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We promise you that you won’t regret spending your time reading these funny valentines day quotes. How special is Valentine’s Day for you? We can feel your heart as we know love is in the air. Come on readers, let us just jump onto the amazing funny happy valentines day quotes.

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Valentines Day Quotes Funny

Love is the bond that everyone desires. Not just because someone stands by your side every time in each phase but also because it makes you feel strong, positive and emotionally stable. Just check out some funny happy valentines day quotes.

You are never alone in life when you have your valentine by your side with chocolates.

Hey you, would you like to be my ketchup with pizza or my ketchup with chocolate? 

With you, the world seems funny as we both just need fun around us.

funny valentines day quotes

You are my shining crystal in my faded life. Just stay the same peekaboo.

Valentine with the right person is heaven but with the wrong one, it is hell.

Honey, you are the lava of my choco lava cake. 

The best decision of your life will be marrying me and if not, be ready to regret it.

Sweetheart, I am ready to play with your messy hair for life.

Love fills up the heart but sometimes empties the brain, so be cautious.

I love you not because of you being you but because you and I are the same, and I am the best.

happy funny valentine day quotes

Hey honey, because of you I get to celebrate the season of love. Happy valentines day!!

I was getting a weird vibe but then I met the weird you, now the weird vibe and weird you make my life perfect.

Without Valentine’s Day, February would be the same as the other eleven months.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the ATM of my life. 

My love for you is superior to my love for diamond and gold jewelry.

Isn’t it great to be able to see the same weird face all day and all night?

How romantic it is to enjoy a long walk with you to the refrigerator full of food?

With you, every moment of life seems romantic and special. Happy Valentine’s Day love.

funny valentines status and quotes

My romance automatically comes out when I look at you. I love you.

Each valentines day calls for a new and different gift or surprise. Ahh, a lot of hard work is needed.

There is nothing on this planet that can be more valued than the love between us.

I love spending my life with you. I mean how beautiful it is to annoy and roast the same person every day.

The way you love me is probably the best thing I get each day.

You are my funny cartoon character and I love that side of yours the most.

There are no set qualifications in love, It’s just that you fall in love with every little thing of that person.

You are my cozy blanket in winters and my heart beats for you even faster when you are near.

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happy valentines day funny quotes

My love, something special is waiting for you this valentine’s so be ready to handle the unexpected surprise.

You are my relief pitcher that cannot be substituted in any way. I love you, baby.

I am not an archaeologist, but baby I promise you that my love and interest for you will only grow as we get older together.

Sometimes, you don’t need to express your love, your face and actions say it all.

Hey love, I want to share each freaky and mysterious day of my life with you. Will you be my valentine?

You are a pinch of salt to my desert i.e. you add fun by your cute wiggles to my boring life.

I will be your alarm to every important task you need to complete on a daily basis, will you be mine forever?

Hey honey!! I know you have bigger dreams and I can’t fulfill all of them as of now but one day I will fulfill them all.

valentines day status happy

And then there were you standing in front smiling with a ray of hope, the moment where I realized that dark is not my place. 

What a pleasure it is to spend my valentine with both the love of my life: you and food.

Whenever I think of planning a surprise for you, my mind clicks it up that you are a lazy lad and just need your free time.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the person I have been continuously falling for.

This valentine’s I am planning to add your name to my medical insurance policy, are you ready for the same?

My love for you might not be like Adam and Eve, but it is pure and true. Your proof is my actions.

Someone asked me to explain this four-letter word, LOVE, I just smiled and said one word, YOU.

Hey you, do you believe in love at first sight or am I so good that you immediately fall in love with me?

Hey, my dear valentine, I love you so much that I can handle all your mood swings and your daily stupid stuff too.

With you, each day feels like Valentine’s Day and that’s the actual truth of my life. Your smile makes me fall for you every day.

I don’t need the whole world to love me, care for me and understand me, I just need you as my whole world is you.

You are someone whom I cannot unlove even if I think of doing so as you are both my weakness and strength.

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