We’ve compiled a collection of yoga quotes about peace to guide you on the road to this enlightening practice. Anyone who does yoga will tell you that it is about much more than tough poses and positive affirmations. It is not about incense or frills. Yoga is a way of living and thinking that aims to enlighten the soul while also harmonizing the body and mind with inner peace.

Many yoga courses start with positive mantras and conclude with inspirational yoga quotes and status about peace, mindfulness, or optimism. When it comes to yoga, everyone could use a little more encouragement.

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Yoga Quotes About Peace

The beginning of all wisdom is to know oneself.

I put off death by living, by suffering, by making mistakes, taking risks, giving, and losing.

And, in the end, it's not how many years you've lived those matters. It's the life you've lived in your years. Click To Tweet

It’s not those things are tough because we don’t dare; it’s that we don’t dare because we don’t dare.

“Always do what you are frightened to do,” was some wise advice I once heard offered to a young kid.

Other people are contradicted by the well-bred. The wise disagree with each other.

yoga quotes about peace

The most typical method for people to relinquish their power is to believe they lack it.

You are devoid of a soul. You are a Soul, and you have a Soul. You are a living being with a physical form.

When it comes down to it, you just have yourself to rely on. Your Self is like a thousand-rayed sun. Click To Tweet

I am always doing things I am unable to accomplish to learn how to accomplish them.

A man’s mind can never return to its original proportions once expanded by a new notion.

You’re looking for much too much knowledge and not nearly enough transformation.

Man is a sentient being whose intelligence is subservient to his organs.

The human body is incapable of deception.

Your body has more knowledge than your most profound philosophical ideas. Click To Tweet

The soul is old when it is born, but it becomes younger as it becomes older. That is the nature of life’s humor. And the body is young when it is born and gets old as it ages. That is the tragedy of life.

Yoga quotes and status on peace


Our bodies have a proclivity to serve as memoirs.

The status of our ductless glands and viscera influences how we feel, think and act to a large extent.

Our bodies serve as gardens, and our willpower serves as gardeners. Click To Tweet

Work is defined as anything that a person is obligated to accomplish. Play is defined as anything that a person is not required to do.

When a house protects the body while also providing comfort to the soul, it is considered a home.

The soul needs the unrivaled and pure strength of faith, just as the body cannot function without blood.

The intellect will not be powerful if the body is weak.

All of us are cells in the same human body.

The temple in which you live in your body. Keep it pure and spotless for the soul's sake. Click To Tweet

The body obeys the directives of the intellect. The intellect establishes order and encounters opposition.

This body serves as an inn rather than a home, and only for a short time.

yoga quotes on peace

Nobody can harm me unless I give them my consent.

A happy heart promotes healing, but a gloomy spirit causes the bones to dry out. Click To Tweet

You treat the body in Kabbalah, but you mend the soul, as in the Hassidic tradition. Curing takes time, but repairing is quick if you know what you’re doing.

You must step carefully since you are treading on my dreams.

I’m not sure how to tell the difference between our daily lives and our dreams. Isn’t it true that we don’t always live the life we think we’re living?

I can’t be awake because nothing seems the same to me as it did before, or else I’m awake for the first time in my life, and everything before has been a nightmare.

Daytime mental activity produces a latent form of habitual thought, which manifests itself at night as a variety of delusory images perceived by the semi-consciousness. This is known as the Bardo of Dream, which is deceitful and magical.

Whatever is worthwhile to accomplish, it is worthwhile to do well. Click To Tweet

Nothing should be put off until tomorrow that may be done today.

Anyone cannot begin to learn what he or she believes he or she already understands.

yoga quotes about peace

When people are on the edge of being successful, they frequently fail. As a result, treat the finish with the same attention as the beginning; there will be no failure.

The ultimate kind of art is to influence the quality of one’s day.

Faith is the ability to hold on to things that your reason has previously accepted, even when your moods change. Click To Tweet

Man is free whenever he chooses to be.

When you don’t anticipate anything from the world or from God when you don’t want, seek, or anticipate anything, the highest state will appear uninvited and unexpectedly.

Where do you expect to discover the truth if you can’t discover it exactly where you are?

The greatest glory we can achieve is never falling but rising from every setback.

For most of us, the greatest danger is not that we set a goal that is too high and miss it, but that we set a goal that is too low and achieve it. Click To Tweet

Our most significant contribution to the world’s healing is the practice of forgiveness.

All tragedy is nothing more than a stepping stone to wealth.

Healing may include letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of your expectations, all of your beliefs – and being who you are instead.

When a man takes one great misfortune after another with calmness, not because he is unaffected by them, but because he is a man of noble and heroic temper, the beauty of the soul comes through.

Anyone may sympathize with a friend's pains, but sympathizing with a friend's achievements demands a certain kind of temperament. Click To Tweet

Character is formed in the minor moments, but it is manifested in the big ones.

My grandest dreams are far away in the sunlight. I may not be able to reach them, but I may gaze up and admire their beauty, believe in them, and attempt to follow their path.

Good judgment comes from experience, and faulty judgment is a big part of it.

I can honestly state that the question of a project’s success has never had an impact on me. I would support anything if I believed it was the proper thing to do, regardless of the results.

Allow others to ignite their lamps in your knowledge if you have it.

Perseverance is one of the most important aspects of success. If you knock long and loud enough at the gate, you will undoubtedly wake someone up. Click To Tweet

Consider your current blessings—every guy has a lot of them—rather than your previous tragedies, which everyone has.

The tiny, nameless, unremembered actions of compassion and love make up the nicest part of a decent man’s life.

These were some of the best yoga quotes about peace that will help you gain clarity in mind about getting peace from yoga. Do tell us what you think about these yoga quotes about peace in the comments below.