly love someone, their mistakes never changes your feelings.

Happiness is having smile on face even by thinking of you.

Finding True Love Quotes

In today’s time where everything is possible to get, but not true love, if you ever get someone whom you can rely on trust and honesty and your heart starts to beat faster, then keep that person close to your heart.

Finding true love is very difficult, its all about how soon and how good you match wavelength and connect to the person.

It’s always hard to express the feelings of finding true love, in such a situation finding true love quotes can be easy display for you to put your feelings into words. Let’s check out some amazing and beautiful true love quotes.

I have fallen in love many times, but always with you.

I never knew finding you would take my 30 years of life span. now when I have got you, no chance I am losing you ever. Click To Tweet

If something happens not according to us, let’s trust the God’s plan. He has better visionary. I got you in pursuit of happiness.

I would rather spend my life having more memories of you and with you.

Finding you was not at all easy darling. You are one in a million and one of kind.

Now when we are together, I go back when I found you from café. You were breath-taking.

The only company I never want to change is you. you are my best circle and only hope I want to get along with.

I love falling for you every time I see you.

I don’t want to be your favorite; I want to be your only one. Click To Tweet

For once in my life, I don’t have to try to be happy. When I’m with you, it just happens.

True Love Fights Quotes

True love is incomplete without fighting with each other. It has been said, the best couple tend to fight more, the more fight the more love. but it should never change the feelings in process of fighting. A healthy fight is always required as it strengthens the relationship.

As above, feelings of fighting is also required to be said and expressed otherwise a person would burst out and true love fights are always cute and lovable. Let’s enjoy the cute true love fights quotes, many of you will relate to it.

True love is close and tight hug after a fight.

True love is when you both forget the fight overnight and starts afresh. Click To Tweet

I would rather fight with you than kissing someone else.

After a fight, I miss you more to solve it and make it happen.

Broke up thousand times to be with you, millions of times.

Never give importance to the ego in relationship, value more to the love and respect.

Not even millions fight can make us apart. I will still love you always and forever.

Even if I fight with you. I will your lover, not a fighter.

Even after fights and tears, I will hold for end number of times and chose you always. Click To Tweet

I never knew, fighting for you would be this worth.

Famous True Love Quotes

True love has been always special for every individual, it has the power to make and individual strong and divine. Life without love is like a tree without leaves, no one recognizes. True love is something which don’t let you fall asleep, the desire to meet and see is exactly the same as the first time.

Below WhatsApp status for true love and famous true love quotes will define the eternity of love and its meaning.

If you fall in love with their soul before touching their skin, it’s true love.

Distanced relations are more compact and content. Nothing can beat the feeling of being together and celebrate.

If we are this happy when we are apart and far, imagine how would it turn when we will be together. Click To Tweet

True love is like water, simple and transparent, you can feel the current yet you cannot see it.

True love is not always getting, sometimes leaving and moving on is more powerful love.

If you love someone more than anything, distance is in mind-heart is always connected and together.

You are my human diary, to whom I speak and write all my journey. Click To Tweet

Nothing can change my love for you. Your touch and your feel is something I can feel and live.

True Love Comes Back Quotes

A true love faces multiple fights, breakups, ups and downs and comebacks. In a relationship more important after being in love is come back of a person in a life again. It might not be always good for a person to come back but sometimes it is required and demand of relationship to make it better and take it to a different level.

True love status and true love comes back quotes are sometimes needed to express the feelings. words can be an ice breaker for falling things into the right place.

True love has a habit of coming back always.

The chiaroscuro way is for all relationship but not the separation. Click To Tweet

True love always finds a way to come back.

True love comes once in lifetime and kept the door open for in and out several times.

A breakup in a relationship is actually not a breakup, it a chance again got to come back with different version and style.

True love is rare and it’s the only thing which kept us alive.

True love comes silently without making an advertisement. Click To Tweet

Value of True Love Quotes

Love is always valued by each one of us. When a person is in true love, they value it and worship it. The respect they had for each other increases by giving value to the true love.

The beautiful true love quotes and the value of true love quotes are something you can put on status to make your other half feel special and important.

True love is when you value your lover’s happiness more than you and keep them on priority. Click To Tweet

In love, you give more than you have and you always value their decisions and their ideas.

Value of love is equivalent to worshipping the god.

In now a day, people know the price but value of love cannot be price tagged. it’s precious.

Never cry for the person who never valued you, better is always-on way.

To experience the true value of love, one should first experience the hatred.

True love is meant for a lifetime. it doesn’t change with the season and it has nothing to do with mind games. Click To Tweet

Always be yourself and never lose yourself in process of loving someone.

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